thank cats for Raburn

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Jackson pitched well, the bullpen pitched REALLY well, but we can all thank Ryan Raburn for Friday night/Saturday morning’s Tigers win. The game was 3-2 in the end; he hit two home runs. You can do the math.

Real quick, ’cause I have to be up in less than five hours:

–Two errors, bad. But one was made by Jackson, who pitched so nicely, and the other by Raburn, who provided the aforementioned offense. So… temporary pass.

–I know he’s been having a bit of a rough stretch, and I know he’s always hit worse against lefties, and I know he could probably use a little rest (as everyone probably could, this time of year). But I hate to sit Granderson two nights in a row when we’re vying for the division title. It hearkens back to the days when he would routinely sit out against lefties. I dunno. He’s supposed to be moving in the opposite direction, working on obliterating those splits. Because Curtis Granderson is perfect I think I have decided to blame management for not letting him face lefties so that he can work through this.

–If any Tigers pitcher walks Kurt Suzuki ever again, I will vomit up my spleen, and then throw my spleen at the TV. You know how the Tigers never take walks? Suzuki walks even less than that. Walking him is straight-up embarrassing. Don’t do it.

–Mario says SeayLyon a lot, I enjoy it each and every time.

–Not a bad night for Gerald Laird. In a game where nobody was hitting, he got a single and walked twice. I’m sure he has The Fear these days, what with Alex Avila being declared the savior of mankind and all. A solid offensive effort from G-Money is a good reaction.

–Adam Everett sure did leave a lot of dudes on base tonight. I know he’s not really supposed to hit, but there it is.

–So weird to see the football field markings on the Coliseum diamond. It can’t almost be football season! I’m not ready yet!

2 responses to “thank cats for Raburn

  1. There were for SURE more Tigers fans than A’s tonight!!! It was pretty awesome. We got to hang out with Dontrelle’s mom a bunch and apparently she cooked up a huge postgame spread for the guys. And she got to hang out in the clubhouse. Lucky lucky. She says that Dontrelle just pulled a muscle in his hip at Toledo, how sad. Oh man though, I thought I was going to DIE when Leyland brought Rodney in and he let a runner get to third. I haaaate Rodney!!!! So stoked about the win though, haha!!

  2. That’s the face of a contented cat if I ever saw one.
    Don’t rest on your laurels, Ryan! Do it again!

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