win some, lose some, occasionally and embarrassingly lose some in KC

downed by the Mexecutioner, photo by Samara Pearlstein

Tigers! What is this? You sweep in Tampa Bay, then lose the first game in Kansas City? I mean, do you realize where you are? KANSAS CITY. Home of the Royals. R-o-y-a-l-s. The ones who play in the American League of MLB, not some other Royals team. Owners of the worst record in the AL, and the second-worst record in all of MLB (kept from true rock bottom by the Nats). You cats do realize this, right? Right?

I would say that I don’t mean to rag on the Royals or anything, but that would pretty much be a lie. Paws knows I stay up at night worrying about the Tigers’ problems (or at least I stay up a little longer than I otherwise might just so that I can blog about it), but even with all those problems, the Tigers are not the Royals.

Porcello wasn’t at his sharpest, but Bruce Chen was even less sharp, and the Royals bullpen is pretty catdamn terrible– but the Tigers did not score a single run off of any of the relievers who came in after Chen. The Tigers’ bullpen, which has been OK lately, freaked out as soon as FredFred left the game. Man, I hate Opposites Day.

Anyways. At one point Rod and Mario were talking about Rod’s time in Japan (I think it was when Yasuhiko Yabuta came in for the Royals; he’s Japanese and spent a number of years pitching for the Chiba Lotte Marines before coming to the US). Rod was saying that there would always be multiple teams playing in the Tokyo area, so the American players would get together and, uh, sample the nightlife in Roppongi (a district of Tokyo).

Mario: “You could let your hair down in Roppongi!”

Rod: “You sure could… and a whole lot more!”

Oh, Rod.

Also, Fernando Rodney has been suspended for three games for chucking a ball into the stands/press box/wherever he threw it after his last, diciest game. Dave Dombrowski gave a little interview about it that FSND showed during the game and said

–First and foremost, thank cats nobody was hit (he did not actually say ‘thank cats’, but clearly should have).

–Fernando was mad at himself for his performance. He wasn’t mad at anyone in the crowd and wasn’t trying to hit anyone.

–It seems like a pretty stiff penalty to him for throwing a ball into the stands, when he sees guys do that all the time.

I agree with the first two points, and sort of agree with the last one… I think three games, plus a fine, IS a bit much for a spur-of-the-moment gesture that didn’t result in any damage or injury. Just a fine, or a one game suspension, seems more appropriate to me. But when guys throw a ball into the stands, they’re usually underhanding it to a fan; that’s NOT what Fernando was doing here. I get that MLB wants to strongly discourage emotional outbursts that end with objects flying towards the fans. I do think they came down a bit too hard on Fernando, though.

More important? During the interview, Mr. Dombrowski was wearing, you guessed it: a red and white STRIPED SHIRT. Even though the Tigers would of course go on to lose the game, I felt, for that one brief moment, that everything was as it should be.

One response to “win some, lose some, occasionally and embarrassingly lose some in KC

  1. I heard the Roppongi thing and thought I must have hallucinated it. Surely he didn’t say THAT… but apparently he did! Oh, Rod, indeed.

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