Liveblog: the Battle for the Central

This could be wonderful. Or miserable! It is Nate pitching, after all. In any event, if the always-dicey wireless in this room holds, I will be attempting to cry about it live.

As ever, this is a liveblog, not a chat, so depending on my feelings about it at any particular time I may or may not be allowing stuff through, but feel free to participate if you’re around. Click the link, open the liveblog in a new window. If you’re catching this after the game, you can read the transcript by clicking the same link, it magically transcribes itself. Oooooo.

The Baker vs. GumTime, Battle for the Central

postscript: things we learned from this game:

–It was not wonderful.
–Angel Hernandez hates the Tigers. It’s possible that Angel Hernandez hates baseball.
–Jim Leyland hates Angel Hernandez.
–There’s some sort of league-wide emphasis on making sure guys don’t leave the base too early on fly balls, and making sure pitchers don’t go to their mouths on the rubber. I guess MLB was just gettin’ too sloppy for someone’s tastes.
–Scott Baker: if Mike Mussina had an uglier little brother.
–Mike Redmond, Tiger Botherer.
–The Spazzosaurus was feasting at third base today.
–The Baker and The River Thames are mortal enemies from here on out.
–Fu-Te Ni is glorious.
–Don’t throw behind Adam Everett, that makes no sense, why would you ever do that? It’s Adam Everett! He is inoffensiveness personified!
–“Looks like Nathan is getting hot for Magglio!”

Thanks to Matt, ivantopumpyouup, Less, Jeff, Jim Haas the Twins Fan, Phil, allikazoo, and Lauren for hanging out and playing along. If you’re getting this as a transcript… bleh. All you missed was the hilarious back-and-forth with the HBPs and the non-fight. The game itself was sponge-cake-coated filth.


10 responses to “Liveblog: the Battle for the Central

  1. Have you ever noticed that Angel Hernandez is behind the plate a lot of the time when things get weird?
    I’m just sayin’.
    Well, at least the non-fight provided some amusing moments during an otherwise crappy day.

  2. Sorry but I am reviewing some of the carnage on my TiVo at the moment and on Maggs’ single in the 5th Rod Allen actually said “That was an absolute SEED off the bat of Ordonez’s bat.”
    Yes, he did.

  3. Wait a minute – someone threw behind ADAM EVERETT? That is like being terrified of a golden retriever puppy – completely without logic.
    Poop twinkies. :(

  4. After a game that left everyone asking who will stand up to win this division, that latter incident left others wondering whether anyone is willing to throw down for it.
    Young’s anger was directed at Twins pitcher Jose Mijares, who threw a pitch behind Adam Everett in the eighth inning, sparking an ejection for Tigers manager Jim Leyland and an official warning to both benches. Bonderman whacked Young behind the left knee with his first pitch of the ninth inning, prompting Young to point directly into his own dugout, at Mijares.
    “He wasn’t upset with them. He was upset with one of our teammates,” Twins outfielder Denard Span said. “I think he was thinking about it the whole inning before that and he realized he was on deck. I’m just glad it wasn’t me up.”
    That was just about the only entertainment value in a game, which did not so much advance the question of which team will go to New York to play the Yankees next week, but why anyone’s bothering.

  5. Phil: Why anyone is bothering? Ummm… You may have noticed that we have this dude named Verlander who gets on the mound for us, and often does amazing things when he gets on that mound. Yes, the Yanks have Carsten Charles (or Captain Cheeseburger, if you prefer), but Verlander is capable of dominating no matter who his mound opponent may be. If Verlander can win 2 games in the 5-game series, we only need to find a way to win one other. And Edwin Jackson and FredFred Porcello are nothing to sneeze at. And let’s not forget that the Yankees have lost a couple of times in the best-of-5 format to an Angels team that underwhelmed. Hell, we remember losing a World Series to an 83-win St. Louis team… I’m sure many people wondered, as the NL Central race came to a close that year, why they were even bothering. It’s the playoffs, dude, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

  6. No, I’m not reading the live blog transcript at work…very amusing! Hats off to Phil for making me laugh out loud with this!
    [Comment From Phil]
    Our hope now must be

  7. Chill Jeff! Those weren’t my words, they were a quote from the article I linked ;)

  8. Phil, I realized that later… But, you know what? The sentiment still holds, just not directed at you.
    By the way, I realized something else… We shouldn’t want the Royals to rush Robinson Tejeda back for Sunday’s game… We should be chiding them for not holding him back to pitch tonight’s game. Surely, the Royals have some young buck they wanted to throw to the wolves in Yankee Stadium on Wednesday so that Tejeda could be held back to knock the Twins down a peg or several….

  9. “He wasn’t upset with them. He was upset with one of our teammates,” Twins outfielder Denard Span said. “I think he was thinking about it the whole inning before that and he realized he was on deck. I’m just glad it wasn’t me up.”

    Which is the thing that is so bizarro about this non-fight. Rod and Mario kept talking about how the Twins were the one team in the Central that the Tigers really hadn’t had bad blood with… and it appears we still don’t. I can’t help but think Machiavellian here, though, if the Twins are fighting amongst themselves that can’t be good for their chances for the next three days…

  10. Samara Pearlstein

    Heitk1le, it does seem to be Angel Hernandez more often than not… someone should do a study. Maybe next season. ;)
    And yes, I like the idea of the Twinkies suffering inner strife in this delicate time. Every little bit helps and all that.
    Phil, off the bat of Magglio’s bat? Glorious. And that sounds about right for Rod.
    Baroque, exactly. Like, out of EVERYONE IN THE LINEUP… Adam Everett?! He’s so… you know, Adam Everettish.
    Jeff, oh, I think all of us ’round here realize that anything can happen in a short series. We just have to get there first. And if all the Wrong Sox and Yankee pitchers were to simultaneously come down with nasty but non-life-threatening cases of the swine flu, well, that wouldn’t go amiss…
    Lisa, hey, the liveblog as work distraction is a time-honored tradition. Uh. Of like a year. That’s time!

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