Tigers and Twins end the regular season ONCE AND FOR ALL

This is the last game of the regular season. Seriously, you guys, this one is it. The last one. Seriously. You guys, seriously. For serious. This is it! REALLY.

For cats! For anti-Domers! For FredFred Porcello’s sense of self-worth! For the Division!

last game of the regular season, for real, honest

postscript: things we learned from this game:

I have nothing to say, really. This entire season was one huge set-up, a conspiracy between Fernando Rodney and Jim Leyland to bludgeon our souls into despair.

Many thanks (if ‘thanks’ is the word) to gilbekat, grandyland, Chelsea, allikazoo, trevor, Paul M, tony, ivantopumpyouup, Walleyeman, Kevin, Anthony, janey, tiff, h20polopunk, Veronica, “Guest”, Jeff, Kathy, Beth, Jennifer, and Sci05Matt for dropping in and participating in the disastrously epic liveblog.

Read the liveblog transcript if you’ve always had that little hankering to see what a descent into madness is like.


15 responses to “Tigers and Twins end the regular season ONCE AND FOR ALL

  1. I will be at the bar for this one. Drowning sorrows either real or perceived. I’ll have one for Miggy. Have fun kittens.

  2. Things we learned from this game:
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    Jim Leyland is evil for putting in Zach Miner when FredFred was still going strong. (or at least better than Zach Miner-strong)
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    Ryan Raburn is evil for trying to make a falling/diving catch and instead giving up a triple.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    Ryan Raburn barely redeemed himself of his evil ways by throwing out a dude at the plate.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    Miggy sort of redeemed his drunken stupidness by hitting a massive homerun, but less-so than if we’d won the game.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    With every sip I take this horrible game fades further into obscurity. Until tomorrow morning when I remember again.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.
    The Metrodome is the gateway to hell.

  3. ALOT of hate. Sorry to hear. Tigers will have another chance next year. granted they fix the pitching.
    Two Voices | Two Guys

  4. I can’t make a big enough sad face on the internet.

  5. Thanks for the season Sam. Never really cared for sox of either hue (too many shoulder-chip wearing fans), but I think I’ll suspend that prejudice for the next few weeks. Good Luck.

  6. Helluva ride, shiteful ending…
    Magglio made me smile repeatedly last night, and did the baby-faced FredFred…
    Samara, your blog increased this season’s fun quotient by at least a factor of 10 – Thanks for a great daily read!
    Charlie, AKA Sparky

  7. Well played this year, Sam. I think the quintessential image of the season was Dombrowski’s blank stare as he watched the Twins celebrate their victory.

  8. SP:
    Gardy said it all last night: “Good thing we get to bat last at home.” And consider this: Each team left 12 runners on base.
    We were sitting near the Tigers bullpen last night and it was eerie to watch their utter silnce and inactvity during the last three innings.
    The Tigers did not fold or choke. The Twins just went on a bizarre run in September and the end was just as bizarre.

  9. I think I want Adam Everett to come back next year:
    “This one hurts,” said Tigers shortstop Adam Everett, who was on third with nobody out in the ninth and never got home. “It’s a deep cut. It’s going to take a while to get over this. We just came up short … so many emotions.”

  10. Ironic that my first post on your blog is after the last game, no?
    Due to the fact that our satelite dish died (in a way not all too dissimilar from the way my soul died last night), I watched most of the game on a bootleg online streaming video that only provided commentary in Spanish…
    Coupla final thoughts:
    *The Verlander/FredFred combination could be baseball’s best in two years.
    *The Twins made a remarkable run, but the Tigers let this thing slip away. No matter how well the Twins played, this one is squarely on the Tigers’ failure to close the reg. season out.
    *I still think you’re too hard on Fernando. Sure, the guy loses his mind in non-save situations, but regardless of how agonizing his saves seemed at times, he had a good year and probably deserves to be compensated as such.
    *I’ll be Miguel Cabrera-ing my sorrows away tonight and tomorrow, sans physical altercations and Dombrowski bail money.

  11. I am so glad I found this blog this season. You really brightened up the dark parts. Anyone who can get me to laugh at our dying bats instead of crying…

  12. My thoughts:
    I think I would have rather listened to the game in Spanish than have to hear the TBS announcers, who spent the whole game rooting for the Twins.
    The Metrodome just will not die .
    Brandon was totally hit by that pitch! (Or at least his jersey was, but that counts.) We should have had at least one run in during the top of the 12th. Now, whether that ultimately would have made any difference in the final outcome, based on how that game was going, I don’t know.
    I tuned in for a three-hour fight to the death. What I wound up with was a five-hour scream-fest that nearly left me hoarse and emotionally drained. I guess if you’re going to blow the division you’ve led for five months on the last day of the season, that was the way to do it. It was much better than slinking away into ignominy by losing on Sunday.
    Still kind of wondering if we might have pulled out at least one more win that weekend had Miggy been in better shape… Don’t want to blame it all on him, though… even if he is a ridiculous man-child in not-such-a-good-way.
    Awww! We must resign Adam Everett!

  13. Still in mourning…
    It’s like the season ended prematurely and we lost a loved one before their time.
    After holding the lead so long this season I almost feel spoiled. I am so ready to turn the page and start over, but after the long run to get here it is such a shame we won’t get to root for our cats in the playoffs.

  14. Samara Pearlstein

    Phil, basically we need to remove the Metrodome from the face of the planet as soon as possible. I don’t even care that they’re still using it for football, that thing needs to be nuked NOW, before the foul demons brewing beneath it work their way up into the world.
    intredc, yes, much hate. Vast amounts of hate. We are in a delicate collective emotional state right now, OK.
    David O, there are HTML tags for that sort of thing, but I can’t even muster up the strength. Sadface.
    Emil, thanks. I am hoping my pain can be somewhat eased by the Proper Sox, but we shall have to wait and see.
    Sparky, oh for sure, Maggs was trying awfully hard to make folks feel better about that contract at the end of the season. We must look to the little things for tiny shards of brightness.
    Wade, but that image must necessarily include Dombrowski doing the thousand-yard stare while in his Miami Vice get-up, which is… I just don’t know if that’s the appropriate image. I mean, that salmon shirt was AWFULLY bright.
    Jim Haas, I don’t know, the Tigers KIND OF choked, but it really is infuriating because both teams played like cat poop at various points during the season, neither one was clearly ‘the better’ team. It wasn’t like the AL East, where the Yankees were clearly the best team in the division. I dunno. SADFACE.
    Jeff, nooooooooooooo, Adam Everett, SOMEONE GIVE HIM A HUG, STAT
    UConnTiger, yeah, Verlander and FredFred certainly gave us plenty to be excited about this season… but the Tigers will need more in the rotation if they ever want to DO anything with those cats. And yes, I (we) are harsh on Fernando, but he is harsh on us. This particular game wasn’t REALLY his fault, but leave my irrational lashings while in the grasp of this pain, yo.
    Trammaker, laughter is the best medicine, except for when the best medicine would have been not stranding men on base.
    Heitk1le, you are absolutely right re: Inge’s magical disappearing HBP. I mean, the replay wasn’t even debatable, that did in fact hit his jersey. I understand that the umpires would not have wanted to have a potential season-winning run score on something that was basically entirely their call, but… it happened! You have to call that! You know? Of course you know! I’m getting all flaily-handed here.
    Paul M, right, and it feels like the Tigers lost that lead so FAST…. like we were just truckin’ along, doin’ our thing, and all of a sudden out of nowhere come these awful creepycrawly Twinkie things, and then we can’t even get it done during the regular season, and then… they have bitten us, we are dead. I’m pretty sure they make horror movies like that.

  15. Thanks again for hosting the live blog, Sam! I still wear my Olde English D proudly here in NYC. Because the Stankies know we would have given them a run for their money.

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