pug marks, Nov. 5

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

pug mark 1

Brandon Inge’s knee surgery is successful. Yay! I am throwing confetti in the air. Metaphorical confetti. Throwin’ metaphors. Anyways, this was not a particularly risky surgery, but it’s still good to hear that it all went well, they didn’t discover any teratoma monsters living in his joints, Inge still has both of his knees more or less attached to his legs in approximately the right places, etc.

Now Mrs. Inge will have six weeks of dealing with an increasingly bored Brandon, as he’s not supposed to put any weight on either knee for that long. I predict a great many video games in his immediate future. My official blogger’s recommendation is to stay away from the Guitar Hero, though. That way madness lies.

pug mark 2

FredFred is the Tigers’ Rookie of the Year. Not the big one, the team version.

I don’t know about you cats, but I am SHOCKED. Shocked, I tell you. I never would have expected FredFred to win this award… I was totally expecting it to be, um… uh… Alex Avila and his 61 at-bats! Obviously Porcello richly deserved some recognition for the season he just had– 14 wins and a sub-4 ERA while he’s still too young to legally get drunk off his rump– but it’s not like this was a tight race with a veritable horde of Tigers rookies getting tons of playing time and all contributing mightily.

How cool would that have been, though? SIGH. Maybe in the future.

pug mark 3

Chris Getz was probably traded to the Royals, in exchange for Mark Teahen and Josh Fields. I say ‘probably’ because neither team has confirmed it as of right now (6 pm on Thursday), but it seems likely to get done.

Why should you care? Because it is good to root for former Wolverines in the Majors. But while Getz was on the Wrong Sox, it was quite difficult to root for him, because, well, you know: Wrong Sox. Sure, he’d still be going to a division rival, but I can gloss over Royalty for a Wolverine. Wrong Soxness is a much more potent state of evil, and thus much harder to ignore.

pug mark 4

The Cubs have just become the first major league sports franchise to have an openly gay owner. That would be Laura Ricketts, a lawyer, out lesbian, and member of the billionaire Ricketts Family, who (as a group) recently purchased the Cubs.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the Tigers, I just think it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

pug mark 5

Chad Durbin’s team lost a game to some bunch of dudes. I guess it was kind of a big deal? I don’t know, I was only paying attention to Chad Durbin.

4 responses to “pug marks, Nov. 5

  1. Uhhhh…. that cartoon… oh man, my brain. Totally destroyed by that image. Can’t even comment, no words.

  2. I was really hoping The Pimp would get some more bling. But don’t forget former Tiger Paul Bako, man… He was really the glue that held… What’s that? He didn’t get to the plate once? Didn’t even don the tools of ignorance for a single inning? Damn… The man who came up as a rookie in 1998 (and whose career has far outlasted 98 Tigers RoY Matt Anderson, I might add) gets no respect… Well, other than being under the major league employ of 10 other teams since that ’98 season… I’m rambling now. See what happens when there’s no baseball on TV?

  3. Congrats to our RoY! Did you hear about the TIgers letting Thames go? Here’s the link to the Tigers page on the matter: http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20091106&content_id=7633188&vkey=news_det&fext=.jsp&c_id=det

  4. Aww. Safe in the loving arms of Paws.

    Chad Durbin was in a game? What game? The baseball season ended on October 6 at the Metrodome, didn’t it?

    We’ve dumped Marcus? *sad face* Not wholly unexpected that he won’t be back with the team next spring, but still sad. I wish him well – but preferably well on a team that the Tigers don’t have to play very often.

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