say hello to your 2009 gold glove winning second baseman

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Is there anything fiercer than Placido Polanco? Anything more stylish, more elegant, doing more with such a large head? At second base in the American League, the answer is NO. There is Placido Polanco, and then there are the pedestrians.

Placido Polanco is an amazing defensive second baseman. He’s been great in the past and he was great again. The man was 33 years old this season (his birthday’s in October, so he’s 34 now), playing at an infield position that demands quick reflexes and good flexibility. Do you know how many games he played in this season? I will give you the answer: almost all of them.

I don’t even care about your ~*~defensive statistics~*~ and whatnot, although I know he had good ones (the Mothership sez so). Just watch this fierce cat play. He’s short and a little chunky and very balding and sometimes his little ears get cold so he wears a snood/spandex hoodie under his hat, ok, and he fields screaming line drives like a freakin’ ballerina in cleats. HATERS TO THE LEFT, YO.

He’s a free agent this offseason, so I guess this will only help his/his agent’s pleas for cash’n’years, but let me just say


4 responses to “say hello to your 2009 gold glove winning second baseman

  1. you forgot to mention his functional breathe right strips! they led him back to the land of golden gloves.

  2. KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Hoping he remains a Tiger! Hey Dave keep him a Tiger, and get him a shortstop!

  3. Please never leave us Polly, whatever would we do without you???? (Side note: Will there be a forthcoming rant on why Brandon should’ve gotten a Gold Glove instead of Longoria? Please please please? :))

  4. Alli, holy cats you are right, WHAT AN OVERSIGHT. The breathe right strips are a literal additional layer of fabulosity!

    Walleyeman, ha ha, well, erm, there’s always Ramon Santiago… ;)

    Colt, there may very well be! If nothing new happens trade/rumor-wise in the next few days, I need some posting filler material…. mm, ranty.

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