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screaming tiger by Samara Pearlstein

There is a rumor going around saying that the Tigers are shopping Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson.

In short:



Just go ahead and try to read this without vomiting and/or bursting into tears:

In a cost-cutting frame of mind, the Tigers have let teams now [sic] that Curtis Granderson could be had for the right package, an NL executive told The Post.

Granderson would be attractive to many teams, with the Yankees near the top of the list.

NY Post article

Every time I try to type out how this little blurb makes me feel, I end up just mashing my hands repeatedly on the keyboard while screaming and twitching. asl;dfkjhas;ldkfjasl;dkfjas;dlfkjas;ldfkj. aAalkjasdflikuhoiqwefih;ashv98yq9283rydf, I say. This is, basically, NOT OK. It is possibly the LEAST OK thing I can think of right now when it comes to the Tigers. Holy FREAKIN’ cats, I know it’s the Post and the grain of salt we should take this with is therefore more like a hearty salt boulder, but even the MEREST, SLIGHTEST HINT OF A THOUGHT of this happening is derailing my brain. Screeeeeeech, thud, brain splattered all over the tracks.

Curtis Granderson stays. Period. End of sentence. END OF SPECULATION ABOUT SOMETHING SO HORRIFIC AS THE DEPARTURE OF CURTIS GRANDERSON FROM THIS DETROIT TIGERS TEAM. I hate to get fuzzy on you here, but he is really the heart and soul of the squad, he is one of the most popular guys on the team with the fans (if not THE most popular), he is amazing for the community and for baseball and HE IS A DETROIT TIGER, HE STAYS. HE DOES NOT LEAVE. IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

MR. DOMBROWSKI. I HAVE A LOT OF RESPECT FOR YOU, GENERALLY. AND I KNOW THAT THE ECONOMY IS CRUDCATS RIGHT NOW, ESPECIALLY IN DETROIT. BUT YOU ARE NOT WITH THE MARLINS ANYMORE, please do not manage this team all Firesale-in-Florida style. I am begging you. As a blogger who wishes to exit this offseason with at least one strand of sanity left intact, I am begging you to let this rumor remain a rumor and never even sniff the gamy hindquarters of reality.

After that, the Jackson trade rumors seem downright mundane, although they are truly hilarious and absurd. I mean, think about it. The Tigers had soooooooo much extra starting pitching this past season! They can totally spare a dude or two! They practically had starting pitchers coming out of Paws’ ears by the end there, right?

Oh wait, what’s that you say? You say that the Tigers were so strapped for pitching that they spent most of the latter half of the year trying to limp by with three starters instead of the customary five? Ahhhh, so it was. Can’t believe I forgot. Must have blocked all those horrible memories out as a defense mechanism for my poor, suffering brain.

If the Tigers trade Jackson, that amounts to them saying, “You want to see baseball in Michigan this season? Perhaps you should start following the Big 10.”

Now (as I take a blog-version deep breath), these are rumors. Probably nothing will come of them. Probably. Because if something were to come of them… well, that would be crazy and wrong. You know, I know, Paws knows it. Right? Just making sure we’re all on the same page here.

20 responses to “unacceptable, Tigers

  1. Dumping those guys to cut payroll makes no sense (for one thing, they’re not that expensive).

    Trading them–well, that would depend on what the Tigers got for them.

    I’m not sure I see how the 2010 Tigers are going to be better than the 2009 Tigers without trading a frontline player to solve some of their problems.

  2. I am going to treat these as simply rumors. Trading Granderson and Jackson would eviscerate the team, and remit the Tigers to the dustbin of the American League. Even though the Tigers face a payroll crunch this year, a lot of expensive contracts expire this year(e.g., Bondo, Dontrelle, Nate, Ordonez-those 4 are about $44 million). I simply cannot believe that ownership will dismantle this team.

  3. When I read yesterday that the Tigers were thinking of trading Jackson, I was puzzled.

    When I woke up this morning and read in the Free Press that the Tigers were thinking of trading Granderson, I got freaked out.

    And when I saw THIS, I became convinced either someone is messing with us, or DD has lost his frickin’ mind.

    You lose ONE of these guys and I will be upset. You trade two or more away (particularly if their names are Curtis Granderson and Brandon Inge), and I may stop watching next year. I’ve been a Tigers fan my whole life, but this may ruin my affection for the team – at least for a while.

    And just earlier this week I was all excited about 2010, because my FAVORITE Tiger from the ’84 team (Tommie Brookens) is back.

  4. It all depends who comes back… Granderson for, say, Joba, Brett Gardner, and Phil Coke or something like that? I’d swallow hard, but I’d take it.

    I agree that trading Edwin Jackson would raise an eyebrow, but let’s face it… While he pitched very well for us, he’s still Edwin Jackson, and the Rays left him off their playoff roster for a reason, and he did seem to sort of fade down the stretch for us, which I found curious. Plus, Jackson was only on the team for one year, his departure, I could handle. But if they trade him for 2 low A-ballers and a lefty with a pulse… Well, then, this team is on an entirely different plan than what I thought they were on and all bets are off.

  5. rea, the problem with trading a frontline player (or, at least, one of these particular frontline players) is that you’ve then just shifted the problem. Get rid of Jackson and who steps in to take his place, you know? It would make more sense if we had cats waiting in the minors, but… yeah, not so much.

    Leshnock, I am very much looking forward to getting those contracts off the team, ha ha.

    heitk1le, I dunno why the rumors have been so crazy around the Tigers so far. Maybe Mr. Dombrowski was making it a point to talk to absolutely everyone at the GM meetings or something?

    The Inge trade rumors are really ridiculous. I mean, of ALL these guys, he is one of the least likely to be tradeable… coming off of surgery, with an anemic bat, due 6.whatever million in 2010… I’m sure teams are just gonna be linin’ up to get a crack at that one. Insert eyeroll here.

    Jeff, Brett Gardner? Ugh. Get out. :P

    I wasn’t overly fond of Jackson’s fadeaway either, but what the hell could they trade him for that would make up for the presence of a legit starting pitcher? ‘Cause that’s what the Tigers need… I guess if they found some way to turn Jackson into, like, two or three solid starters (and by ‘solid’ I mean something other than ‘Nate Robertson-esque solidity’), it might make sense. Otherwise, not so much.

  6. what the hell could they trade him for that would make up for the presence of a legit starting pitcher?

    A legit shortstop, maybe? :)

    Bear in mind, I don’t really want to trade these guys; I don’t think the Tigers want to, either. But, nobody wanted to trade Steve Kemp either, and look how that turned out.

  7. Honestly, I would rather have 5 legit starters and a weakling shortstop than an amazing shortstop, two starting pitchers, and a crowd of Zach Miners/Nate Robertsons/bad-version-Armandos.

    As much as it would SICKEN me, I guess I can theoretically conceive of ways in which a Granderson trade would improve the Tigers (grossin’ myself out). I’m not having similar luck when I think about a Jackson trade, you know?

  8. I like how everyone (media, at least) assumes the Tigers are desperate to cut costs because Ilitch is hemorrhaging money and fans aren’t paying to go to games anymore or whatever and obviously have to have a firesale. Ilitch is a terrible owner because he doesn’t spend any money on the Tigers and Dombrowski is a terrible GM because he signs players to stupid contracts! HA HA HA. All I have to say is, if the Tigers were as desperate to save money, they should have dropped Magglio well before the $18 mil. vesting option kicked in and dumped payroll at the deadline rather than ADDING PAYROLL AT THE DEADLINE which they did.

    And I got an email alert in a New York paper/blog/I don’t know that said the Tigers might be willing to trade Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander but I think it was just Yankees-centric blog wanking.

    The Tigers are also shopping Gerald Laird and his ludicrous $2.8 mil contract because they want a catcher who hits as well or slightly better as he does, has a halfway decent arm and costs less than a million!

    I feel like this whole offseason is one big MR. ALAN’s COMMERCIAL! ONE TIGER CENTER FIELDER FOR $29 OR TWO FOR $50!

    I don’t see the point in trading either of them right now actually. Granderson and Jackson could theoretically bring in a ~*~*~star shortstop~*~*~ if packaged together, but like you said, I’d rather have three pitchers at their peak and a decent shortstop than a super shortstop, two pitchers at their peak and a black hole of suck behind them. I’d also rather have Granderson in center field than anyone else. He’s proven he can play the Comerica outfield. I don’t want a lesser defensive CF out there with a lesser rotation, with both Granderson and Jackson hypothetically gone. Trading Jackson doesn’t even make that much sense from a cost cutting standpoint. If you wanted to shave money off the rotation wouldn’t you look at the guys making a ton of money/guys who will be making a ton more money soon? AKA Bondo, Robertson, Willis, Verlander (god forbid), etc.

    This trade crap isn’t good for my blood pressure, arrgh. End rant.

  9. To be fair, I think they would have liked to get rid of Magglio, but they were pretty well stuck there. They couldn’t exactly bench him to keep that option from vesting, I think the MLBPA would have had something to say about that. Similarly I think it’s pretty clear that they would have liked to get rid of Nate and Dontrelle, at least, if not Bondo as well, but those guys are basically untradeable unless they send Leyland in commando-style to chloroform some GM and secretly sign the trade papers in his name or whatever.

    And I got an email alert in a New York paper/blog/I don’t know that said the Tigers might be willing to trade Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander but I think it was just Yankees-centric blog wanking.

    AH HA HA HA HA HA HAH AHAHA HA WHAT. THE. HELL. I want whatever it is they’re smoking over there. This is like what my dad always says when he’s making fun of the callers on Boston sports radio– “I know what they should do to fix tha team, they should trade Nick Green for Albert Pujols, ok, that’s my genius idear.”

  10. I saw this news on the back of someone’s New York Post this morning on the subway. I had to restrain my vomit reflex (the headline was “Yankees may hit a ‘Grand’ slam” — ugh). I really don’t know what to say… who would the Yanks give us in return? Nobody worth having. And considering the advancing age of the ball club, you’d think that they would want to keep around the younger guys. I hope this really all just rumor.

  11. Sam, Sam, Sam…..

    I love you to death. And I adore Curtis Granderson, as a person. I’ve talked to him on a number of occasions. Great guy. But you already know that.

    But Curtis Granderson was one of the reasons the Tigers blew the AL Central Division. He had an awful (for him) year. He made a brutal, Little League-style baserunning blunder in the one-game playoff in Minnesota. Brutal.

    He fell in love with the home run and as a result, we didn’t see the Grandy we know and love, slapping the ball all over the park and legging out 15, 20 triples and a boatload of doubles.

    Combine that with his propensity to strike out, his ridiculously low OBA, and his lack of base-stealing threat, you have a No. 5 hitter masquerading as a leadoff guy.

    I love Curtis Granderson. But I’d trade him in a heartbeat, if the price was right.

    Maybe he just had an off year. Maybe it was a fluke. But he was awful in 2009. You can’t sugarcoat his year. It was bad.

    No one is untouchable other than Justin Verlander and Brandon Inge and Rick Porcello. My opinion. Even Miggy Cabrera could be had, truth be told.

    But I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!!!

  12. h20polopunk, that’s the thing, who would we get back that would make it worth our while? Because neither of these guys are making SO much money that they would be worth getting rid of to save a floundering payroll or whatever. You can’t just dump them. So the Tigs would have to be looking to get something back. An amazing prospect (can anyone really see the Yanks willing to part with their top prospects, with an aging team and a little less WS urgency in 2010?), or a real starting pitcher, got to be.

    Greg, get. out. RUDE.


    I know, I know, and I did say (in the comments) that I can theoretically conceive of a trade where moving Granderson would make sense. EVEN THOUGH IT PAINS ME IN ALL MY HEART-BITS TO EVEN HESITANTLY ADMIT THIS. But:

    not to the Yankees. That would be disgusting and fundamentally wrong and offensive to all right-thinking people. Like eating babies.

    and I still have trouble imagining a move (or series of moves, I guess) where trading Jackson makes sense.

  13. Granderson has always been underrated nationally and now I’ve noticed that too many Tigers fans are underrating him now. Even in an off year, he was still the second best position player on the team when you consider both offense and defense. He can’t hit lefties but he pounds RHP, plays good defense at an important position and runs the bases well. He is the most complete player on the Tigers and he should bounce back a bit next year. He should sit more often against LHP but that’s Leyland’s fault. He would be really difficult to replace and that’s without even getting into the off field stuff.


  14. See I don’t like sitting him vs. lefties. How is he supposed to learn? WE CAN’T SHIELD HIM FROM LEFTIES HIS ENTIRE LIFE, although I understand the impulse to protect him and hug him and keep him safe forever, you know, obviously.

    It hasn’t been a straight progression either, he was getting better vs. lefties in 08. This year was a backslide, not a continuation.

    Mostly though, if he ends up on the Yankees I will have to… I don’t even know. Something drastic.

  15. Sam, He doesn’t need to sit against all lefties. Just bench him against tough LHP and pinch hit for him in key spots late in the game. Of course, they would need a good backup RH hitting CF to make that happen. Maybe Casper Wells.

    Another thing I’d like to see is for Leyland to give him the green light more often. I think he can steal 30+ bases per year with a good success rate.


  16. //No one is untouchable other than Justin Verlander and Brandon Inge and Rick Porcello.//

    Nope nope, Verlander and Inge are on the market too, just ask New-York-and-Boston-based sports writers and bloggers!

    *headdesks repeatedly*

  17. You know what, Miguel Cabrera on the market would make A TON more sense if the impetus to cut payroll is really so strong. As a for-instance, I wonder if the Angels would send us Kendry Morales back and maybe a throw-in of a bullpen arm or prospect on either side would make sense there. No idea what Kendry is making, but Miguel Cabrera is EXACTLY the kind of big splash that the Angels love to make, and we’d save a boatload of salary in that move.

    But, come on, where, oh, where are you gonna get better value than the production we’re getting from Granderson, Inge & Jackson for the salaries they’re going to pull down in 2010? You’re not. Granted, that makes them the most valuable trade commodities at the same time, so it increases the likelihood that a “bowl us over” offer will materialize. But let’s all relax. I think Dombrowski is exactly the guy to recognize what a “bowl us over” offer is, and won’t pull the trigger unless he gets one. I’d personally put the odds that all 3 will be on the team come Spring Training at 75%.

    P.S. I put Brett Gardner’s name in there and somehow completely forgot about uber-prospect Austin Jackson. Though, in the Yankee-fan-blog-crazy-media-sports-talk-show-caller world, I would have ix-nayed any trade by including the word “Joba” from the get-go. Some of my Phillie phan phriends have talked to me about it, and I mentioned that I better hear the name “Joba” coming back, and they looked at me like I had grown a third head, but I’m sticking with it. You want to get a talent like Granderson coming at a reasonable salary such as he has, you better bring your “A” game.

  18. I know very old school here! Just a Tiger Fan!!!!!!!!!! But OH MY GOD Grandy a Yankee? Nope, Nada,No way not ever,Could not happen,?, I just do not know what this world is coming to!

  19. I stepped back from the ledge after reading this piece by Bob Wojnowski. Of course, it doesn’t mean the Tigers agree. But I think he makes all the points I try to but don’t because I’m too busy frothing at the mouth.

    Also I miss the “reply to” feature. :/

  20. Lee, I’d definitely like him to steal more. I think he has good speed, but I dunno about his, y’know, pure baserunning instincts or whatever you want to call them. That might be Leyland’s hang-up too…

    Jeff, the thing is, we are getting a lot of payroll off the team this season (as Leshnock pointed out way up yonder in this thread). I think even more than $44 mil is coming off the books… I believe I saw somewhere that it was more like $50 mil. So while I do get that the Tigers want to cut costs, with that much money coming off, do they really still need to jettison someone like Miggy? One of the only productive players from last season? I guess the package would have to be overwhelming good to get a trade involving him done anyways, so, whatever.

    Walleyeman, right? Like, it would be terrible to see Grandy anywhere else, period, but in New York would be beyond the pale. Ugh.

    ivan, ha ha, to be honest the ‘reply to’ feature didn’t work all that well… the threads didn’t nest in an intuitive way and most people didn’t use it anyways. One of the few things I DON’T mind about the redesign…

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