tiger-striped Thanksgiving, 2009

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Things for which we can be thankful:

–Despite his very best efforts, Fernando Rodney did not actually manage to kill any of us this year.

–Justin Verlander.

–Tiny fluffy kittens.

–Having an inconsistent, frustrating, disappointing season from the majority of the players on the team, and STILL coming thisclose to winning the division.

–Best lookin’ home unis in the league for the millionth year.

–Comerica seat prices as compared to the prices in Yankee Stadium.

–Gerald Laird’s defense.

–The fact that Gerald Laird’s defense allowed Brandon Inge to play at third base.

–Frederick Alfred Porcello the Third is NOT a figment of our collective imagination.

–Ernie Harwell is one of us.

This right here.


–We’re not Racist Logos fans.

–Mr. Dombrowski’s willingness to bail his players out of jail at unholy hours of the morning.

–Rod Allenisms.


–All of you cats, readers and commenters and lurkers and fellow bloggers, makin’ the blogosphere what it is today.

Yet another year of turkeycats! We must savor them while Polanco is still on the team and we can.

Don’t forget to work on your entries for the photo contest! A few folks have gotten their images in early, and it’s gooooood stuff. You’ve got ’til December 10, get crackin’.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, kids and kittens! May it, as ever, be filled with delicious NOMs and only the most minor of familial stress. Go Lions, Go Not Trading Tigers I Love, Go Turkeycats!

5 responses to “tiger-striped Thanksgiving, 2009

  1. Sam, I’m not so sure about that first one… Have you checked the local hospitals’ records for otherwise unexplained myocardial infarctions? I agree with the rest, and wish you and yours the best for the holiday season.

  2. Indeed. Happy Tigers-giving, everyone!

  3. I’m thankful for the Tigers’ home uniforms every day! I am also thankful for being a Tigers fan.

  4. I’m thankful for awesome bloggers like you, Sam. :)

  5. Wait, can we also be thankful for shirtless!Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson? ;) Your Polanco turkey makes me giggle every single year.

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