RotT hates the offseason

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

I’m bored. Are you bored? Here, have some old school Tiger doodles that I did to test out a new pen tip. And this other stuff.

What else is going on in baseball:

–The arbitration deadline is, what, Tuesday? Mr. Dombrowski’s all cracking his fingers one by one, preparing for battle.

–Bud Selig says he’ll step down after the 2012 season. Maybe. Possibly. According to unnamed sources.

–Even Japan has rejected Jose Contreras. Harsh.

–Dat Morosi dude sez the Tigers are more aggressively shopping Jackson than Granderson. For whatever that’s worth. He also did this thing about where the allegedly shopped Tigers might go. I don’t know, it has a chart. Go look at it if you like charts.

Rock band Kasbian promote their new single “Underdog” with a football-powered rendition of the song on Guitar Hero.. For the love of cats, NOBODY TELL JOEL ZUMAYA ABOUT THIS.

–Grady Sizemore likes to get naked in front of his iPhone camera (link NSFW). Five parts LOL, five parts Ooooo, Hello There Grady. This and kittens are what make the internet great.

–This happened a while ago but I never bothered to say anything about it: Scott Sizemore, Ryan Strieby, Audy Ciriaco, and Brennan Boesch were added to the 40-man roster. I fondly recall Boesch’s name pretty much only because he got locked in the dugout bathroom that one time and they had to break him out with a crowbar, and Jim Leyland made fun of him. Good times.

–Ross Ohlendorf is spending his offseason working as an intern for the Department of Agriculture. Dear Ross Ohlendorf: you are magnificent.

–Andruw Jones is now a Wrong Sock. How the mighty have fallen.

–Did you all see that Tim Lincecum was busted for marijuana possession earlier this month? Least surprising bust ever. Why, next thing you know they’ll be telling us that nice Barry Zito was on the Mari-juana as well, and gosh golly, I never!

–The 2010 Hall of Fame ballots went out to the voters, and there are some Cats of Interest on there. MICHIGAN WOLVERINE Barry Larkin, former Tiger Jack Morris, and former Tiger Alan Trammell. The rest of the ballot can be found on the current front page of the BBWAA site, but I don’t know how long they’ll have it up there.

–Bored bored bored bored.

12 responses to “RotT hates the offseason

  1. Bored, bored, bored.

    Sizemore at least made my Monday interesting.

  2. I like the new pen tip! ;-)

  3. Bored here too! Hate Winter!(the off season),I find some relief watching old time games on the MLB Network. Samara? You ever think about getting off the the computer and getting out the charcoal pencils?

  4. gilbekat, right? That was… not as unpleasant as it could have been. *cough*

    Colt, ha ha, it’s a good nib! Sadly I eat through them like candy and have to keep replacing the damn things.

    Walleyeman, I am not a fan of charcoal. SMUDGING, eurgh. I have enough trouble keeping INK from smudging, charcoal just ends up everywhere except where I want it to be… ;)

  5. Sam, it’s called “abstract art” ;)

  6. Who are those guys, anyway? They all look hauntingly familiar, but i don’t think they’re current Tigers. For one thing, I can’t think of very many players today who have a mustache but no chin-hair.

  7. Please tell me the one on the right isn’t Paul Gibson. One on the left looks a bit like Lance Parrish. Middle one… Lou Whitaker?

  8. a2yostie, ha ha, ahhh yes, abstract art. Where you make a smudge and reverse engineer it into a meaningful addition… ;)

    rea, truly the goatee reigns supreme these days. The mustache, not so much.

    h2opolopunk, you got Parrish. Gary Pettis in the middle, Dave Collins on the right.

  9. Yay! I got one out of three!

    That’s totally Gary Pettis… I don’t know how I couldn’t remember that face. As for Dave Collins — who? ;)

  10. Ha ha, idek, man, I just thought those glasses CLEARLY needed to be illustrated…

  11. Try charcoal pencils – charcoal deep darks, but with wood to keep it off your fingers. And a can of workable spray fixative helps to keep it from smudging between sessions.

    And for carrying things around, heavy paper is tricky (like bristol board), but for regular paper you can make a great carrier by getting a piece of PVC pipe and epoxying an end cap onto one end and a screw cap onto the other. Sturdier than a cardboard portfolio and it will stand up to wet weather, too. :)

    (Also, they make white charcoal pencils as well – I love to work on a gray art paper with both black and white charcoal pencils, the effects are so much fun and clouds are so much easier than with pens.)

  12. Oh, trust, I have used charcoal pencils. The problem isn’t so much the mess from holding charcoal, it’s more the way I smudge it by leaning my hand on the paper while I’m drawing. Which I sometimes do with ink too, if it’s not a particularly fast-drying ink. And yes, I’ve tried all kinds of folded paper tricks, and even those plastic or metal drawing shields– apparently I just have spazzhands. Which, really, should surprise no one. ;)

    I actually have a tube! From my college days. I… don’t use it. Erm. I dunno, I mostly draw on bristol board these days, or I’m just working in the sketchbook, which carries itself around. Uh, you know.

    Going in with lights and darks on mid-toned surface, I like doin’ that with paint more than drawing materials. But most of my paintings have nothing to do with baseball, so you lot don’t get to see that particular horror, ha ha.

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