Winter meeting trade rumors get going

The current rumor is that the Mets have picked up Edwin Jackson. (via Rotoworld, via AOL’s Ed Price) True, untrue, sort-of true, not yet true but soon to be fact? Lobby rumor or actual trade? Don’t know yet. I’ll update this post if/when I hear more.


Oh, also: the Rangers just got Clay Rapada for cash or a player to be named later. So ends the Clay Rapada non-era in Detroit.

ETA: ESPN’s Buster Olney sez, “The Tigers’ asking price on Edwin Jackson is said by other teams to be very, very high at this point.” Take that as you will.

ETAA: The Mets deny the Jackson trade. Also, the Chicago Tribune, which had indicated that the Cubs had interest in Curtis Granderson, is saying that the Yankees are ‘hot on the trail’ of Granderson right now (tip o’the paw to Billfer). Excuse me, I need to go vomit up my spleen.

ETAAA: THE WORST THING. Jackson, Granderson both connected to the Yankees via rumor. Just a rumor, just a rumor, just a rumor, just a rumor OF ALL MY NIGHTMARES.

ETAAAA: We’ve re-signed Adam Everett! One year deal, allegedly. This is a good thing, a move that pleases me. It’s 5000 times better than picking up, say, Bobby Crosby.

ETAAAAA: Ozzie Guillen at the Winter Meetings is glorious. “Ah, I don’t know all our players. Ask Joey Cora. He knows all of our players.”

ETAAAAAA: It’s 11:30 pm on Monday night. The latest thing I’ve heard on the Jackson/Granderson rumors is this potential/supposed story from the FOX crew, which would have the following go down:

–Diamondbacks get Jackson and Ian Kennedy of the Yankees
–Yankees get Granderson and Dback prospects
–Tigers get Max Scherzer from the Dbacks; Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Michael Dunn from the Yanks

Jackson is a 22 year old center fielder (he’ll be 23 next season), pretty much the Yankees’ top prospect. He’s a righty. He hit .300/.354/.405 last season at triple-A. Coke is a 27 year old lefty reliever who had a 4.50 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP in 60 innings in the Majors last year. He’s cheap. Dunn will be 24-25 years old next season. He’s a lefty reliever who had a 3.71 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP in 53.1 innings at double-A last year (2.25 ERA in 20 innings at triple-A, and he got in 4 games for the Yanks proper).

Scherzer will be 25-26 years old in 2010. He’s a right-handed starting pitcher who had a 9-11 record with the Dbacks in ’09, his first full season of big league service. He put up a 4.12 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP. He was 8th in the NL for Ks per 9 innings pitched, and he was 5th in hit batters (related?). He has odd eyes.

Don’t know how much I credit this rumorlicious report right now, but it’s something to chew on. If this was really what we got back for Grandy and Edwin, would it be worth it? :/

12 responses to “Winter meeting trade rumors get going

  1. Another Rumor has Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson to New York Yankees

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    What could the Yankees possibly be dangling for both Granderson AND Jackson? Jesus? An island nation? What?!

    I think at this point I can stomach trading Jackson. But Granderson too? Ugh.

  3. I’ll just be over here, rocking back and forth, shaking and crying.

  4. ivantopumpyouup


    In other news, the Tigers resigned Everett. Yay?

  5. Definite yay. He’s coming at a good price and Paws knows we could use the defense, especially since second base is going to be such a question mark.

  6. Bobby Crosby was told to take his bindle and move somewhere else.

  7. If Jackson gets traded I will be sad. If Granderson gets traded I will be upset. If they both get traded, I might cry and vomit at the same time. Winter trade meeting time is the worst.

  8. :) Happiness that we’ve resigned Everett.

    :( Consternation that we’re contemplating trading ANYONE to the Yanks. Let alone Jackson or Granderson :( I still think trading either one would be a mistake.

  9. David, I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did. Ha ha, we’re jerks and it’s glorious.

    Brenna, yeah. I… can’t really handle these rumors. All they do is get me worked up into an insane froth and I have no appropriate outlet for These Feelings! All I can do is draw sad cartoons and hope I never have to use them.

    heitk1le, exactly, it will be sad if we trade Edwin, it will be HORRIBLE if we trade Curtis, but to trade even ONE of them to the Yankees, of all teams, would be HORRIFICALLY HORRIBLE AWFUL GAG ME WITH A DECAYING RAT CORPSE LEVEL OF TERRIBLENESS.

  10. Good gravy, what a barrage of potentially bad news! OVERLOAD!

    However, those Guillen zingers cheered me right back up. I’ve never really liked the guy, but I have to respect his candor. It’s kinda like the baseball version of Jeremy Roenick.

  11. Pretty much the only thing I’d be happy with coming back from this 3-way with the Yanks and the Snakes is Scherzer, Austin Jackson, and JOBA. Nothing less.

  12. Jackson/Granderson trade is apparently official now

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