don’t start cryin over Lyon

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Because he is no more. Brandon Lyon has been signed by the Houston Astros, pending a physical. It’s a three year deal, which he, uh, pretty much was not going to get from the Tigers. So it’s a good move from his perspective, and another potential 2010 closer knocked out of the running for Detroit.

In other Winter Meetings/irresponsible rumor news:

–Apparently the Tigers are interested in Juan Pierre. The idea of another three-team trade is just exhausting for me right now. I guess it doesn’t matter what goes down, it can’t be worse than Granderson to the Yankees, so, whatever, bring it on, I don’t care anymore.

–The Robinzon Diaz signing was a minor league one. He’s a potential backup catcher. The threat to G-Money, if it comes, will have to come from elsewhere.

–Both Phil Coke and Daniel Schlereth are lefty relievers, which means that Bobby Seay is now available for the taking. Anyone want him?

–I can’t decide if Lynn Henning is a sadist or a masochist. He likes deliberately causing us pain, which would make him a sadist, or he gets some sick kind of thrill out of the abuse he will take for writing something like this, which would make him a masochist. Either way, sod off, Henning.

–Still can’t really process the Granderson move. It’s like my mind has glimpsed that horrible reality and firmly rejected it. With no games going on I can still cling to my fantasy world where Curtis Granderson has not been given over into the slavering jaws of pure evil. I mean… you guys, I’m from Massachusetts. This is NOT SOMETHING I CAN DO. I just… no. It isn’t real. It isn’t reeeeeaaaaaaal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Originally the contest entries were supposed to be due today, but in light of the EXTREME TRAUMA we have all recently suffered, I’m kicking it up a day. Entries will now be accepted THROUGH FRIDAY, up ’til midnight. Do your part to raise our collectively wilting spirits.

10 responses to “don’t start cryin over Lyon

  1. Brandon Lyon was very good for us, but I do not fault the Tigers: Giving him $15 million over 3 years, as the astros have apparently done, is excessive.

  2. Coke can start, and that may be where the Tigers need to use him, as opposed to picking a 5th starter out of the (shudder)Willis/Robertson/Gallarega mix..

    But your larger point aobut Seay’s future here is correct–the Tigers also acquired a lefty reliever named Thomas, and of course, there’s also Ni–so too many lefties.

    Seay has some market value, I would think. Maybe he can be packaged with something else to acquire someone useful.

  3. Dombrowski has turned into one of those cat-hoarding ladies… except his cats are left-handed pitchers.

  4. I have to say, as odious as these words are to escape from the end of my fingers: I think Lynn Henning’s article is actually quite astute. (Oh, the stench I must endure!) Maybe it’s just a little “explaining away”, if you will, but Curtis — while as perfect as any human being can possibly be — is, alas, not perfect in every way, as he makes Mario Mendoza look like a downright attractive alternative when the man on the mound opposite him happens to hurl the sphere with his left hand. Curtis’s 2010 salary wasn’t a big deal, it was more the 2012 salary of $10 million, the 2013 option for $13 million, and the $2 million buyout of that option that probably had Tigers brass scratching their heads, especially when you consider that Bobby Abreu was picked up last year for the far more attractive sum of $5 million. And they were following the old truism that I think is generally attributed to Branch Rickey: “Better to trade a player one year too early than one year too late.”

    Oh, but that bit about his off-the-field charitable duties and events distracting his on-the-field results? Mr. Henning, you couldn’t be more wrong, and your rampant speculation disgusts me. There, that’s better, but that stench is still floating around. Anybody got some Febreze?

  5. Henning gloating is exactly why I didn’t want the Tigers to trade Granderson.

  6. I was watching “Baseball Tonight” earlier, and they were talking to Curtis over the phone – and showing their updated mug shot of him in pinstripes. Oh, the humanity!

  7. Leshnock, oh, for sure, I don’t think for a second that the Tigers should have come close to matching that contract. Good for Lyon and all, but no thank you.

    rea, I’m afraid they probably WILL try starting Coke at some point, but if he’s just another vaguely junky lefty (which is kind of the impression I got…), well, that may not work out much better than a healthy Armando. I, uh, don’t really think Dontrelle is going to be making a comeback. :P

    h20polopunk, there are worse things to hoard, I guess.

    Jeff, I won’t deny that Granderson had issues hitting (lefties) and all that, BUT his contract was set to get big at the same time that a lot of other really big contracts came off the books for the Tigers. And all the stuff Henning went on to say about him doing too much charity… yeah, don’t even get me started. That’s just…

    … you know what, he’s a pro ballplayer. He’s gonna be going out and whatever. Would Henning prefer he spend his free time doing charity work and MLB promotions, or would he rather Grandy spend more time in the Miguel Cabrera school of free time usage? Just, ugh. UGH.

    heitk1le, I am refusing to watch national sports tv right now, I don’t think I can handle the possibility of coming across that sort of thing. The Boston Globe had an article about it, since obviously they cover big Yankee moves, and I almost physically threw the paper away from me when I saw the headline. TRAUMATIZED.

  8. Coke is a lot better than y’all think

    If they decide to stretch him out this spring he will turn a few heads. He was impressive as a starter in the Florida State League and it’s my understanding that he went to the pen because of the mittful of starters in NY.

    You gotta appreciate the knuckle curveball!!!

  9. Interesting thoughts re: Coke… Looks like about the time the Yankees decided he’d be better off in the bullpen, he started giving up runs. Might be interesting to stretch him out, give him some spring starts, and sorta see what happens.

    And, Sam, with another day’s perspective, I now see what the problem was: I knew I was clicking through to a Lynn Henning article. I was expecting to see every single sentence dripping with crazysauce. When I found instead an article that sorta half-way made some sense in portions of it, I deemed it “astute”, but what I really meant was “astute, considering it was written by Lynn Henning”. Low expectations and all.

    I was explaining Curtis’s profound lefty/righty splits to a RSN co-worker, and when that co-worker walked away from my desk, I looked some things up and e-mailed him the following comparison: When Curtis faces right-handed pitching, he hits approximately like Jim Rice; when he faces left-handed pitching, he hits approximately like Stan Papi.

  10. re: Coke, well, I’ll believe the knuckle curve when I see it. Zoom technically has one too, and it’s pretty good… when he throws it with anything approximating control. He was supposed to be a starter at first too, and it wasn’t enough to keep him there. So. We’ll see. I’d like it if the Tigs got a Secret Starter out of this deal, cats knows they’ll need all the rotation help they can get…

    Ha ha, Jeff, yeah, if it had been an article by anyone else, the implication that Curtis did TOO MUCH CHARITY WORK probably would have put you over the edge… but sure, it’s Henning, so that’s par for the course and you just tried to look at everything else. It’s ok, I understand. ;)

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