Photo Contest results and winners!

Oh I know you are just about crying from excitement, ladies and gentlecats. THE FIRST EVER ROAR OF THE TIGERS PHOTO CONTEST OF INCOMPARABLE AWESOMENESS is over, and some of you have submitted images, and now everyone will look at them and know happiness.

Over here we don’t believe in things like ‘suspense’ and ‘holding the readers’ attention until the end’, so your FERotTPCoIA winner, receiving a copy of the 2010 Bill James Handbook, is:

Andrea (and Everett!), because they took LittleVerlander and photographed him in front of BigVerlander’s Real Actual No-Hitter Baseball at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Um, that is STRAIGHT UP AWESOME. And look at his little glove hand, he’s all gesturing at the baseball, all “Gaze upon my glorious enshrined history, friends, it is here for you to see!” Excellent use of the given cartoon form, simple yet delightful concept, excellent shot location. Plus they risked the potential public humiliation of waving LittleTigers around in Cooperstown.

They also submitted this photo, which features Brandon Inge being eaten by A REAL LIFE COUSIN OF THE SPAZZOSAURUS. Further adventures of Inge and Verlander are up right here.

The FERotTPCoIA runners-up, receiving prints of a RotT photo of the Porcello/Youkilis brawl, are:

Less! Because this is a recreation of Edouard Manet’s famous painting, WITH CARTOON TIGERS, and when I realized this I literally laughed out loud, helplessly wheezing, for like a solid minute. Wonderful, only slightly disturbed genius.

Heitk1le! This is “New Shortstop”, and it works particularly well because
a) the dog is in the correct shortstop position with regards to Inge,
b) the dog is really into that baseball, which is exactly what we want from a shortstop,
c) the dog could probably be signed for the major league minimum, which would strongly appeal to the Tigers,
d) the dog is just as blonde as Adam Everett, and
e) Inge is positioned, with the jazz hands, like he’s saying, SURPRISE! IT’S A DOGGIE!

A big round of paws-applause for the winners! Additional entries are below, for the lols of all.

PudgeforPrez gives us insight into the mind of a tiny Gerald Laird, about to be crushed by a giant baseball. She informs me that this baseball came from Tigers batting practice and was in fact touched by the hand of BigLaird himself.

Jennifer from Old English D bravely went to a Lions game, and shared the suffering with our old friend Placido. Let the record state that this was the game where the Lions beat the Browns, thereby proving something insane about cartoon Tigers and the rare state of Lions victory.

FrogMan has great taste in beer, but nooooo FredFred! You’re not old enough yet! Hold on for a couple more weeks! (Yes, kids and kittens, our little FredFred turns 21 on December 27. They grow up so fast, snff.)

Librarymonkey sends Brandon Inge to the skies, where of course he naturally dwells in his capacity as a high-flyin’ acrobatic third baseman.

Lisa sends along the intriguingly titled “Uncle Jim tells a story”. What happened here? She found a sculpture/statuette/thing in El Burrito Loco of Grand Rapids Township (where they were apparently very accommodating, and lightly amused), decided that it had a Jim Leylandish air about it, stuck a cigarette in its mouth, and draped it with cartoon Tigers. Fabulous.

Trammaker sent this with no explanation whatsoever, and I stared at it for a while before I finally got it. It’s FredFred with a BALL OF YARN. Because he’s a kitten. You guys are nuts and that is why I love you all.

Because I am, in the end, a ridiculous sap, I actually have something to mail out to everyone, so if you participated and would like your wee ‘prize’, email me your snail mail address. Winner and runners-up definitely do so. Thank you to everyone who participated in the First Ever Roar of the Tigers Photo Contest of Incomparable Awesomeness! It was, indeed, incomparably awesome.

8 responses to “Photo Contest results and winners!

  1. Those are all so cute! I love how now that I see these, I am able to come up with ideas. too late. haha

  2. Ok, I just this week started following your blog. This is hilarious! I hope you do more of these little contests…. I gotta get in on them! Polly at a Lions game….. LOL!

  3. It is my sworn duty as a Tigers Blogger for Crazy People to encourage anything that involves Tigers fans being creative and ridiculous, occasionally in public, so…. there will surely be other contests in the future. ;)

  4. “Uh, oh.”

    I love little Laird anticipating being squashed – but only because he will survive, as he is made of paper and already flat, therefore unbeknowest to him, has nothing to fear. :)

  5. I love how you say risk public humiliation waving tiny cartoon Tigers around, because I was driving through Chicago, trying to get a photo of tiny Granderson looking like he was standing atop the Sears tower, leaning out of the car, camera in one hand, Curtis in the other, and my husband was sooooo mortified and begged me to cease and desist, claiming he would speed through at 90 mph to try and stop me from any further embarrassing attempts.

  6. WOW you got some really great submissions for some cute cartoon Tigers. Congrats to all for a job well done.

  7. Looking at all these just made my day after a really long week. Congrats to the winners. This was a lot of fun.

  8. These are all awesome! I lol’d at the Manet one. And Inge getting eaten by a dinosaur.

    Please do another contest sometime soon so I can actually participate! :P

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