welcome to the new home of RotT

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Have a click to see the Floating Head Raft of Tigers bigger!

Well, hello again! Hopefully you’ll find this new blog home just as good as the old home, if not better. I’ve done my best to get all the archives back in place, and I’m in the process of going back through them and making sure that the formatting is fixed and old links are redirected and all that jazz.

The categories should all still be working, so if you want to look at all the posts about Chad Durbin being a pimp or posts in which Rod Allen says something ridiculous/awesome or whatever, you can do that.

As you can see at the top of the blog, I have a “Nicknames and Terms to Know” section here… can you cats think of any RotT nicknames or weird terms that newcomers may not know right off the bat? I’ve been trying to plug them in as I think of them/come across them while going through the archives, but I’m sure I’m going to miss some.

Other Tiger Blog News:

–Matt of Take 75 North is obviously moving as well. I believe he’s heading over to the Bloguin network, where the Wayne Fontes Experience currently lives. I think his new address will be t75n.com, but it’s not active yet.

–Ian of Bless You Boys will be stepping down as the head blogger, although I believe he’ll be remaining involved in a reduced capacity. Much wailing and rending of hair and whatnot. Taking over the reins there will be Kurt of Mack Avenue Tigers, so at least the site will remain in the hands of someone we know.


22 responses to “welcome to the new home of RotT

  1. Proud to be the first comment on the new site.

    Do you think we need to explain SeayLyon? Unfortunately there probably won’t be any new posts on this great creature of almost mythical powers, but new readers might come across it in the archives.

  2. hamsters (I see it under faq) but it seems like a term

    kitten power (ala Matt Joyce)

    as a big fan of your illustrations, I was curious if you sold any artwork?

    Jay RC

  4. heitk1le, that’s a good idea. Maybe I should have a Mythical Creatures section?

    Lisa, kitten power! Yes.

    Jay RC, yes! Many of my illustrations and photos are available as prints, and occasionally originals are available. Drop me a line ( bluecatsredsox at gmail dot com) if you’re interested in something in particular.

    I keep saying I’ll set up a proper shop, like on etsy or something, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Facepalm.

  5. Spazzosaurus… If such an insane creature can even be defined.

  6. Tis true. At least I was told that would be the new address (t75n.com). Very twitter friendly, so everybody can feel free to retweet all my stuff with abandon.

    The floating head looks a little like Ohio.

  7. I was looking for the head with one brown and one blue eye, but I suppose that’s difficult to show in black and white. :)

  8. Jeff, I have him in the FAQ right now… if I do a Mythical Creatures section I’ll have to move him for sure.

    Matt, HOW DARE YOU EVEN SO MUCH AS SUGGEST A HINT OF OHIO you’re totally right, freaky.

    rea, he’s in there! :D

  9. Now to assign players to various cities. From now on, I’m calling Maggs “Columbus” and Sheffield “Cincinnati”.

  10. Wow. I am LOVING the raft o’ Tiger heads. Especially the hilarious little labels!!! :) The new website is much prettier than MVN too, I must say!

  11. Cool new site. I see a few of my favorite Tigers, but especially my favorite Tiger of the Recent Past, Nook Logan (my Tiger of the Past is Norm Cash). I also see such players as Neifi Perez and Todd Jones.

  12. Man, I hate WordPress! It keeps me logged in as catswithbats, so I can’t use ivantopumpyouup! *stamps feet*

  13. Also HAHAHAHAHA I spy Kyle! And Shelton! And Grilli! And I snorted out loud at Sheffield. And Vance! \o/

  14. Which one’s “Ow my delivery”?

  15. This image is like a grand guessing game.

  16. Packed up and looking forward to the new site!
    Loved the photo contest, hopefully next year I’ll have more time and can get creative.

    When are the Tigers going to find their Hamsters this offseason?

  17. Colt, yeah it’s definitely, uh, cleaner. And that top banner is really easy to switch out, so I can change it whenever the madness takes me!

    Lauren, hell yeah Nook! My iPod is still named the iNook.

    catwithbats/ivan, ha ha, if you log out you should be able to put in whatever name you want. I think you should have to guess… c’mon, whose delivery was an automatic ow?

    (yeah it doesn’t look much like him, I was actually annoyed by that when I inked it. OH WELL TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT)

    David O, I aim to entertain. ;)

    Paul M, I guess the hope is that Scherzer et al will be bringing the hamsters with them… :/

  18. That’s more like it!

    Uh, the only one that’s coming to mind is Clay Rapada! *mind goes blank*

  19. David O. (13194013)

    I should probably consolidate my Tigerblog identity.

    Sheffield’s appearance is superb.

  20. Yay! Glad to find you over here again. Would hate to miss the humour and wackiness.

    (“Hamsters?” Why are hamsters significant? I mean, I love hamsters, I had one myself after a relationship broke up (and what does it say for him that he was pretty easily replaced by a hamster), but I must be missing something.)

  21. okay so i have RotT all bookmarked. Do you need to tell new readers about the power of Paws? How many more days till pre-season??

  22. David O. (13194013)

    I know the answer to the hamsters question!

    Samara once misheard Jim Leyland and thought he said hamsters instead of answers. So, we have the answer hamster.

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