And a Merry Tigersmas to you all.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

If you were celebrating today, I hope you had a good one! And if you weren’t, I hope you survived the crazed hordes of holiday shoppers and last-minute-supply-getters who descended on the roads and stores this past week. RotT wishes seasonal peace for you all, and most especially for the retail workers.

Our non-celebrating holiday present? Fernando Rodney has in fact signed with the Rally Monkey Angels. The contract is for two years, approximately $11 million. If you wish to snicker quietly to yourself, you can look back at the fact that Brandon Lyon signed with the Astros for three years, $15 million. There is a logic in here somewhere, but mostly hilarity.

The point is that, regardless of what the Tigers end up doing for a closer, it almost certainly WILL NOT be Fernando anymore. Our long trial is over, friends. New and excitingly awful trials may well await us (in fact they probably do), but at least they will be DIFFERENT trials. That’s… well, that’s something.

Once more for the road:

Paws willing, that will be the last time we have to see the Fernando tiger in these digital pages.

5 responses to “And a Merry Tigersmas to you all.

  1. Fernando did a pretty all right job for us, and I wish him luck in Anaheim. Christmas was good for me. That Fernando Tiger always gets me when I see it…it makes me laugh :-D. Is that Leyland on top of Paws’ Tree?

  2. I wish Fernando all the luck in the world and he hardly did a horrible job for Detroit – just very very very stressful.

    My budget for antacids has dropped exponentially and for that I am thankful. :)

  3. I like the Heads on the tree! And Paws looks so cozy al;l curled up in front of the fire, We should all be so happy! :)

  4. Any chance we can sign Mike Henneman out of retirement?

  5. I wish Fernando luck in Anaheim but not too much luck against the Tigers. I think it would be kind of a neat coincidence to meet the Angels in the postseason.

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