2009 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

all photos by Samara Pearlstein

It’s once again time for our annual Year in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review tradition here at Roar of the Tigers, where we look back at the few Tigers games the RotT camera attended in the past season. I know you have totally forgotten about it been waiting in desperate anticipation for this year’s post. No trips to Comerica this year, which is obviously tragic, but there’s still some good stuff upon which you can feast your bored, bored eyeballs.

April 17, Safeco, Justin Verlander vs. Felix Hernandez (6-3 Mariners)

This stupid game. Verlander was perfect (literally) through four, then had a visit from the Spazzosaurus in the 5th, where he gave up five runs. Then he settled down again. He threw 108 pitches in 7.1 innings, which wasn’t too bad, but was also massively inflated by that 5th inning. It was still early in the season, so we did not yet realize that this was going to be Verlander’s modus operandi for the year. SIGH.

Beautiful hairs… how we miss you so…

humping Brandon Inge

Love it. Except when it’s working against us.

We all felt like that after this one, Justin.

More shots from the game can be seen here.

April 18, Safeco, Edwin Jackson vs. Erik Bedard (2-0, Tigers)

Edwin Jackson was a catdamned hero in this one. He threw 7.2 innings of scoreless ball. As in the previous game, the Tigers barely put up any offense, but they managed to ~manufacture~ a couple of runs, and that was all they needed.

the hug-strangulation of Nate Robertson

Safeco is a pretty cool park, RotT recommended.


beautiful, beautiful Edwin

More shots from the game can be seen here.

August 1, Progressive, Rick Porcello vs. Jeremy Sowers (4-3, Tigers)

So much going on in this game. It was the first game after the Victor Martinez trade, and it just happened to be Victor Martinez bobblehead night, so that wonderful timing led to a LOT of depressed Racist Logo fans in the park. The guy Martinez had been traded for, Justin Masterson, made his Cleveland debut, alongside rookie Wyatt Toregas, who made his Major League debut and caught the game. FredFred pitched an amazing game– one run over 8 innings, under 100 pitches– but Fernando Rodney blew his first save of the season (fitting that I was there), sending the game into extras. The Tigers won after Jose Veras forgot where he was and balked in a run in the 12th.

Between the two teams, eleven pitchers were used in this one. Oh, and there was a pregame ceremony inducting Sandy Alomar Jr. into the Racist Logo Hall of Fame. Oh, AND it was Throwback Uni Day. Because, you know, there wasn’t enough going on here.

Hey, as a Red Sox fan, I was very happy to get a VMart bobblehead.

Slider gnawing on Bob Feller’s head.

Edwin Jackson and Justin Verlander, seat buddies 4eva.

Andy Van Slyke threw water onto Mustard as it ran by, for some private, disturbed reasons of his own.

Placido Polanco and Adam Everett, perfectly in stride. (insert single dramatic tear here)

Here’s my scorecard from the game, if you’re interested. Click to actually see, obviously.

More shots from the game can be seen here. Photo Review 09 continues after the KEEP READING link!

August 11, Fenway, Rick Porcello vs. Junichi Tazawa (7-5 Red Sox)

The brawl game. Of course. FredFred and Youkilis were both ejected following the fight; Terry Francona was ejected later in the game for arguing. Miggy was hit on the hand/wrist. Tazawa made his first big league start. Madness and awesomeness.

Dave Dombrowski and one of his many, many striped polo shirts.

Miggy had been begging Inge to throw the ball at his stomach, as he insisted he could take it. Batting practice boredom is a dangerous thing, folks.

Youk gets hit…

…and tackles FredFred in his beardy rage.

Andy Van Slyke gets all forceful with Edwin Jackson.

More shots from the game can be seen here.

August 12, Fenway, Zach Miner vs. Josh Beckett (8-2, Sox)

Arrrrrmando, who was supposed to start this game, had a nasty case of the flu. Miggy was out and about before the game, but had a brace on his hand and was not allowed to play. The Tigers were kind of doomed from the start.

Brandon Inge is terrifying.

the infant catcher

Miggy and Polanco box before the game.

JD Drew races Freddy Dolsi home. Dolsi lost this particular battle.

More shots from the game can be seen here.

August 13, Fenway, Justin Verlander vs. Clay Buchholz (2-0 Tigers)

Verlander saves the Tigers from themselves. This was the last game of a four-game series with the Sox, and the only Tigers win. Justin went eight, Raburn went yard, Miggy returned to play through the apparently still-painful contusion on his forelimb. Weirdly, Verlander had two HBP in this one, and both times the ball hit Chris Woodward, who was batting ninth. Sorry, Chris.

a solemn pregame ceremony

The red-tailed hawk who lives at Fenway makes an appearance.

Clete and Grandy, doin’ their outfieldin’ thing.

Miggy and Verlander hug in relief and happiness after the win.

More shots from the game can be seen here.

Want to relive the semi-glory of years past? Check out 2008, 2007, and 2006.

Happy almost-2010, kids and kittens!

11 responses to “2009 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

  1. I sooooo love keeping score and scorecards, and save all of mine in true pack-ratty fashion. I’ve had drunk fans at the park ask me if I’m an “official” scorekeeper one more than one occasion. Thanks for sharing yours. Great photo review.

  2. Oh yeah, I score all the games I go to! I don’t usually bother scanning them in, but that game was so nuts, I just had to do it.

  3. *sob* All those pictures of Edwin and Polly and Grandy…

  4. I keep meaning to learn to keep score, but I’m always too distracted to bother with it – plus it’s hard to write things down if you are busy either chewing on your fingernails or peeking out from between your fingers in sheer terror.

    My mom used to know how to keep score – she was the oldest, so her dad taught her so that when he came back from taking one of her younger brothers to the bathroom, he could look at my mom’s scorecard and know what the heck happened while he was gone.

  5. This was a good year for RotT photos! The shots from the brawl game are still nothing short of amazing, especially since you were in the stands and not like where the mlb photographers sit.

    I’m really gonna miss Justin having a seat buddy. :/

  6. Great pics Sam! I’m a little depressed, though, as I’ve moved away Florida and won’t get to do my own amateur photography at Spring Training games this year. Plus, I can’t be bothered going to Stankees games and forget going to Queens to see the pathetic Mets. I’ll just live vicariously though you! Thanks again for the pics! :)

  7. Lynn, I knoooooow. INFINITE SADFACE.

    Baroque, hey, if I can keep score while also handling scary-obsessive photography needs, you can manage it. ;) Both my mom and my dad taught me how to score!

    FrogMan, thanks! And it will be TRAGIC to see Justin all by his lonesome in that dugout next season. Sigh.

    h20polopunk, hey, I’m thinking about the Mets in 2010, the Tigers play there in June! If the Mets are extra pathetic again it’ll just mean tickets will be easier to get… :D

  8. Gerald Laird has been arrested after fighting with his brother


  9. ivantopumpyouup

    I’m thinking Gerald Laird’s arrest calls for a Terrible Cartoon.

  10. Excellent point, Sam. Maybe I’ll see you there! :)

  11. That game brings back good memories. I got on TV because a big group of Tiger fans in matching jerseys was sitting behind me in the center field bleachers. My kids enjoyed telling Grady that his socks were falling down. Both times they pointed it out he fixed him. Grady never could have played back in the day with that kind of sock management. After the Tigers took the lead in the 12th we headed to the car for the drive back to Detroit. Hearing that Miner was in we almost headed back for the seats. Fortunately ZM only gave back half the lead. Does he have super powers?

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