From the Hastily and Sketchily Drawn Sketchbook: 5 Things RotT Would Like to See the Tigers Get Done Before the Season Starts


Sign Justin Verlander to a long-term deal.


Refrain from signing Johnny Damon to any kind of deal.


Team lecture on responsible alcohol use and safety.


The regrowth of Magglio’s flowing locks.


Kidnap Curtis Granderson, return him to his proper home.

19 responses to “From the Hastily and Sketchily Drawn Sketchbook: 5 Things RotT Would Like to See the Tigers Get Done Before the Season Starts

  1. Ninja Paws! YEEEEEEEAH!

  2. I love the last one! Ninja Paws indeed!

  3. Maggs and that hair flowing in the breeze :-D. I like that Ninja Paws, as well.

  4. Go, Ninja Paws, go! Bring Grandy home to us before the Yankees fine some way to corrupt his pure and virtuous heart!

  5. Agreed.
    But equal props for the dreamy/goofy charm of “Mags-with-a-tornado-on-his-head.” Or is it “Magglio on the Half-Shell?”
    Either way –sweeet!

  6. Do you do artwork for other media? You rock.

  7. Hello Samara. Long time reader, first time commentor. Of all the Tigers blogs out there, yours is the most entertaining!

    I definitely agree with #1. I think I agree with #2, but even though I’m skeptical about how well Damon would fit into the Tigers scheme of things, I’m willing to keep an open mind as long as it’s one year only and if the dollar figure isn’t too outrageous.

    The action sequence in #5 is excellent!

  8. That must be a predictions that Magglio will get enough at bats this year for his option to vest, because for that kind of hair growth, we’re looking at 2012 at the earliest . . .

  9. I like that the Tigers are letting Paws lecture on responsible alcohol use despite his tenuous grasp on the English language.

  10. You don’t wanna mess with Ninja Paws. Ninja Paws will take you out.

    pocoloco, ha ha, I dunno, it was just ~hair emphasis~. Make of it what you will. ;)

    DomD, not sure what you mean by other media? Do you mean for other websites or something like that (if so: no)? Or just in general? I’m a photographer by trade (still weird to say, eek) and I do freelance illustration for a number of random things. Not really exciting, though.

    TigersFan81371, hey, welcome out of lurkerdom!

    rea, I see Maggs as one of those people whose hair grows wicked fast… like he can only keep it short if he gets it cut every week.

    Matt, LOLCAT is a perfectly legitimate vernacular these days.

  11. #5 is soooo my favorite!! I wish it would come true!

  12. justin! done! he’s ours!

  13. Four more tasks to go, Tigers…

  14. This is just, my favorite thing. Ever.

  15. David O. (13194013)

    I really miss Magglio’s flowing locks. It was a dark, tragic day when he cut his hair.

  16. Seriously, the hair has to be back for 2010. Things just ain’t the same without it…

    (plus he permanently exists in my mind with the hair, so if his Terrible Cartoons could match up with real life again, that would be, you know, nice.)

  17. Pure brilliance, right here. Love Paws’ SRS BZNS face.

  18. sam!!! i didn’t know you moved…. I have so much to catch up on.

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