more Verlander for all


Reports are coming out tonight indicating that Justin Verlander and the Tigers have agreed to a 5-year, $80 million contract. As of right now (9pmish Wed) there’s no 110% official word from the team yet, but it’s up at the Mothership, which is a pretty good sign, even though they are still citing our good friend “anonymous person familiar with the negotiations”.

The 2010 numbers that had been bandied about before, when arbitration was still a possibility, were $6.9 million (on the Tigers’ end) and $9.5 million (on Verlander’s end). Now, $80 mil over 5 years averages out to $16 mil a year. There’s probably a bunch of contract back-weighting and whatnot going on here, but it still looks like the ultimate salary numbers are much closer to what Verlander wanted than what the Tigers initially offered.

Verlander will be 31 at the end of this contract, and will have thrown more pitches than anyone else in the history of the world. But just imagine how expert he will have become at goatee artistry by the time 2014 rolls around. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

eta: Oh, I suppose I should mention that I will be in Florida for the next few days (not, alas, attending the Superbowl), so if Things Happen, don’t expect reactionary posts over here until next week.


7 responses to “more Verlander for all

  1. justin verlander’s open letter to the bullpen was the post that got me hooked on this site. i am very happy we get to keep him. paws probably is too. and fredfred.

  2. Just heard the news, and all I can say is I hope one of these long, expensive contracts really works out for us. History has not been on our side…

    Color me excited, though. I think this was a great move by ol’ Domby.

  3. *Sending “STAY HEALTHY!” vibes Justin’s way (and hoping that the fact I’m doing that does not jinx him)*

    This news was a pleasant way to start my day.

  4. Verlander had on soooo many conflicting stripes!

  5. Okay, random introduction:

    1) Hi, your blog is kind of the best thing -ever-. I’ve been reading it for about a year now? I mean, I read a lot of stuff about the Tigers, but this is grade-A produce right here. Delicious carrots. I’ve never dropped a line, but that changes today!

    2) I’m deployed to the Middle East right now, so entertainment is at a premium. Thank you so much. :)

    3) In honor of JV’s new five-year, gobs-of-money, totally-awesome contract, I share this:

    In which JV displays his artistic talent.

  6. river thames is gone?!? please update us! to the yankees??

  7. janey, alas, we have known The River was gone for a while now. Being signed by the Yankees, he just returns from whence he came.

    h2o, ha ha, I know, right? The Tigers have conditioned me to cringe in horror at any deal longer than, like, two years. I am trying to view this one the way a normal fan of a normal team would, though (i.e. as a good thing).

    heitk1le, stay healthy vibes… Spazzosaurus repellent vibes… whatever it takes…

    ivan, it is ~the Tiger way~

    Brian, welcome out of lurkerdom! ;) And I remember that vid when it came out… gotta love the intense concentration on Justin as he draws, and then the coprolites-eating grin on his smug little face when he’s done.

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