it’s the Tigers’ year, literally

painting by Wen Ning, be-hatted by Samara Pearlstein

This past Sunday kicked off the Chinese New Year. As this is a major holiday for a whole heck of a lot of people around the world, Roar of the Tigers wishes any of you who happen to be celebrating it a very happy New Year! I hope you stuffed yourselves stupid with food.

Now, as many of you know, the Chinese calendar is accompanied by a 12-year cycle of zodiac animals. There’s the Year of the Rat, the Ox, the Dragon, the Horse, the Rabbit, etc. But this year, just-before-Spring-Training and on, is THE YEAR OF THE TIGER. This is not something we made up for the lulz over here, this is glorious, stripey, only-once-every-12-years FACT.

Of course you can see where this is going. The 2010 season will be, LITERALLY, the Year of the Tiger. The Tigers will, for once, have someone who actually celebrates it on the team (thank you for existing, Fu-Te Ni!). WE CANNOT LET THIS ASTROLOGICAL OPPORTUNITY SLIP AWAY. There are signs in the heavens! The stars are aligning! And stuff! The world is parading and dancing with Paws’ cousins! It is clearly Meant To Be! Nuts to April in the D, this is the Year! Of! The Tiger!

Now if the universe and the front office and the team can all take note of this fact, and act accordingly, we could really be in for a good season here, folks.

So Happy New Year again to those of you celebrating, Happy New Year to Fu-Te Ni, and Happy Year of the Tiger to each and every fuzzily stripe-hearted one of us.


13 responses to “it’s the Tigers’ year, literally

  1. I have fallen in love with the behatted tiger. Any chance you’ve got a higher rez version of it?

  2. Happy Year of the Tiger to you, too! The hat makes that Tiger look very dapper

  3. Love the illustration. Happy Tiger New Year’s to all! (It cannot be a coincidence that pitchers and catchers report this week, can it?)

  4. year of the Tiger? That’s my year too. Do it for me, for cats sake!

  5. I hope this bodes well for our beloved baseball team. However, I looked up some Year of the Tiger info online. In past years that were YotT, not many of them were very good Detroit Tigers season. There was one exception, 1950. The Tigers were a pennant contender that season.

  6. Tim, not real big, but this is what I’ve got.

    Lauren, a Tigers hat makes anyone look dapper. ;)

    heitk1le, of course not! The Year of the Tiger must start with the Tigers, that is just natural.

    allthewine, amen.

    TigersFan81371, but in how many of those Years of the Tiger did the Tigers have a player who actually celebrated the Chinese/Lunar New Year? I would guess that this is the first! We must make the most of it.

  7. Samara, it seems we’ve hit on the same idea. Check out my blog….

    It never occurred to me that Senor Ni would have a unique perspective on the Year of the Tiger phenomena. My com padres in the MLIVE/Tigers forum wanted me to ask you to do a picture for the Eddie Bonine Statue of Triumph blog.

  8. I sure hope you’re right about the astrological significance of all this–it would be a major disapointment if it just meant we’re going to spend a whole year talking about a golfer’s sex life. :(

  9. hey so now damon is not interested in playing here?? did you all here this?

  10. ROMAD1, Bonine is tough to cartoon! Just a generic white guy, you know? He needs a creative mustache for 2010, I’m thinking.

    rea, so far 2010 has been mostly about the wrong Tiger, but… maybe things will pick up? :/

    janey, yeah. Screw him, screw his Detroit-hating airhead of a wife, screw his evil mouthbreathing freak of an agent. I hope he goes to the National League. I hope if he goes to the Wrong Sox, he gets in a fight with Ozzie Guillen in April and Ozzie destroys him. I’M NOT BIASED IN THE LEAST, WHY DO YOU ASK

  11. Samara, no worries. The Eddie B picture can wait until the muse or the news makes it worthy.

    Eddie’s default setting appears to be sort of bemused but underneath a touch of sadness. Not reading anything into it but perhaps world-weary. Like a Sinatra song. He’s lived and loved perhaps too much for a man of his age.

    [That should be easy to draw!]

  12. I think most of my Bonine images so far have been cow-related. Bovine, you know…

    So really it’s in his best interests to get cracking on that distinctive mustache right now.

  13. Perhaps, unlike Chicago–which was supposedly burned down because of Mrs O’Leary’s cow kicking over a lantern–Detroit will rise out of the ashes because of Eddie Bovine?

    [still have not had my morning caffeine]

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