Jim Leyland may forgive, but he never forgets. Sleep well tonight, Mr. Lamont.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Commenter rob notified me of this, and I immediately knew that it had to be its own post, if only as an excuse for the Terrible Cartoon up above. Credit where credit is due: the Detroit News had a fantastic title for this story, although I guess it’s basically impossible to have a BAD title, since all you have to do is explain what happened and it’s automatically awesome.

Gene Lamont runs over Jim Leyland’s foot with golf cart; Lamont still employed.


The actual story is exactly what you think it is. Leyland and Lamont were out golfing, Lamont managed to drive the golf cart over Leyland’s foot, breaking his little toe. Leyland wasn’t even going to tell anyone, because he is stoic and glorious; also he likes Gene Lamont and was willing to spare his life. You can’t do much for a broken little toe anyways, it’s like breaking your pinky finger. I guess you maybe tape it up if it feels excruciatingly bad, otherwise you ice it and let it be and hope it heals.

I do wonder how this will affect Leyland’s propensity for wearing spikes.

One more thing you need to see: This photo right here. The St. Bernard is named Wallace and belongs to bullpen catcher Scott Pickens. The wee bulldog is named Pansona and belongs to Armando Galarraga. Apparently Pansona means fat girl and is occasionally derogatory. So, uh… yeah. Just putting that out there.

Hueytaxi also got some shots of Wallace gettin’ loved on. More pets at Spring Training, please.

12 responses to “Jim Leyland may forgive, but he never forgets. Sleep well tonight, Mr. Lamont.

  1. I can empathize; I broke my little toe once and it wasn’t fun. I had to wear sandals for a month because it hurt to wear shoes — and it was in the middle of winter.

    But I still think this may be the funniest item I’ve heard come out of spring training, yet. (It narrowly beats Ozzie Guillen signing up for Twitter.)

    And doggies too? Spring Training with puppies??? It’s like my brain has overloaded its happiness circuit.

  2. The expression on Lamont’s face is killing me. KILLING ME. Bam, I’m dead, I’m done, it’s just too much.

  3. I like the very idea that Jim Leyland would be golfing in full Olde English D gear. Probably wears his baseball spikes golfing, too.

    heitk1le, the news that Ozzie Guillen has a Twitter account almost made me discontinue my boycott of all Twitterdom. Almost.

  4. ohh great success and I wonder if Gene drives the golf cart in similar fashion to waving runners around 3rd… just saynig.

  5. Hi Samara:

    JL spitting out his cigarette is hilarious!

  6. the pups! so freakin cute. can bark at the park come back???

  7. I like that picture of Lamont and Leyland up there in Tiger Country Club mode. Pansona and Wallace are cool dogs :-D

  8. heitk1le, hopefully Leyland can be out of sandals by the time they have to head north.

    I still can’t quite believe the Ozzie Guillen Twitter is real, btw. “Bed and bath I love this places” HOW CAN THIS BE REAL

    FrogMan, sorry/thanks.

    Swampy, if you look close, you can see that he actually does have spikes on in the cartoon. In my mind, he is always wearing them.

    kb, well… hopefully nobody will break a toe rounding third with Lamont in charge…

    kevin, he couldn’t very well keep it in his mouth while his foot was getting run over, you know!

    janey, did Comerica have Bark at the Park? I know places like Petco have it (goes without saying that they’ve never done something like that at Fenway).

    Lauren, they are wicked cool dogs. I demand more of them (and any other Tiger dogs who happen to be in town, natch).

  9. it should be spelled panzona, so maybe pansona is a Venezuelan equivalent of phat.

  10. Yes comerica did a way long time ago. Maybe paws put an end to it…

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