People aspire to be Brandon Inge: FACT!

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I know I just posted, but I read this in today’s Boston Globe and started making happy dolphin noises out loud, which I figure means that I absolutely have to share it with you cats.

The article is about Koby Clemens (son of the infamous Roger), who is an infielder/catcher in the Houston Astros system. Behold.

The organizational hope for the younger Clemens is that he’ll be the next Brandon Inge. [Astros assistant GM Ricky] Bennett worked for the Tigers when Inge was a young player, and when he looks at Clemens, he sees the same skills.

“I’ve talked a lot to him about Inge,’’ said Bennett. “He came up as a shortstop and then we moved him to catcher and then he got moved to third and the outfield.

Clemens is just fine with the Inge comparisons.

“If I could ever be a player like Brandon Inge and play in the big leagues, that could be a dream come true for me,’’ Clemens said. “That’s what this is all about.
Nick Cafardo/Boston Globe

THE NEXT BRANDON INGE. You guys. You guys. This means that Brandon Inge has become a goal. People aspire to Brandon Ingedom! The Astros’ ORGANIZATIONAL HOPE is for Brandon Ingedom to be achieved! I mean, there are loads of young ballplayers who would love to become The Next Albert Pujols or The Next Pudge Rodriguez or The Next Mariano Rivera… even The Next Roger Clemens, But Without the Steroids and General Odiousness This Time Around. But The Next Brandon Inge!

More specifically, the fact that Roger Clemens’ kid would consider Brandon Ingedom to be “a dream come true” is inexplicably but undeniably hilarious to me.

Good luck with your dreams, wee Clemens! If you work hard and develop spectacular defensive skills and cultivate a sense of humor to cope with your small stature and grow some highly suspect facial hair, maybe– just MAYBE– you can one day be as glorious and blog-beloved as Brandon Inge.


14 responses to “People aspire to be Brandon Inge: FACT!

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Koby Clemens aspires to Ingedom. Wow.

  2. Aim low, so as to be sure of hitting your target? :P

    It is nice to see Inge getting recognition outside of the team, though.

  3. Also, Inge’s expression in that photo is perfect. What on earth was he doing/saying?

  4. I love Inge’s face too, that’s an “Aw shucks, ma’am” if I ever saw one

    Also, never apologize for posting too much, there’s no such thing. I check here every day, and if there’s nothing new I just sigh and think “Well, I guess bloggers have to have lives too… I guess…” Keep up the good work!

  5. Has April Fools’ Day come early?

  6. Everyone aspires to be like the World Famous Mr. Inge. I hope that Koby can be the next Brandon Inge one day.

  7. Why wouldn’t he want to be like Inge?

    He’s defensively sound, occasionally pitches in on offense, and has put together a solid major league career. May not be spectacular but there is a lot to be said for being reliable and dependable in a profession that is extremely quick to toss someone out with the morning trash.

    He’s also stayed with one team for a long time and been a part of the fabric of the team and the community. That feeling of permanence is pretty rare for an athlete, and the players who can get it seem to find a lot of comfort in finding a real home, not just a city they live in during the season.

  8. ivantopumpyouup

    Baroque, when one thinks of catchers (current, former, ex, etc) to aspire to one usually doesn’t think Brandon Inge. No knock on Inge, because he’s a terrific defensive third baseman but … you know.

  9. I have to say that, as a general rule, I really don’t get what the Astros are doing at all. They paid Lance Berkman $14.5M, Kaz Matsui $5.5M, Miguel Tejada $14.8M (though I think the Orioles may have been paying some of that), Carlos Lee $19M, Roy Oswalt $14M, and Valverde $8M. That’s 6 guys making 75M. And, for the rest of the team, they went on the cheap — hell, Brian Moehler made 29 starts for them last year. That kind of philosophy is just a recipe for disaster, and they’re doing it again this year. They lost Valverde and Tejada, but signed Brett Myers for $12M, Pedro Feliz for $5M, and Brandon Lyon for $4.25M. To have an organization like that looking up to you… Well, I’m not so sure that’s exactly a compliment. Astros official team motto for 2010: “Thank God for the Pirates.”

  10. I love B-Inge as much as any Tiger fan, but just read something interesting in Athlon Sports Baseball 2010 Preview:

    124 Strikeouts needed by Brandon Inge to tie Lou Whitaker (1,099) as the franchise ‘s all-time leader, despite the fact that Inge has played in 1,237 fewer games as a Tiger.

  11. Forget Leyland getting run over by a golf cart – this has catapaulted into the top spot on my list of favorite stories to have come out of spring training this year.

    Once one stops laughing, it actually makes sense, though. This will be BInge’s 10th year in the majors. He’s spent all of them playing for one of the greatest franchises in professional sports. And, despite some haters, he’s generally beloved by the good folks of Tigers Nation. Do his stats really matter? If your dream is to play professional baseball someday, that sounds like a pretty decent career to me.

  12. B-Inge has made it! “Always a Tiger” and he knows it. Just like Kaline, Sweet Lou, Stormim Normin,and yes even Gibby! “Always a Tiger”

  13. Yes, I know – but logic has no part in being a sports fan. Why else would anyone care how someone does in their job when most of us will probably never meet them? And their job likely has nothing to do with any of ours? :)

  14. FrogMan, he was giving an interview about the haircut/fresh and horrible lack of hair. So he had just been coaxed into taking his hat off to reveal the horror, and was being all coy. You know, as he does.

    Siani, yeah… life… alas. If only 100% of my time could be dedicated to drawing Terrible Tigers Cartoons. I think we would all be happier people.

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