spring sickness

Everything is wicked important in the spring!

Also, did you know that Jose Valverde has his very own record label? Because he does. And while we’re talking Jose Valverde, please also check out his website. The opening video made me laugh so hard that I started crying. Why does it just keep going? I do not know. Jose Valverde! BOOM!

15 responses to “spring sickness

  1. David O. (13194013)

    Papa Grande is growing on me. THE SPRING HAS SPOKEN!

    …it deserves all caps.

  2. David O. (13194013)

    Oh, did you change the hair on the comic version of you?

  3. Ha ha, yeah, the real hair changed, so the cartoon hair had to change to match.

  4. lol’n so hard at sexy skinny Zoom, and the Seay-threatening lighter.

  5. Interesting video on Valverde’s page. I see you have a picture of your#1 Tiger, Mr. Inge on here, as well as the Spazosaurus and Paws trying to calm you down while you give Paws the side eye

  6. I enjoy your humor. The Zumaya one made me laugh the most.

  7. Actually, the worst team of all time will be the Nats, who are still 0-10. My life will never be the same after the Valverde BOOM! video. Papa Grande, indeed.

  8. The Magglio ghost hair, of course. It is still there, we just can’t see it. I feel better now.

  9. Speaking of hair (Magglio’s), the rumor is that Johnny Damon is growing out his beard and hair.

  10. As usual, this completely made my day.

  11. OMG Valverde’s website is made of gold. It starts with the opening video and then gets BETTER.

  12. Next time we’re in Boca Raton, we’ve GOT to get our hair done at La Casa di Bellezza, the Salon/Spa owned by Mr. Valverde . . .

    Also offering a wide variety of noninvasive treatments for hair loss (We could get you a nice hair extension, Maggs!)

  13. Hi Samara:

    Wow the Spazzosaurus has claimed another victim. Actually I’m feeling a little tense lately, better… oh no! GRRRR!

    Senor Valverde has put himself in mockumentary “up to 11” territory.


  14. Thanks guys! I am starting to get the feeling that if Papa Grande can pitch well, we are going to have some fun with him. Here’s hoping.

    Less, exactly. It will always be there… in our hearts.

    Jules, I did see that re: Damon’s tonsorial situation. He’s trying RREEEAAAALLL hard to get back in my good books. We shall see.


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