this post brought to you by happy coincidences and the letter P

I haven’t been able to see any games lately, and I am so pro-Dontrelle that I can’t really say anything about the rotation-fight situation and sound sane. But this happened and it is clearly very important that you all know about it.

A few days ago, in a little pack of random baseball cards, I got this:

which, naturally, set off a reaction like this:

and then, a day later, Jason Beck tosses up a story about Porcello and Perry being BFFs.

[Porcello said,] “It’s easier to go through a new experience with someone else there going through the same thing than it is to go through it by yourself. When either one of us was struggling, you have a friend there, somebody to talk to.”

It’s not just that their age and playing levels make them a match. Their personalities complement each other almost perfectly.

“We definitely get along very well,” Perry said. “He’s definitely more low-key. I’m kind of more out-there.”

“Maybe that’s why we get along so well,” Porcello said. “I don’t want to say we’re exact opposites.”

Said Perry: “We definitely complement each other well. We’ve never had an issue with each other, and we’ve lived with each other for the last year or so.”
Jason Beck/



19 responses to “this post brought to you by happy coincidences and the letter P

  1. oh my god. I was just saying the other day when that article popped up.. how much I die every time the media talks about them being roommates and BFFs. I NEED THAT BASEBALL CARD IN MY LIFE.

  2. I saw that article. They do seem like they get along nicely. That reminds me of when you write that you see your #1 Tiger, Mr. Inge

  3. The back-to-back pose puts the whole thing over the top, like they’re in Little League. I can hardly stand it.

  4. Only thing better is if they had the same outfit on.

  5. P.S. Do you think they have to make sure they don’t have each others gear, you know, roommates bffs and same initials.

  6. Alli, 2009 Topps! Go forth and seek.

    Lauren, my love for Inge is a different beast. FredFred doesn’t need much defending, you see… ;)

    Jennifer, I knooooow! If only one of them was a lefty so they could have had their glove hands on the same side.

    gilbekat, THEY DO HAVE THE SAME OUTFIT ON, minus the hats and gloves. And I bet their moms have written their full names on the tags of all their clothing to prevent precisely that confusion.

  7. How coincidental. huh? By the way, I would love to see Dontrelle in the Tigers starting rotation. He’s been so good this spring. – Skip

  8. They do make a cute couple . . .

  9. ivantopumpyouup

    My mom calls them the boyfriends. :P

  10. Speaking of Mr. Inge, did you see the article about Rick Porcello and Jacob Turner the other day? It told me that our Ingey was named one of Golf Magazine’s best golfers in the Major Leagues. Of course, I had to investigate THAT.

    And I found it.

    • Cool Inge picture with the Golf article; thanks for the link. Although, good grief, I wasn’t prepared to be bombarded by Twins (Nick Punto, Joe Nathan, and, naturally, Joe Mauer)

    • Photoshopped much?

      • You know, I thought so the first time I saw it, because of the shadows around his throwing hand, but then I realized the photog is Walter Iooss, who does crazy-good things with light. There are a whole bunch of images from the same shoot and judging from the blur on some of them, I’d say they’re legit, he’s just using some wicked lighting rig.

        I’d love to get a look at his EXIF data, but I would guess he’s using a highish f-stop, a longish exposure, and some big ol’ strobes in the foreground.

  11. This story makes me very happy.

  12. i have that card :), and also is it just me or does everyone see that face in the upper right hand corner?

  13. Yeah, that card is so much better than, say, this card which fails being a “buddy buddy” card on so many levels. Starting with Carlos’ total lack of photogenetics–and the little bit of tobacco sticking out of his mouth.

    If you’re interested in an “aww…”type of card, may I recommend Justin Verlander as a little leaguer? (Scroll down to the second section)

  14. I wanted them in fully identical gear. Hats and all.

  15. Skip, we may yet get our Dontrelle wishes… of course whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen…

    rea, ivan, ha ha, ikr?

    heitk1le, I don’t even know what to say about that, except that it’s not surprising since Brandon Inge is a majestic athlete and is good at everything. Except for thinking. But he rarely needs to do that.

    h2o, as it should. As it should.

    Katie, I’m looking, and I don’t see it… you need to do a photoshop overlay or something to point it out!

    GrandCards, I literally laughed out loud at the Guillen/Cabrera card. Holy cats… the tobacco kills me. KILLS ME. That card is a marvel of awkwardness. That’s just… just spectacular.


    gilbekat, I understand. Maybe next time they do a buddy photo, they’ll take note and make the fans happy… ;)

  16. yum sandwich!

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