What does it look like when your heart is broken in front of 38,000 people?

Let me show you!

all photos by Samara Pearlstein, with immense sadness

For those of you who were not following the game, the Red Sox lost in 10 innings. Curtis Granderson hit a homer off of Jonathan Papelbon for the go-ahead run in the top of the 10th. I almost cried in the ballpark. The Worst Thing. This is seriously like just ripping the heart out of my chest and stomping on it. Why. WHYYYYYYYY.

Anyways, it sounds like Scherzer looked good, even if the Tigers game ultimately was filled with its own special brand of suck. I guess it’s good that Scherzer didn’t bomb it in his first start, we want him to retain confidence as the season gets going and we start playing teams that are not Kansas City or Cleveland. Thursday we get our first regular season look at Dontrelle. Whee?

I would probably have more to say about the Scherzer game, but quite frankly I am still emotionally drained from what I just saw at Fenway. I had tried to prepare myself for the up-close and unavoidably in-real-life sight of Curtis Granderson in the raiment of evil, but I was not prepared. It hurts, kids and kittens. It is a hard thing to see. It is a pure and simple Wrongness.


19 responses to “What does it look like when your heart is broken in front of 38,000 people?

  1. Dontrelle + Whee? = indeed.

    Last night’s loss (not a fan of Leyland’s managing) = hurt.

    Our Curtis in Yankee uniform= pain.
    (I’m happy for him though).

    This morning is not a good one.

  2. Potato fail. Darn.

    “Last night’s loss (not a fan of Leyland’s managing) = hurt.”

    But it’s hardly Leyland’s fault–do you think he shouldn’t have used the closer with a 1-run lead in extra innings?

  3. ~But it’s hardly Leyland’s fault~

    I don’t understand why Leyland didn’t have Inge bunt in the 11th. A double steal that resulted in a Cabbie out? Laird as a pinch runner so early in the game? We still needed Avila’s bat. Taking Max out an inning too early…
    I’m OK with the Valverde coming in. I don’t know whats up with him the past two games. I am not worried about him though.

    • The whole letting Cabbie attempt to steal third thing just blows my mind, although I guess they did the same thing in Monday’s game and it worked that time.

  4. ahh I didn’t realize you were going last night (or maybe I did and I forgot), or I would have watched more of that game. I don’t know why, but I try to do that when friends are at games. haha.

    can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures, at any rate. hope you had fun despite the heartache. we’ll all get used to it.

  5. It must be the result of the Perfection of Curtis Granderson, but I can’t help but still love the guy, even though he’s now wearing the completely wrong uniform.

    I mean, look at second from last photo. How adorable is he, even when causing Samara’s Red Sox pain?

  6. I’m trying to look at Curtis Granderson this way:

    It has been a long time since a position player developed by the Tigers went on to become any sort of a star somewhere else. I’m not sure I can think of any since Travis Fryman, though I’m sure I’m missing somebody.

    So I’m trying to think of this as a sign that the Tigers’ farm system has been recovering from the dismal years of the late 1980s and 1990s.

    But still, yeah, *sniff*

  7. I felt like we needed sherpas at Kauffman last night. It started raining right about 7 pm with a constant 20 mph wind blowing from left field to right, making a lovely wind chill below 30 degrees with a fine spray going up the stands.

    My seat was in the lower deck on the first base side, right around the overhang. I didn’t sit there at all, and the top row was only marginally better with the wind tunnel effect. Luckily, the new gift shop had stocking caps, which I wore underneath my Tigers cap (along with my three layers of clothes, which didn’t help matters much either).

    The wind whipping up the first-base stands was the same wind that grabbed Austin Jackson’s fly ball in right-center, kept pushing the ball away from Ankiel and turned it into a triple.

    A big positive from this game is that Mad Max can pitch. He needs to avoid the 5th Inning Evil JV Syndrome, but he looked very much in control otherwise. The Royals got a few whacks in, but the bullets were hit right at people. A good job by the coaches in outfield positioning.

    As it was, I gave up at the end of the 7th after the Royals scratched out their first run and got home just in time to see Miggy clang the foul pole.

    So yeah, maybe there’s some poetic justice in having Valverde blow a save in the same game that Soria did for the Royals. But we had a chance in the 10th, couldn’t get it done, and then only got one in the 11th.

  8. Jules, it really isn’t. :/ Here’s hoping Dontrelle will make it better in half an hour…

    re: Cabrera stealing: Wait… what? Do I even want to know? Oy.

    Alli, nah, I didn’t really tell the internet I was going to the game. It was my first game of the season and I get crazy superstitious that if I talk it up before the game, it will get rained out or the subway will break down and I won’t get there or something. Um. Anyways! Yeah, I took about a zillion photos, the internet will be groaning under their weight soon enough.

    heitk1le, that is precisely why it was so painful. I should hate him now… I NEED to hate him now, because I hate the Yankees and he is KILLIN’ the Sox, but he’s Curtis Granderson and I CAN’T, so it’s just all agony.

    Ken, awww, I didn’t really think of it that way, but that’s a good point. A GOOD POINT THAT STILL MAKES ME SAD. Still, the Tigers are now developing players that other teams lust after… that is definitely a positive sign.

    Edward, oof, that weather! We had like the exact opposite in Boston: 86 degrees at gametime, mostly clear, a slight breeze later in the game. I brought a zip-up hoodie ’cause I thought there’s no way I sit through a night game in early April in just a t-shirt, but I totally could have. It was nuts.

    I am really encouraged by what everyone has been saying after Scherzer’s start… I am SO worried about him, because we’re relying on him in the rotation so much and he’s such a (relative) unknown to us. Here’s hoping he can keep it going.

  9. Ugh. I hope Valverde got the blown saves out of his system now.

  10. sam, you can stop this belated april fools joke! i know grandy would never don the new york greys!!

  11. ivantopumpyouup

    //and he’s such a (relative) unknown to us.//

    And hopefully a relative unknown to the rest of the AL? Woo?

    Also Dontrelle did okay! Yay!

  12. Grandy on all angles, I see. It looks like his successor, Austin Jackson, is doing a good job for the Bengals so far.

  13. Granderson in a Yankees uniform is just wrong. I said the other day to a NY fan, “I hope you’re happy, because your team traded for THE PERFECT MAN and you’d better not ruin him.”

    *the tears of unfathomable sorrow*

  14. “Potato fail” is fun to say (but hoping we won’t need to say it again for a long time)

  15. Hi Samara:

    Do you think you could maybe provide a tutorial on your blog some day about how you go about taking your photos? I’m guessing you don’t have one of those humongous telephoto cannon-like lenses worth more than my car, but your photos are consistently top notch. If not now, perhaps in the off-season?


  16. h20, yeah, maybe he’ll get ’em all done early and it’ll be potato lights out for the rest of the year. I would be OK with that.

    allthewine, sometimes I too think it’s all just been a horrible hallucination of some sort… :/

    ivan, good point… that may work in our favor for the first half at least…

    Lauren, AJax for sure had a great opening series. But we can never forget.

    Brenna, exactly. They better freakin’ APPRECIATE. He is the best thing on that team, by far.

    Less, I look forward to a full season of potato phrases.

  17. kevin, it’s actually pretty simple! You are correct in that I don’t have a giant lens/L glass (although I sometimes get to use them for work, I don’t have any of my own, sob sob). I just have a dinky little 70-300 f/4-5.6 (this runs $500ish, give or take depending on where you get it; expensive, but not a car). My camera is also pretty old by now: about two models behind the current version.

    The key is good seats.

    Seriously. Especially in Fenway, I am lucky enough to have two semi-regular sources of tickets and both are pretty good seats: one is in the first row of the grandstand between third and home, and the other is in a loge box near third (where I was sitting for these Grandy shots). Obviously this is not, like, first row or in the photographer’s pit level of close, but it’s close enough in a small ballpark to let me get those shots with a mediocre lens.

    Other things that are helpful:

    –day games. With non-pro lenses you can do a lot better at day games than you can at night games.

    –shooting manual, not auto or one of the other semi-auto settings. The camera has its own ideas about what shutter speed it wants to use and those usually don’t work out too great.

    At night games I stick it on the highest ISO I can and set my own aperture and shutter speed. Much better (or at least more usable) results that way. With practice you get a feel for what settings work for what lighting situations, and you can change the shutter speed yourself depending on where you’re pointing the camera at any given time (i.e. slower shutter speed for better light on a player standing still; sacrifice light for a higher shutter speed on a player in motion).

    When the high ISO makes things really, really grainy, I run the shots through a noise reduction plug-in in Photoshop to see if any of them can be salvaged. Usually quite a few of them can be.

    –shooting lots of games. Which sounds ‘duh’, but it really does help you start to anticipate where the plays will be, where to point the camera, where to focus (prefocusing is also helpful, especially on defensive plays).

    Also obvious is the fact that it helps to know the players. When Jacoby Ellsbury’s on first, I know that I can expect to shoot a steal attempt at some point. When Verlander is pitching, I know to keep an eye out for the quick pickoff, etc.

    So, yeah. Not much more complicated than that, especially when I’m shooting just for me (as opposed to for work), so there’s no pressure about what shots I need to get.

    And bear in mind, this is the joy of digital: when shooting for me, I average something around 400-500 shots per game. A lot of those are duplicates (a guy in the same pose with slightly varying facial expressions, for instance) or not usable for some other reason (grain, blur, etc). Maybe a fifth of them end up on Flickr. A lot of those are just story-telling shots; not particularly interesting or well-composed or whatever, just posted because they help tell the story of the game (which is what I try to do with the Flickr photosets).

    Maybe a fifth of those are what I would consider good, print-it-and-frame-it shots. So out of 500 shots, there are maybe 20 that I would actually consider good photos. And that’s from a game where I have good seats! When I have less-good seats, I shoot everything anyways, and end up with maybe one or two shots that would be worth printing, and those are usually wide shots of the ballpark, ha ha.

    So for something very simple I just wrote a ton of words. Anyways. You know what I meant. :P

  18. I’ll tell you what. If I ever hear a Yankee fan bad-mouthing Curtis, I’m going to hunt him down and kick him hard in the shins. Or the nuts, if he says really bad things.

    They better realize what they have and APPRECIATE HIM PROPERLY, dammit.

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