maybe this will help

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

All these day games are killin’ me. I’m thinking the Tigers just need to stay out of the sun themselves for a little bit. We all know that the sun can be a cruel, hard, dangerous ball of flaming gas. The sun is not the Tigers’ friend.

They need to go hide themselves in a cave somewhere where they can practice, which is limiting. Shun the sun! Shunnnn! Luckily for the Tigs, Seattle, where they play next, is a place where it’s almost guaranteed that no one will be watching them in person anyways.

Bring on the soothing, cool wonders of the fall, or at least nighttime in the summer. Hopefully the later start time will jolt the team into, you know, actually playing well. Or it will give them enough time to come home from their hangovers (minus Miggy and G-Money, who do not need to be drinking). Whatever.

Very important feature post later tomorrow/early tonight. THE GREATEST BASEBALL MOVIE YOU PROBABLY NEVER SAW. It is so great. So, so great.


7 responses to “maybe this will help

  1. And to compound things my employer still expects me to work.

    The Tigers and my boss really need to work this out ahead of time.

  2. Surprisingly my boss scheduled me the closing shift so I actually got to watch the day games. He’s starting to get wise to my baseball needs.

  3. Greatest baseball movie we never saw?


    Is it Bingo Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motorcade? Because I was watching that (again) last night, and it is awesome.

    Or is it Tigertown, which I used to force my parents to rent 100 times from videomax because a kid could make the Tigers win all the time just by showing up to the game, and I was trying to convince them that this was me and it was of very great importance that I be at all the games.

    Tell tell tell!!! Suspense is killin me

  4. Jeff, seriously. It’s unreasonable, these expectations people have during baseball season.

    gilbekat, I was able to watch parts of most of them, courtesy of my completely weird schedule…. but I still would much rather catch them at night, especially in light of this last game, where they just looked gassed (in the bits of the game that I saw, sigh).

    Misopogon, nope and nope! The post will be up later today/tonight, I need to scan in some materials and pull quotes from a few sources. But it is a movie that truly goes above and beyond.

  5. obscure baseball movie…”Pastime?” Nothing to do with the Tigers tho’.

  6. If someone had come up and said, okay, the Tigers will be 6-3 before their first serious road trip of the year — you’d take that and run like the wind, right? Right?!?

    That said, because we’re crazy people…

    Please to be sucking it up, starters. Please. I’m not asking for much. Start missing some bats and stop with the two-out runs. And really, enough with the Spazzosaurus. Dontrelle’s gonna get whiplash trying to shake that thing off.

    Seriously…this drives me crazy regarding the starting pitching so far. They’re not putting hitters away. Lots of strikes, but an awful lot of pitches. This suggests that there are way too many foul balls and not enough efficiency in getting the out.

    (Ooooh… hey, Leyland said basically the same thing in his postgame.)

    Check this out:

    1. Verlander – 5 IP, 93 pitches (64 S, 29 B : 69% strikes)
    2. Scherzer – 6 IP, 91 pitches (57 S, 34 B : 63% strikes)
    3. Willis – 6 IP, 88 pitches (54 S, 34 B : 61% strikes)
    4. Porcello – 5 IP, 87 pitches (49 S, 38 B : 56% strikes)
    5. Bonderman – 5 IP, 91 pitches (59 S, 32 B : 65% strikes)
    6. Verlander – 5 IP, 97 pitches (66 S, 31 B : 68% strikes)
    7. Scherzer – 5 IP, 101 pitches (68 S, 33 B : 67% strikes)
    8. Willis – 5 IP, 104 pitches (63 S, 39 B : 61% strikes)
    9. Porcello – 6 IP, 96 pitches (63 S, 33 B : 66% strikes)

    High pitch counts, generally lots of strikes, only three games through the 6th inning. Eventually that’ll catch up with your bullpen, which has happened two out of the last three games.

    Maybe JV’s fastball is a little straighter than we think right now. Scherzer has a new league to figure out. Porcello’s still learning, period. Bonderman is coming back from injury and re-learning under game conditions. And Willis — God only knows.

    I want to see how the staff performs on this road trip. We’re going to see a couple of ugly games, regardless, because of the 11-day trip with no travel breaks. It’d be nice if we could keep them to a minimum.

    Luckily, I’ll be in AZ for the weekend and into next week, so I won’t lose lots of sleep watching the games. Hopefully I won’t lose sleep after the games.

  7. Is the movie “Sugar”? I saw that and thought it was awesome.

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