the unfortunate return of the Fernandooooooo tiger


Oh, I see how it is. I see how it is, and I don’t like it.

Dontrelle had a solid outing. Quality, you know, by definition and all. Eddie Bonine had a solid outing. That was it: the Tigers, for once, only needed two pitchers to get through the game. They only gave up two runs! The Angels got four hits– just four!– over the course of the entire game.

I’m proud of today’s pitchers. Dontrelle wasn’t perfect, and FSND did zoom in on something that might have been a blister on his throwing hand at one point, but he was pitching like a guy determined to hold down his spot in the rotation. AND HE DID. If two runs over six innings isn’t ‘holding down the spot in the rotation’, I don’t know what is. Does he have to throw a complete game shutout every time out? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, BATS? Is that it??

I don’t like it when the Rally Monkeys get four hits, the Tigers get NINE hits, and it’s the Tigers who are left scoreless at the end of the day. That’s irksome, ok, I don’t accept it into my life.

The Tigers also took a grand total of ZERO walks on the day, although I’m not sure if you can blame that on the batters or the Rally Monkey pitchers. Probably a bit of both, to be fair to all parties involved.

And of course Fernando would come on in the ninth to close out the game for the Rally Monkeys. Of course! How could it be otherwise? And OF COURSE he would get an easy 1-2-3 save. Ugh.

6 responses to “the unfortunate return of the Fernandooooooo tiger

  1. And Fernando was wearing his hat crooked like in 2008. When he wore his hat crooked in Detroit he couldn’t throw strikes.

    Can you imagine how good he’ll be if Anaheim convinces him to straighten the cap?

  2. What sadist designed the Tigers’ early schedule? Other than the second game of the year (and not counting weekends, when day games are fairly common, anyways), they’ve all been worktime affairs or deep-into-the-night-west-coast tilts. It’s almost like there’s a conspiracy against the average Tiger fan out here.

  3. Raise your hand if you thought at this point in the season Dontrelle would be leading the team in quality starts.

    (Okay, he’s tied with Mad Max. But still.)

  4. Stat quoted from the radio team: Fernando has faced just 12 batters in collecting his four saves so far this season. (I didn’t verify it.)

    I have the feeling that we’re going to spend 2010 watching sterling performances from numerous ex-Tigers and gnashing our teeth a little bit.

  5. The problem was that we didn’t face Fernando in a non-save situation. If only Fuentes was healthy, we could have pulled ahead facing Fernando in the 8th. Somehow Fernando finds some magical pixey dust in save situations and sucks otherwise.

  6. 10:10 pm, top of the 1st…
    2 words:
    Damon… Mohawk…
    a milestone in Tiger coif history
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s RoT toon.

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