making Brian Fuentes think dark depressing thoughts

Brian ‘Not Miguel Cabrera, Anyone But Him, Please’ Fuentes, photo by Samara Pearlstein

I was at tonight’s (Wednesday) Red Sox game, which the Sox won on a walkoff double in the 12th. I got home, turned on the TV, and was just in time to see the top of the 9th in the Tigers/Rally Monkeys game.

The top of the 9th where Brian Fuentes– usually so good but fresh off a strained back and short rehab assignment today– immediately gave up the lead to Miguel Cabrera, who hit a game-tying homer to lead off the inning. Then some craziness happened. Carlos Guillen walked. Gerald Laird, in for Avila (who had started the game), came up to the plate. Guillen STOLE SECOND on his gimpy legmeats. Then G-Money walked! Issuing Gerald Laird a base on balls is no easy feat, you know.

Because this seemed too good to be true, Guillen was of course then picked off trying to steal third (for the second out). It seemed like all was lost, and I might be doomed to watch two extra-innings games in the same night. But Laird had advanced to second on the play, Ramon Santiago hit a golf-swing ridiculously bloopy single to score him, and the Tigers took the lead. A slender, delicate lead, but a lead nonetheless.

The Big Potato finished it off with a 1-2-3 bottom half, the Tigers scraped a win after apparently trailing all game long. What do I know, I only saw the last inning. They looked GREAT, so far as I know!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Rally Monkeys might have been better off bringing in Fernando. Sure, he’d pitched in the previous two games, but he’d only thrown 32 pitches total…

I did hear that Bondo had a terrible first inning, and only settled down after. I suppose it’s good that he was able to settle down, but FREAKIN’ HECK, BONDO, I THOUGHT WE WERE PAST THIS. I thought we were done with the first inning shenanigans! Don’t do this to yourself and us again. Please.


9 responses to “making Brian Fuentes think dark depressing thoughts

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Bondo was great after that one shakey inning. And the ‘pen allowed just one base runner total after Bondo came out. It was a nice ‘character’ win.

    Also that Fuentes pic is freaky. Looks like his left arm’s fallen off!

  2. I took the first inning to be a reassuring sign that the Bondo we know and love is back from the dead.

    They were saying before the game that Angels fans didn’t want Fuentes to close for them anymore because Fernando had been on such a roll… And then that 9th inning happened, so I guess they were right.

  3. Donnie Kelly hit his first major league HR! Donnie! Donnie! Donnie!

  4. David O. (13194013)

    Fernando is just lulling them into a false sense of security before his true self shows up and makes Fuentes look better.

  5. ivan, ah, character wins. :/ Let me just say, though: when they put up the early score on the scoreboard at Fenway, I was saying to my friend, “Ugh, the Tigers are already down. Who’s pitching… wait, early runs. I’ll bet it’s Bondo.” So yeah, character.

    heitk1le, but is it proof that he’s back from the dead, or proof that he’s most definitely a zombie? HMMM??

    Alli, oh! I didn’t see that (and I just posted something and crashed after, I didn’t even look at the boxscore properly). Hooray for our little much-older-than-he-looks kitten!

    David O, this seems plausible. If only he wasn’t lulling them into a false sense of security while the Tigers were in town… like, couldn’t he do his lulling against some other team, and show his true colors when the Tigs could benefit from it? Sigh.

  6. Monday – watch the game on MLB Extra Innings; Tigers lose.

    Tuesday – watch the game on MLB Extra Innings; Tigers lose.

    Wednesday – come home from AZ, do not watch the game on TV; Tigers win.

    I think we see a pattern here.

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