my thoughts on this Texas series so far

Matt Treanor, tell the people how the blogger feels.


Oh, I know they won on Saturday, despite the fact that Dontrelle was sick and the Brad Thomas/Eddie Bonine duo had to cobble together a ‘start’. (As an aside, it was only a couple weeks ago that a number of Rangers got food poisoning from bad team chicken. DID THEY POISON DONTRELLE?) Very impressive, yay for team stick-to-it-ness, hooray for Bonine getting a win, etc. It still was not pretty and it does not come close to making up for the HUARRGH WHY of the other two games.

Friday saw Scherzer’s good(ish) start wasted. WASTED. I hate that. There was the Vlad home run, which is bound to happen to anyone, and then there was the weird balk/error/thing where Alex Avila accidentally touched the ball with his mask, which I guess is illegal? And causes a run to be brought home? And poor Max was just standing there confused. UGH. Waste.

Sunday saw a total mess of a FredFred. I haven’t yet read anything explaining why this happened. Maybe reasoning will emerge in the papers tomorrow. I’m going to go to bed tonight believing it was the Spazzosaurus, though.

Oh, and I assume you all know this by now, but Carlos Guillen has hit the DL with his completely destroyed for all time strained hamstring. AWESOMETACULAR. This is precisely what we needed! Guillen is out, and Adam Everett had to leave Saturday’s game with a hamstring strain. Hamstring strain: the new strained oblique? (Perish the thought, I know.)

The Tigers have one more shot at Texas, with a chance on Monday to salvage a series split. Do it, Cats. Is it not bad enough that you lost a series to Seattle and split a series with the Rally Monkeys (actually that last is OK)? Do not let yourselves be embarrassed by the AL West. Have some catdamned non-AL-West pride.

(The Treanor photo was from the April 21 Rangers/Red Sox game. I had called to him by name earlier in the day [something scintillatingly witty like, “Heya Matt Treanor!”], because all good Tigers fans should recognize their Matt Treanors.

Anyways, it must have made him notice the camera, because the next time he came over to the dugout, he made eye-lens contact and reacted like all boys and men with the mental age of a 12 year old boy [i.e. all ballplayers] do when faced with a camera. Good times. Many more photos from the game right over here, for those who are interested.)


5 responses to “my thoughts on this Texas series so far

  1. So THAT’S what Misty-May sees in him.

    Porcello is terrifying me, btw. Thought I’d mention that.

  2. the loss friday was heartbreaking. I especially enjoyed feeling like a complete ass for jumping around and cheering when they tied the game, only to give up a walk-off single to elvis andrus on ELVIS WEEKEND AT RANGERS BALLPARK.

    there wasn’t much bp that day but my photos are here

  3. I have to say that I thought of you immediately when Carlos went down. You predicted his injury all too accurately before the season. AND, he injured it doing nothing more than running the bases. Sadness.

  4. Rogo, I dunno what’s up with Porcello, unless it truly is just sophomore slump-stuff. What scares me is how much we were blithely counting on him (and Verlander, and Scherzer) in the rotation… like our big unknowns were Bondo and Dontrelle, the other three were locks. NOW THEY AREN’T AND THE WORLD AS I KNOW IT IS CRUMMMMBBBLLLIIINNNGGG

    Alli, on the one hand… I love that Elvis came through on Elvis weekend (as opposed to, say, Victor Martinez Bobblehead Day in Cleveland last year, which was on the day after they traded him away). On the other hand… did it have to be against the Tigs? Sigh.

    Jen, it just had that air of inevitability about it. ‘Course it would’ve been nice to be proven wrong there… :/

  5. I know I’m late but OMG cutie pie Matt Treanor!!! I remember this one time he was playing catch in SF and missed the ball–I got it and he asked for it back, promising to give it back when they were done. And he did! Love him. :)

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