Inge hits the stitches off the ball, and other doodle tales

doodle by Samara Pearlstein

You know what’s annoying? When you’re doodling cartoons during the game, planning to get something to use in the post, and one by one the Tigers go through and invalidate each of your doodles as you finish them. It’s like they WANT to be unpredictable and annoying to bloggers. Would it be so bad to start the game playing well, and just… maintain that for the entire length of the game? Would that really be so terrible?

Like tonight: I started out with an Austin Jackson action figure (props to Rod Allen’s ‘Action Jackson’), because he had a couple of hits and seemed like he’d deserve a drawing. Then Inge went yard, and Miggy started piling up hits, and Jackson’s game didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

So I started a doodle of Jeremy Bonderman frolicking with a happy baseball. Bondo was perfect through 3.2 and that was broken up by a Josh Hamilton singleshot homer, which isn’t so terrible in the grand scheme of things. It was looking like his second good outing in a row. It seemed appropriate. Of course then Bondo put a couple of guys on in the 5th and uncorked an incredibly wild pitch that scored a run… then he loaded the bases in the 6th, madness ensued, Zoom had to come on in the middle of the inning, etc. Another doodle negated.

I was too scared to doodle Zoom, lest the bad doodle mojo strike him down mid-pitch.

THEN I started doodling a Coke can with Phil Coke’s facial hair, which, OK, was probably a mistake in the first place, but how was I to know that Phil Coke would blow the save? I know he got the W at the end of the day, I know he wasn’t ~technically~ tagged with any runs, but he inherited loaded bases and let two of them score, which was totally mean to Zoom, so… no can for today.

Finally, after BRANDON INGE’S SECOND HOME RUN OF THE GAME, I figured he was a safe enough doodle bet, and the hastily rendered image up top there is the result. I swear to Paws, if he had committed an error in the bottom of the 9th or something, I would have just thrown down my pen in rage and you would have had to deal with another lazy-day photo.

Now the Tigers go home (yay!) to play the Twinkies (…eek). They won 5 games on the 11-game Wrong Coast road trip, which is obviously not great, but is also not as terrible as it could have been. I guess? They’re still over .500 (by a sliver), and they actually have the 5th-best record in the AL right now. Weird. Anyways, as frustrating as things have been, they could have been much worse. So let’s concentrate on getting those hamstrings restrung, let’s enjoy the fact that we’ve escaped utter destruction so far, and let’s start playing some cleaner baseball (Justin, FredFred).

Those Twinkies aren’t going to eat themselves, you know.


8 responses to “Inge hits the stitches off the ball, and other doodle tales

  1. After the Cabrera-Inge back-to-back fireworks one was in a fine mood (if one is a Tiger fan, which one should be), and was able to completely enjoy the bottom-of-the-9th play when Inge charged a ball, threw over the mound to get the runner at first, and sent Papa Grande into potato pancake mode.

    And I think they should leave Inge in the 5th spot so he and Cabrera can do that back-to-back thing all of the time, and enough so to merit a baseball card of them standing, you know, back-to-back, because that would be awesome.

  2. Inge + Cabrera= Bash brothers?


  3. You know what REALLY broke up Bondo’s perfect game?

    I tuned in to the game about 30 seconds before Hamilton came up to bat. (Jeremy, I am SO SORRY! I didn’t mean to do that to you!)

    To make up for it, though, the first time I saw Brandon come up to bat, I started thinking, “You could hit #1 right now; it’s time. You could do it.” And he DID!

    So, I’m apparently horrible luck for Jeremy Bonderman, but pretty good luck for Ingey. I wonder how I can use these powers for good in the future.

  4. Maggs & Miggy: the M&M Boys, 50th anniversary edition.

    And save that Jackson doodle for future use– the kid’s starting to look downright Grandersonian. If he’ll only cut down on the K’s & pull up those pajama-pants, Ajax could be my Tiger.

  5. gilbekat, I would be down with that… so long as it didn’t end up like the Bash Brothers did…

    heitk1le, you evened out into mojo neutrality there. As for using your powers for good… well, you’ll just have to go to a bunch of Tigers games and sit on the third base side so you can commune with Brandon. CLEARLY.

    pocoloco, yes! Cut down the Ks and kill the pajama pants, you have succinctly and perfectly described what Jackson needs to do. He will never be Curtis Granderson, of course (there is only One), but those simple things would do so much to help.

  6. ivantopumpyouup

    I lol’d when Cabrera said he teased Inge for being a singles hitter. It’s nice to see them having fun with each other.

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