so long as Verlander’s listening to SOMEone

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I repeatedly tell Justin Verlander to stop being so damn inefficient, and he does nothing but frustrate us all. Jim Leyland publicly tells Justin Verlander to stop being so damn inefficient, Justin goes out and does just that.

This is the difference between Jim Leyland and me. You know, the big one. There are admittedly a few others. I don’t have a mustache, for instance. Or a tobacco habit.

Eight point one innings. It brings a happy tear to my eye. The last time he worked this deep into a game was July 24 of last year, in a complete game effort against the Wrong Sox. It’s the first time he’s gone 8 or more innings in a start this season.

Also worth noting! The Tigers had only three extra base hits today, all doubles. All three came from kittens: Austin Jackson, Brennan Boesch, and Alex Avila. Just sayin’.


9 responses to “so long as Verlander’s listening to SOMEone

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Verlander was so, SO good today! I made a joke to my mom when she noticed he had, like, fifty pitches through four innings: “Watch, he’ll have 150 after five,” and she gave me this look and said, “Don’t say that! You’re going to jinx him!” Ha ha, joke’s on YOU, Mom!

    I had the most awesome seats ever for that game, and took a bunch of pictures which only served to remind me that I need a zoom. Or a Zoom.

    Phil Coke was also made of much win. He brought a little kid (who looked like maybe she was a cancer patient) on the field, and hung out with her for a bit (and earned the love of everyone in our section), and then after the game Verlander came out of the dugout, searched her out and high fived her. It was sweet, and kind of sad. It made my mom cry.

    There was also a row of Hideki Matsui fans in front of us. But they were also possibly family members. They took pictures every time he came up. And there was also a row of very loud Scot Shields fans behind us, cheering lustily for him.

    Basically today was the best day, and I am sorry for abusing your comments section like this.

  2. No mention of that epic mascot walk-off homer by Paws yesterday? I didn’t think letting your mascot pinch hit was even legal!

  3. David O. (13194013)

    Verlander realized it was May and brought his real pitching arm to the stadium.

  4. Verlander was great, and this was an excellent homestand. If Fred Fred can get rolling, we will be a force.

  5. Until Verlander gave up those hits in the ninth my section was working on a time machine so we could tell Jackson to dive rather than play the ball conservatively on a hop in the first inning.

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  7. HawkeyeEdward

    Yeah. The game I was supposed to attend, a big reason I went to Motown over the weekend in the first place, I couldn’t even get out of my hotel room because I was sick as a dog.

    *does the double pointy eye-to-eye*

    I’m watching you, JV. I’m watching.

  8. Welcome back, J.V.! Where have you been the first month of the season?

  9. ivan, I think we all need a little zoom and Zoom in our lives. You know, for variety.

    A row of Hideki Matsui fans? How… incredibly odd. IDK why he would have family in Detroit, of all places, but if they’re just random fans that’s possibly even weirder…

    Trysdor, I didn’t actually see that game, but when it was explained to me after the fact, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. “Oh good, Paws with the walkoff! How nice for him!” Ha ha ha, get outta my brain.

    David O, I dunno what April ever did to him… maybe it was a quiet protest against the April in the D song.

    Leshnock, pleasepleasepleaseplease let FredFred get rolling. We NEED that to happen. FREDFRED ARE YOU LISTENING

    Jeff, what were you making it out of? Little Cesar’s pizza boxes? Was Paws’ Energy Squad involved?

    HawkeyeEdward, oh no! I’m sorry you missed it. That’s one my Fears: getting out of town tickets, and then getting sick. Worst.

    If it was a stomach illness maybe you should consider blaming the Rangers, though, since they are the source of all the league’s food poisoning this year.

    heitk1le, seriously. It’s like, who was this creepy impostor and what had he done with the real Justin Verlander?

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