Tigers split the double header, the bullpen splits some hairs, Ryan Raburn just splits.

Raburn sez HARUMPH, photo by Samara Pearlstein

splitting the DH
I only saw bits and pieces of the games, but with the exception of the 9th inning of the second game, what I did see was mostly good. Rick Porcello was excellent in the afternoon matchup and Bondo was solid in the night game. Both seemed alert and rested and on/near the top of their respective pitching games. Neither showed any signs of DontrelleFlu or ScherzerShakiness. FredFred was living for the ground ball; Bondo was loving the K. The Tigers badly needed both starters to step up, and they both did that very thing. How unaccustomedly satisfying.

Jackson, TDamon, Magglio, Miggy, Boesch, and Santiago played in both games, although Magglio DHed in the first and TDamon DHed in the second– of all these, only Santiago was 0-for-the-day (with a walk). Laird caught Porcello, Avila caught Bondo (so G-Money will probably catch Verlander on Thursday).

Jim Leyland actually admitted that he probably let Phil Coke go too long (35 pitches, 9 batters faced). Rod Allen said, of Robinson Cano: “I didn’t realize Robbie was that thick!” While Figaro was pitching (badly) in the 9th, some dude in the stands screamed, “FERNANDO!!” It was a day filled with wonder and majesty. Yes, the Yankees won the second game. They won it, essentially, off of Coke and Figaro and Phil Hughes’ performance on their end. It could have been so much worse. Overall the team is pleased with the day, and so I shall attempt to cultivate a sense of mild satisfaction as well.

splitting hairs
Because this team is a bunch of idiot manchildren and they were stuck in the ballpark all day, during the break between games, something like half the team acquired mohawks. Yes, you read that correctly.

Of course Traitor Damon already had one, but now everyone in the bullpen does (maybe? I don’t think I saw Valverde, Bonine, or Thomas, and I don’t even know if Figaro has enough hair to cut into a mohawk. Definitely Zoom, Perry, Coke, and Ni (!!!) though.) Alex Avila also has a mohawk– more of a scalp landing strip. Bondo has one, even though it’s about a centimeter high. Asked about it after the game, he said that he just walked in and saw the other guys doing it, so he figured he’d get in on that. He also said that they were bored, and that he would keep it for a while.

Phil Coke got defensive about his mohawk, saying emphatically that he didn’t care what anyone else thought of it. It is clear that he misses the mullet and still regrets getting that haircut after being teased about it. FSND was making jokes about it being the worst mohawk on the team, but the most worrying thing about it, really, is the fact that Coke’s newly exposed scalp portions are scary-white compared to his face and rest of his head-skin. The hair itself is but an afterthought to this disturbing development.

Maybe a few of the other guys have them too, it was hard to see with the hats and whatnot. So far as I can tell, it just started as a doofy bullpen thing and expanded a little when other impressionable, peer-pressure-able, incredibly bored ballplayers wandered by and saw what was happening.

Illustration to come as soon as someone can confirm for me who does or does not have the new ‘do. At least in the bullpen.

Raburn splits
Not voluntarily, of course. But Ryan Raburn was sent packing to Toledo early Wednesday. Between the double header situation and the Dontrelle sickness situation (he’s now saying he thinks it is/was a bad sinus infection), more pitching was badly needed in Detroit, and Figaro needed a spot on the roster. Raburn hadn’t made much of a case for himself with his bat; although he is hitting better than Adam Everett and both catchers, that doesn’t say much, and Brennan Boesch had made him look like a feebly flailing weakling in comparison to Boesch’s (almost certainly unsustainable) bulging might.

Still, you have to feel kind of bad. He’d made the Opening Day roster for the first time in his career. With uncertainty in the outfield and at second, the Tigers made all this noise about Bench Player Versatility, and Raburn must have thought he had finally found a way to stick. Now this. Harsh.

I’m not sure how long Figaro will stay up. The extra arm will definitely be needed through the weekend, but beyond that… who knows? It might depend on Dontrelle’s health or Scherzer’s continued efforts to figure out this mysterious ‘American League’ thing once and for all. Then again it might just depend on how irritable Jim Leyland has gotten from tobacco deprivation at any particular time. We– and Raburn– can only wait and see.

24 responses to “Tigers split the double header, the bullpen splits some hairs, Ryan Raburn just splits.

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Everyone in the bullpen has a mohawk, as well as Avila and a couple starters according to Trevor Thompson. I think he meant starting pitchers, but as far as I could tell, I only noticed Bondo with the ‘hawk. Overall, 15 players got the mohawks. I demand pictorial evidence!

    Ah. Idiot manchildren.

  2. those boys! “hey, uh, it looked cool, everyone else was doing it…” and if everyone jumped off a bridge? /mom rant

    no i love them. i love their stupid mohawks. you know miggy is wondering if he can pull of a curly clown topped version.

  3. On the mohawk list as far as I know:
    Zoom, Coke, Perry, Ni, Bondo, Thomas, Eddie, Avila, Inge (oh lord), Damon. Last night on pregame, they said “something like 15 players” had them but it seems to me those are the only guys. Brandon obviously didn’t play last night – weird – but according to this Detnews article he has one too. http://tinyurl.com/2fakvfj

  4. Well, the highlight of the second game (for me) was Rod and Mario’s in-depth fourth-inning interview with Jay-Z and Eminem. Will the pressbox eer be the same??? Scintillating Tropicana-Twister of sports infotainment!!!

  5. Caught the 2nd game on ESPN — man Hughes was just *unhittable*, and when we did threaten, he got out of the jams flawlessly. I was very happy with Bondo’s performance, and we were due for a bullpen meltdown. Sigh… 2 of 3 from the Yanks ain’t too bad though.

  6. ivan, including Valverde? I don’t think I saw him in the bits of the game that I was able to watch…

    allthewine, ha ha, I specifically noted that neither Magglio nor Miggy had the mohawks… if they went with short faux-hawk things I reckon they could do it, but Paws knows this is not a look that would work with Miggy’s current curls.

    Alli, ha ha ha, of course Brandon Inge would have to get in on that. Now his hair matches his goatee thing…

    And it’s not too weird that he sat out the night game right after a day game. I think they’re still being reasonably careful with his knees. Especially taking into account the day game Thursday, that’s an awful lot of baseball all at once for a li’l guy with wonky knees. ;)

    Sparky, I just saw, er, highlights of that… I can only imagine the full glory (or whatever)…

    h20, exactly. I would feel worse about that game if the bats had looked that bad against a pitcher who was clearly struggling. And I’d feel worse if the Tigs were about to get swept or something. All things considered, they turned a potentially very tough day, that could screw them up for weeks, into a tolerable situation.

    • I was mostly weirded out by the fact they were able to keep him out of the entire game. must have strapped him to the bench.

    • Oh see Brandon doesn’t have his weird facial hair growth anymore. He shaved it for the Harwell tribute. So it just migrated to the top of his head now.

      Don’t people know that children are not allowed near scissors or hair clippers.

    • ivantopumpyouup

      They said everyone in the bullpen so I assume he got one too? I can’t wait to see, though.

      I’m glad Miggy didn’t join in. His mohawk would have been quite . . . unfortunate. And Verlander. He would’ve had more hair on his face than his head in that instance.

  7. ivantopumpyouup

    While Figaro was pitching (badly) in the 9th, some dude in the stands screamed, “FERNANDO!!”

    I heard that! I wonder if the dude knew Figaro and Fernando are cousins . . . My dad still calls Figaro “Rodney’s Cousin”. :P

  8. TigersFan81371

    Here’s the thing I want to know…was Raburn able to get a mohawk before being sent down.

  9. gilbekat, oh man, I didn’t notice he’d removed it… my wacky schedule has made my game viewing very haphazard of late. But OF COURSE he can’t go too long without a ridiculous-looking strip of hair. Of course.

    ivan, ha ha, I didn’t know if it was a comment on the familial relationship or a comment on Figaro’s pitching…

    81371, I was kinda wondering that too, but I think Raburn was sent down before the start of the first game, right? And the mohawking happened between the two games. So unless Toledo is having a haircut club to show solidarity with the Big Cats, I’m afraid not.

    (that would be pretty awesome, though, wouldn’t it?)

  10. At least a dumb haircut grows out.

    A dumb tattoo is forever.

  11. What heitk1le said.

  12. ivantopumpyouup

    Ha I guess the mohawks were actually Valverde’s idea, and then he didn’t even get one. He basically suckered everyone else into getting them. I love it.

  13. TigersFan81371

    Didn’t realize the mohawking happened in between games of the DH. That’s one way to kill time!

    The Tigers should now make mohawks mandatory for every player in the organization!

    • At least his scalp matches the rest of his head. Still with the tattoos now he looks really ridiculous.

  14. David O. (13194013)

    I hope Magglio grows out his hair.

    I have a one track mind.

  15. brandon’s looks like a wig cap!!

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