this is exactly how Mohawk Day went

The cognitive dissonance from this game is too great for me to speak/write coherently about it. Max, no! But Big Papi, oh, we so needed to see that out of you, so yay! But no! But yay! But asdflijlljhurrrrrr.

I will just mention the fact that Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy repeatedly referred to Max Scherzer as “Shirt-zurr”. I have no idea where they were getting the ‘t’ from, but it was persistent. Shirt-zurr, Shirt-zurr. “Shirt-zurr just doesn’t have his good stuff here tonight.” Sigh.

Anyways. Rather than strain myself trying to talk about this game without snapping my brain in half, here’s a Terrible Cartoon reenactment of The Mohawking. It went exactly like this, there is no doubt at all about that.

click to enlarge for greater readability and whatnot

Still not sure how to cartoon Eddie Bonine just right… I’m working on it, OK, back off. Sheesh.


8 responses to “this is exactly how Mohawk Day went

  1. Great comic. I like that drawing of Inge and Zumaya playing Barber, and Brad Thomas’ lol balloon.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    oh god, what about this DIDN’T I love? I think my favorite bits were Damon, Thomas’ thought bubble, and Zoom’s lightbulb. A+++++ would lol again

  3. I think that’s how it went too.

    Eddie looks good! You’ve got the nose for sure. I can see how he’d be hard to draw, though.

  4. is that fu ne ti calling home to ask permission?

  5. David O. (13194013)

    I’m starting to not dislike Brad Thomas. He’s done what has been asked of him. Actually, I like the mohawk club.

  6. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Samara, you are a hoot.
    Bonine does indeed look tough to draw. He’s very average looking. That said: I think you did pretty good with him.

  7. HawkeyeEdward

    Alex Avila shaved off his mohawk, according to the Freep.

    Maybe that’ll help him actually make contact with the ball sometime in the next week.

  8. Eddie Bonine is just tough. He should grow a mustache and wax the tips into curls all Rollie Fingers/Salvadore Dali style. You know, to make it easier on me.

    allthewine, ha ha, yes, that is exactly what you are looking at there.

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