sweeping the Pirates on the perfection of Miguel Cabrera

photo by Samara Pearlstein

A sweep! It is tempting to be wicked excited about that, to speak highly of the Tigers’ resurgence or whatever, but it did come against the Pirates. I don’t want to make them feel bad or anything, but when we speak of The Worst Team in the Majors Right Now, well, the Pirates are second only to the Orioles. And the Orioles have a 17-and-46 record at the moment (not a typo).

(minute of respectful silence)

Oh, who cares? Miguel Cabrera won the Sunday game with his bat and his heart and his home-run-hittin’ big strong base, as Rod would say. Armando threw a great game, even if it wasn’t perfect (in the literal sense). It was real demoralizing to think that a 7.2 inning, 2-run effort from Mr. Galarraga might be wasted by the weak offense (or the prowess of Jeff Karstens, which… hmm, no). But Miguel Cabrera did not want to see Arrrrrrrmando robbed of glory yet again.

Brad Thomas gets the capital-w-Win, not Armando, but you just know that it counts as a capital-w-Win in his heart. It absolutely SHOULD, and Miguel knows this, he acts upon this knowledge with a bound determination to give Armando whatever help he requires. TEAMWORK. It is a beautiful thing. Tears of happiness all swimmin’ ’round my eyeballs.

Also, I was going through my Photobucket and I found this. I’m too lazy to look up the post where it was originally used, but it’s topical, sort of, so I’ll stick it here again for the heck of it.

BAD PS: Austin Jackson had to leave the game with ‘back spasms’. I know it is allegedly not that serious, but I am PANICKING ALL OVER THE PLACE. ‘Cause those never recur, am I right or what?! Ha HA!


4 responses to “sweeping the Pirates on the perfection of Miguel Cabrera

  1. Miggy is a veritable monster. I sure hope he can keep it up.

  2. a) short haired Miggy reminds me of why we (yes I said we, in my mind its mutual) fell in love in the first place!

    b) arrrrmando! cabrera! yay for Venezuelan solidarity.

  3. Love that Miguel Smile! And I do feel good about the Sweep, even if it’s just the Pirates… it All Counts!

  4. Old timey Paws and the Parrot (does it have a name?) are so great. Although I must admit it’s kind of odd to see Paws with pants on.

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