Do as the Terrible Cartoons say, and nobody gets hurt.

And hey, how good was Justin Verlander today? Pretty good, right? Of course he threw well over 100 pitches, because that is what he does, but at least he spread that out over 8 innings this time. Eleven Ks, zero walks, the win. More of this sort of thing.

17 responses to “Do as the Terrible Cartoons say, and nobody gets hurt.

  1. I love that in the Samara Cartoon Universe, you dwarf Miguel Cabrera in a bearhug.

    And yes, write in Boesch, too!

    • Terrible Cartoon scale is plastic, yo!

      The funny bit is that I actually have a Miguel Cabrera growth chart (thank you Tigers marketing), which proves that IRL he is a lot bigger than me.

  2. If only it weren’t a U of M shirt. Otherwise, A+ work.

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  4. Another adorable cartoon! Love the dead rat and the Billy Butler part especially.

    Oh, and the U of M shirt is *aces*. :)

  5. No comment on the Uof M shirt ( I work there, but didn’t go to school there), but the deformed-skull mascot is perfect!
    At the risk of jinxing everything, we’ve been getting production from the bottom of the line-up during the winning streak… Yeah, I know that it’s against the Nats and the Pirates, but maybe, just maybe, it’s the beginning of a trend…
    And how about a second straight series sweep today fellas? PLEEESE???

  6. HawkeyeEdward

    The cartoons show up as broken links in IE6. Either that or my work firewall is particularly heinous. (I wholeheartedly believe the latter, but that’s a different issue.)

  7. so much win! I need this cartoon as a poster. except for me hugging miggy obviously.

  8. Nice cartoon. I voted for my Tigers (Miguel, too). Hope our boys are well represented in Anaheim next month

  9. I’ve voted and wrote in Boesch before the awesome cartoon even told me too.

  10. That KC mascot is truly the stuff of nightmares. And the rat made me lol irl.

  11. TigersFan81371

    Cartoon Billy Butler is creeped out by his team’s mascot. Hilarious!

  12. Umm…. Miguel doesn’t look at that happy at the bear hug you got goin’ on there. And yes, love Canada, but not the twinkies.

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