instead of talking about how baseball-wretched these past couple of nights have been, let’s look at some photos from the Tuesday Tigers/Mets game

all photos by Samara Pearlstein

So, Citi Field!

–tons of different food options
–ok, I do like the apple
–foul poles are orange, not the usual yellow
–cheery greeters outside offer to take your photo with the park if you look like a tourist
–wicked nice video boards (HD or something)
–public transit is wicked convenient and always runs when the game ends (unlike in certain other cities *cough*Boston*cough* where the trains stop running at X time and if the game runs long you’re just out of luck; or certain other cities *cough*Detroit*cough* where taking public transit to the game is difficult, inconvenient and complicated to the point of near-impossibility)
–Mr. Met

less good:
–crazed park-wide obsession with keeping people out of sections for which they are not ticketed
–if you enter through the front, you have to go through at least two levels of mall-like space and enclosed concourses before you can even glimpse the field, which is disorienting and weird
–scoreboard appears to have even more ads on it than the Comerica scoreboard, if that is even possible
–strong discouraging of autograph-seeking/ball-begging during batting practice
–HAY, that’s our Pepsi Porch you’re copying there

Overall I think it’s a nice park. The annoyances were small compared to my general impression of good-ballpark-ness. The section hawking thing was the most obnoxious, as it’s enforced– stringently– from the moment the gates open until the end of the game. Why? Is it really so bad, for instance, to allow anyone who wants to be there to stand behind the dugouts during batting practice? (The answer is ‘no’.) Anyways.

Phil Coke threw a baseball to some fans during batting practice, then one of the on-field security guys ran over and started yelling at him, because the security guys had been telling the fans over and over to stop asking for balls. Coke just kind of laughed it off and even got the security guy laughing… still, what the hell, Mets?

~striped perfection~

Hard to tell from the shot, but this is Austin Jackson and Rod Allen fist-bumping one another. It was a moment short in duration but massive in glory.

I realize it seems crazy, but this was my first time seeing Brennan Boesch in person. His little face!

More photos after the jump!

Carlos says, “Durp,” “durr-durp,” and also, “durp”.

I met MetsGrrl! It was aces. She took photos of me meeting Mr. Met, which I will get online eventually. There’s a whole series of Mr. Met being progressively more offended by my Tigers gear. Anyways, despite the fact that she is probably as Mets-centric as it is possible to get, she is a Secret Justin Verlander Fan, so, you know, there were vital points of commonality.

My cousins are trying to visit all 30 ballparks in 60 days this summer. Citi Field was their first stop. Of course they have a blog about it. Today they got to experience Strasmus, the lucky stoats.

Getting to see Verlander bat (“bat”) was a highlight in a game that was mostly pure guano.

There were so many stolen bases. Embarrassingly many. Or, well, three or whatever, but it felt like the Mets were running at will. Only this one (Jason Bay) was off of Verlander, though.

Gerald Laird dealing with the aftermath of a ball that had taken, um, an unfortunate hop.

O… kay….

Brandon Inge doing what Brandon Inge does best, i.e. being amazing at acrobatics and defense and life.

Mr. Met is a spectacular mascot, one of the best in baseball. There is no denying this. I’ve always enjoyed him, but it was really something else, getting to see him in person. I don’t know why that should make much of a difference, but it somehow does.

I was feeling pretty annoyed with Jay Spores Sborz and his Debut of Tragedy, right up until I saw him coming off the field like this. All biting his jersey and whatnot! The poor thing. SOMEONE GO GIVE HIM A HUG. Also, what did they think was going to happen, giving him Fernando’s old number? Honestly.


Many, many more photos to come, eventually. I still have an entire Dodgers/Red Sox game to go through. In fact I will leave you with a bonus shot from that game, someone I was highly amused to see come in from the bullpen against the Sox…

The phrase you’re looking for is “lol Jeff Weaver”.

23 responses to “instead of talking about how baseball-wretched these past couple of nights have been, let’s look at some photos from the Tuesday Tigers/Mets game

  1. ivantopumpyouup


    Not even thinking about that game. Or Wednesday’s game. Poor Bondo. Deserved better.

    And hai Jeff Weaver!

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    Also, completely unrelated to your post, I just watched Max Scherzer’s ML debut on I had forgotten how dominant he was in that appearance. He set a ML record for consecutive batters retired in a relief debut, IIRC, and K’d 7. I want to see more of that Max Scherzer.

  3. phil coke is so awesome. he had on an amazing plaid shirt on post game last night and it just went so perfectly with the sideburns.

    glad you had fun despite the rain. we enjoyed metsgrrl’s tweets :P

    • Ah ha hahaha of COURSE he had on a plaid shirt to go with his sideburns. Of course he did.

      I’m just glad that when he decided to get rid of the big mustache, he kept up with the interesting hair decisions elsewhere.

  4. Viewing Samara’s game photos: the next best thing to being there.

    I hope Sborz isn’t scarred for life by his first inning in the Bigs, but fear that he may be. I did not even realize they had given the kid Fernando’s number. (What were they thinking?)

  5. I LOVE the 7 line going to and from Citi Field. In fact, the 7 is one of my more favorite trains in NYC. VERY convenient. Citi Firld is quite a nice venue as well, and if you sit in the nose-bleeds behind the plate, you can look out and see the Manhattan skyline.

    Let’s not talk about these games, though.

    • Yeah, I was really impressed by the 7 and by how well they had the whole thing running, especially after the game (taking the subway back after a Red Sox game is, um… not quite as pleasant an experience).

  6. Ah, field level! The ‘don’t beg for balls and autographs’ thing is new, and if you had been at any of the earlier season games, you would understand why. I’ve been able to have fine chats with, say, Jerry Manuel, because we’re the only people standing there that aren’t screaming for an autograph, ball, glove, batting gloves, bat, spikes, pint of blood, title to car, etc.

    I got the Reyes/Pagan leap from my seats:

    a little different :)

    • The thing is, I can kinda understand them trying to discourage begging (I have a whole, lengthy rant about autograph hounds that I won’t get into here) (although at the same time, if a little kid wants his ball signed, dude, it’s bp, just allow it)… but this security guy ran over and yelled at COKE for giving the fans a ball. Coke was laughingly incredulous. Eventually the security guy laughed it off too, then went over to his fellow security guys and was saying, “Alright, who let him think that was OK?” in (what seemed to me to be) only a semi-joking way.

      It was just weird. I’ve seen security tell off fans before, obviously, but I’ve never seen a security person tell off a PLAYER for giving something to the fans… and I think Coke was as surprised as I was.

  7. Looks like a fun time at Citi Field. I like that picture of Mr. Dombrowski and his world-famous striped polo. Is it me, or does Phil Coke remind anyone else of Todd Jones? You probably have a bunch of your #1 Tiger Mr. C. Brandon Inge

  8. What glorious photos. The Allen-Jackson fist bump made my day. If there was convenient, reliable public transport from A2 to Comerica I would totally go all the time, sigh.

    • It’s too bad there is no associated audio file with that photo–tell me Ajax didn’t just say “I SEE YOU Rod Allen!!”

      Also would be nice to hear the laughter rippling through the stands when they announced the starting lineups and got to “batting 2nd, Gerald Laird…”

  9. Oh Lord above, Verlander at-bat photos make me giggle with joy! I love it!

    • You should have seen the FSN interview with Verlander before the game. Hilarious. He was talking about how he used to “go oppo” with ease, and now he’s a dead pull hitter, looking for something “middle-in.” Priceless.

  10. ivantopumpyouup

    //I was feeling pretty annoyed with Jay Spores Sborz and his Debut of Tragedy, right up until I saw him coming off the field like this. All biting his jersey and whatnot! The poor thing. SOMEONE GO GIVE HIM A HUG. Also, what did they think was going to happen, giving him Fernando’s old number? Honestly//

    Also I think some Mets writer blogged that Sborz looked like he was about to cry coming off the mound. :(:(:( The curse of Fernando claims another one!

  11. can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures! clamoring even.

  12. Less, Coleman, he said, “HAY Jackson!” and then there was the fist bump. They had a fair-length conversation after that, but I couldn’t hear it, alas.

    Shannon, it was so funny. He was swinging so earnestly, but it was clear that he had no idea what he was doing up there. If only the rain and his suck hadn’t conspired to keep him from having additional at-bats!

    ivan, he really did. He bit his jersey, he stared imploringly at the sky, then he bit his glove. Poor lil’ guy.

    allthewine, they’re coming! I have a Dodgers/Sox game I need to get online first– that’s almost done– then the Tigs/Mets is next in line.

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