Tigers hang on by one claw, finally beat the Mets

photomash by Samara Pearlstein

Thank you Magglio, thank you Rhino, thank you Paws! We finally scrape one from the Other New York. To be entirely honest, I was starting to despair of this series. There was just too much Jose Reyes and too much David Wright and too much from other such critters. Tiger offense had been paired with bad pitching (Tuesday, Verlander/Sborz), but when their pitching got better, the bats stagnated (Wednesday, Bondo). There have been stretches where the team gets itself horribly out of sync like this before, and I was afraid that we were getting into another one of them. But this game broke the Cycle of Woe.

Magglio Ordonez and Ryan Raburn both went deep off of Hisanori Takahashi. It was Magglio’s tenth homer of the year and Rhino’s second, and both were absolutely vital hits, given the final score. Raburn was batting second, which isn’t MUCH better than the terrifying Laird-batting-second thing that happened on Tuesday, but it was marginally better, and he certainly did his best to make the most of it while he had the chance: he went 3-for-3 with a walk, two runs scored, and an RBI.

Thank The Big Potato too, while we’re at it, because this was a dead wicked close game and I was convinced (due to the aforementioned issues) that it was all going to come undone at the end. Jose Valverde would not let it happen, so before too long I was able to draw breath like a normal person again, instead of hyperventilating into a paper bag, lying curled up on the floor while a Tigers closer piddles the game away.

Not that that ever happens.

Also, this was sitting in my Photobucket. I don’t really remember what it was from (aside from a previous seasons’ interleague matchup, obviously), but it’s relevant to this series, so:

Brand new baby kitten Andrew Oliver gets the start Friday in Atlanta. This could be great, or it could be disastrous. Let’s hope for the former and steel our tender hearts for the latter. Go Tigers!

6 responses to “Tigers hang on by one claw, finally beat the Mets

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    This was a much needed victory. Especially since Minnesota tried to help us out by getting swept. Now if the White Sox would only play along . . .

    Also Mr. Met petting a tiger . . . *_* Adorable.

  2. Why does the tiger look so small and sad, though? Is Mr. Met petting it…. or dominating it?

    Back to back Maggs and Raburn look like they should be starring on a cop show.

  3. I was just thinking what a nice sandwich they make, yum.

  4. awesome or disastrous, there will be no in between.

  5. I was at the game, very tense at the end…

    Mr. Met felt the need to give us Tigers fans a sweeping gesture before the game… glad he was wrong…

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