time to do your Tigerly duty

photos by Samara Pearlstein

VOTE FOR MIGUEL CABRERA. Think of the All Star game! It’s meant for stars. Miguel Cabrera is the starriest first base star there is. He should be there. Only YOU can make it so.

VOTE YOUR LITTLE FACES OFF. Remember, you can vote 25 times per email address, and you have until 11:59 pm on Thursday. Not a lot of time to see justice done, but we must try.


Why yes, I am ignoring tonight’s game results, why do you ask?


9 responses to “time to do your Tigerly duty

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I voted at least 200 times for both Cabrera and Boesch (write-in) on my ballot before I ran out of emails (cough). I’d like to think I’ve done my part.

  2. that’s my new screensaver, yes it is. what’s better than 1 miguel cabrera? 15 little miggy’s in a mosaic to make one big miggy.

    also, i’ve voted probably 35 times, but I think this system is rigged because from my second email address it says i’ve done 25 when i’ve only done 15 (i counted!) but i bet if i changed my vote to morneau or texy i’d be able to send it right through. Very suspcious, MLB.

    • ivantopumpyouup

      Try more email addresses? I had no issues at all and I used at least 10 different emails.

      (Now I’m glad I registered ten emails at various points . . .)

  3. Long time reader … first time commenter… :)

    I’ve voted well over 200 times using my emails, hubby’s and my daughters. I am a woman on a mission!!!

  4. I voted all 25 times for Cabrera, voted several times early on for Austin Jackson, and wrote in Brennan Boesch’s name the last 10 times, or so, on my ballots. I ran out of my 25 times a couple of weeks ago, but then I went to the HR Derby vote, choosing both Cabrera, and again writing in Brennan Boesch’s name.

    Go Tigers!!

  5. Hmmm. I still have a face. Does this mean I didn’t vote enough?

  6. i did my 25 votes for miggy and boesch and the other tigs. my face is mostly gone.

  7. ivan, I would say that’s a fair approximation of ‘doing your part’. :P Let us hope the universe and baseball fans reward your honest labor by getting him in.

    allthewine, I had a feeling, a premonition if you will, that you might, just miiiiight enjoy the image. ;)

    Kel, I applaud your dedication to Truth, Justice, the Path of the Light, and Kittens. Truly commendable. If only everyone could see and thus learn from your fine example!

    John Sharp, oh yes, I’ve been writing in Brennan on every ballot. I know it’s not going to do anything, but I kind of feel like it’s making a point? Or something?

    heitk1le, YES. Go back and vote more. If you have to make a new email address just so you can vote more, do so. It’s easy on Yahoo or whatever.

    janey, good. That’s when you know it’s working.

  8. I voted for every Tiger that was in there. And im ignoring my high schools game results because the ump were calling strikes that were in the ground when they crossed the plate.

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