happy 4th of July!

baseball on the North Shore Spirit (RIP) logo, photo by Samara Pearlstein

Last night Justin Verlander set off ALL the strikeout fireworks. Let’s see if Bondo can do the same on the actual 4th. The Tigers are one of the older teams in the league (1901!), and these Mariners are newfangled whippersnapper upstarts (1977), so obviously the Tigers are MORE AMERICAN, and they need to win today. For the nation.

Your 2010 Tigers All Stars, by the way, are Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde. Both got in on player ballot votes. I’m sure most of you did your best, but Miggy is not the starter– those filthy Twinkie fans got their grubby, crumby mitts into the voting and pushed Justin Morneau ahead. Alas. Justin Verlander did not make it in and Phil Hughes did, which annoys me. Stupid players.

A heartwarming 3rd/4th of July tale: my local supermarket was selling off packs of 2009 Topps cards yesterday for $1. I picked up a few because I cannot help myself, so I now have a Jose Valverde Astros card, a Max Scherzer Diamondbacks card, a Matt Joyce Savior of Kittens Tigers card, and a shiny new Verlander card. PAWS BLESS AMERICA.

Happy 4th, Americans! Try to refrain from blowing yourself or your property to bits, and know that if you bought one of those awful white hats with the stars-and-stripes Olde English D, I’m judging you right now.


9 responses to “happy 4th of July!

  1. Happy Fourth of July to you too! Those hats make the uniforms look clean. They’re expensive (30 bucks or something like that), so I didn’t get one. Daniel Schlereth is up to pitch now, and FSN just showed his Dad and his Fiancee’ on TV.

  2. those hats are judge-able. i do like the little star representing men on bases. this game was a bit of a mess with ejections and what not. and schlereth. and 1 run.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    Well, that was a dud.

  4. First time commenter, long time reader. :) Hey can you show some pictures of those cards? I loved Matt Joyce when he was here and still do. Did you see his pinch hit grand slam yesterday against the Twinkies? Horray for the Savior of of Kittens!

  5. went to this game. it was hotter than an oven. the players seemed like they were moving in slow motion. or maybe that was the sweat in my eyes. tooo hot.

  6. I’ve been itching to buy a pack of baseball cards, but they’re so darned expensive these days. Man do I feel old.

  7. I’m afraid I judge the sanity of MLB (a.k.a. Bud Selig) every time they wear those caps. At least they’re navy this year and go with the uniforms. Wasn’t it last year that the red, white, and blue caps were kind of a royal blue shade that completely clashed with the Tiger’s uniforms?

    Anyway, apparently Paws hates Uncle Sam or something. Either that or the home plate ump was C. B. Buckner… Oh wait… that might explain the results of yesterday’s game.

  8. David O. (13194013)

    Phil Hughes bugs me.

  9. Lauren, great, ugly AND expensive. Just what I want in a hat. Good job, MLB.

    janey, I dug the stars on base too. They could keep that all year, wouldn’t bug me. But the hats should be ritually burned.

    LGT, I did see that grand slam (or at least the highlight of it after the fact). I do SO love to see a Savior of Kittens do well…

    allthewine, I hope you at least had some shade. Day games in this kinda heat are just brutal. :/

    h2o, eh, they seem pretty pricey to me too and I’m not THAT old. ;) If you don’t mind going a year or two back you can sometimes find cheap packs still, that’s what these were.

    heitk1le, nuh, this year they were white! Horrible, translucent white. The blue year was bad though, they looked completely out of place on everyone except, like, Texas and KC.

    David O, to be honest everyone on the Yankees except for Curtis Granderson bugs me, but Phil Hughes especially bugs me in this context.

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