a bird-brained win just means that the Tigers brained some birds

photos by Samara Pearlstein

What a day for T. Damon (I won’t use the full name tonight, as he maybe deserves it after this performance). He got his career 2,500th hit early in the game, earning him a standing ovation from the hot sweaty Comerica crowd. He had two hits on the night, the first being a single for that #2,500. The second hit? A walkoff two-run homer in the 11th.

He may always be T. Damon to me, but even I have to admit that that is a heck of a night. And I’m certainly not going to turn my schnozz up at a Tigers win.

Miguel Cabrera, who hit a super sexy two-run bomb to tie the game in the 9th, has been confirmed for this year’s Home Run Derby. I suppose that means we all have to watch it now, as incredibly drawn-out and boring as it will inevitably be. Scott Pickens will be going with him to pitch, according to Jason Beck.

Oh, and Miggy had a kidney infection last weekend? How did I miss that one? I thought it was reported as simple ‘back stiffness’… ‘though a kidney infection would definitely explain that.

Arrrrrrrrmando was sent down to Toledo after tonight’s start. He had just gone 6.2 innings, giving up 10 hits and 3 walks, but only 3 runs, and one of those was an inherited runner that the bullpen brought home. This demotion is basically just a roster shuffle, not necessarily a reflection on his pitching (although it is, a little bit), but Armando was MAD.

“I don’t want to talk to you guys,” Galarraga said before briskly walking out of the clubhouse.
Steve Kornacki/MLive.com

Sick burn, man. Robbie Weinhardt was called up to take his place for one start (?) on the roster ’til after the All Star break, then Armando will be back in Big Cat action. It’s a big step down from a perfect game, though, so his annoyance is in that sense understandable.

Brief moments when I regret the HD:

–the camera focuses on umpire Joe West’s sweat-soaked shirt

–the realization that, with his summer undershirt providing less collar coverage, you can now see Carlos Guillen’s chest hair

–camera pans to the dugout, any manager starts picking his nose

–Ryan Perry’s chinstrap (ugh, just get rid of it already, Ryan, it looks terrible and you aren’t a penguin)

Non-Tigers news:

Jake Peavy is hurt. He came out of the game after throwing a pitch today, didn’t even wait for the trainer, just stormed off towards the dugout. Ozzie Guillen was sticking his tongue out, apparently because that is how he displays consternation.

–The Racist Logos/Rangers game was interrupted today when a fan fell out of the upper deck while reaching for a foul ball. It was about a 30 foot drop, and he hit four people on the way down, mildly injuring them. The homeplate ump halted play for around 15 minutes. It seems that the guy never lost consciousness and was able to move all his extremities, so it’s definitely not as horrific as it very, very easily could have been.

–The Diamondbacks DFA’d Dontrelle. Read this if you want to be depressed. The Padres released Eric Munson, who had been with their triple-A team.

–The Twinks badly want Cliff Lee. I don’t want this to happen. I mean, I enjoy the idea of depleting the Twinkie farm system, but I don’t like the idea of them acquiring a player who makes them significantly better for the rest of 2010. I like this 2010 Tigers team (mostly), I don’t want them to suffer.


13 responses to “a bird-brained win just means that the Tigers brained some birds

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Sending Armando to AAA makes sense though. I guess I can understand why he might not like it . . . but it’s not like they need him sitting on the bench until July 20th . . .

  2. Too many ideas require bullet points. Thus, I have some:
    -Wow. I’m not an avid suporter of Damon at all, but that homerun was sweet, I have to admit. Excellent Photoshops, as usual. But I must ask: why paste?
    -I’m happy to see Cabrera going to the Home Run Derby. There should be great competition.
    -Eep! I’ve never seen (heard?) Arrrrmando be so frustrated. I understand the move and all, but still…
    -Any of those HD points are true with non-HD as well. Ick!
    -I hope that fan is ok! I saw the video and it was bad. Get well soon fan!
    -You were right, that DW article is depressing. :(
    -Curse you Minnesotans! You can never have enough can you?!
    Ok, rant’s over.

  3. Oh and also, thanks for the reply post yesterday. Can’t wait to see them!

  4. Yay for Cabrera in the Home Run Derby! Hopefully he can redeem Inge’s fail of a performance from last year!

  5. • Damon’s wearing you down, baby. He’s wearing you down…
    • I certainly hope Miggy can do better than Brandon in the Home Run Derby. (Though the quote “Daddy’s not hitting any home runs” still makes me crack up.)
    • Poor Armando
    • Poor D-Train
    • Poor guy who fell out of the Upper Deck
    • I guess this answers the question: “Whatever happened to Eric Munson?” Thinking of him always reminds me of the lady who used to have season tickets next to ours. She would squeal every time he came up to bat “cause he was soooo cute!”
    • Is it just me or have we had to deal with three of the worst umps in the league in the last four games. C.B. Buckner on Sunday, Joe West last night, and Angel Hernandez tonight. Maybe that just goes with the way our ump luck has been in general over the last year.

  6. Robbie will be in the bullpen, he’s a reliever. Mando was sent down because of the all star break scheduling.. they aren’t gonna need a 5th starter for a couple weeks, so they wanted to bring up a bullpen arm. DD talked to the press after the game about it, explaining it has nothing to do with his performance. Obviously he seemed pretty annoyed regardless. I would be too I guess. But YAY ROBBIE.

    I thought if a starter was gonna go down for this it’d be Oliver, as he obviously needs some more work.. but I guess they want to keep him around since he’s a lefty? Oh well.

  7. traitor damon: Damon on fans’ ovation after 2,500th career hit: “I’ve always thought Detroit had great fans, but tonight cemented that in my heart.”


    Feel bad for Golly even though it’s nothing personal, if I was him, I’d be taking it personal too.

    Miggy in the homerun derby! I don’t know what they say about that affecting your swing, but I hope it doesn’t! And I hope he crushes Vlad!

  8. Allthewine–I’m sure it will come as no surpirse to our Sam to learn that T. Damon has a heart of cement.

  9. ivan, it makes sense to US that he shouldn’t be sitting on the bench when we can have another reliever up… but Armando’s the one who has to trek out to Toledo and then has to deal with minor league awfulness (relative, relative) ’til after the break. So I can see where he’s coming from.

    LGT, why NOT paste? :P Honestly I had the Markakis one first, after he had hit his go-ahead homer, and the others came later in the game. So at first it was just going to be one image of how much Nick Markakis had annoyed me in the game.

    Kel, hopefully he won’t wreck his swing…

    heitk1le, re: the Derby, at least he can’t really do WORSE… :P

    Alli, ah ok. There wasn’t anything on the Magical Internets except for the bare fact that Armando was down and Weinhardt was up when I made the post. We all knew it was just a timing thing though… except for Armando, I guess, who is taking it personally. Sigh.

    allthewine, easier for him to win YOU over… you haven’t got any Sox affiliations. ;)

    rea, lol and YES.

  10. I like Johnny. He’s so man-child. His past comment referring to A-Rod as not having murdered anyone remains a classic to me.

    For some odd reason, it seems Armando always gets the short end of the stick. I sort of understand his being sent to Toledo. Sort of. Kinda. Dunno.

  11. I wonder which is worse, eating paste or not understanding the concept of paste?

    Ryan Perry as chinstrap penguin… wow.

  12. danny worth cartoon pleeeeeeeeeease!!! his first big league home run!!!

  13. Jules, I’m sure he’s perfectly easy to like if you have no pressing reason to DISlike him… I liked him well enough on the Sox (until the end, when his schtick did start to get tired). But some things cannot be readily or rationally forgiven.

    FrogMan, if he keeps growing that thing, I’m going to have to keep thinking about the penguin. It’s his own fault, really.

    janey, in the works!

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