cat karma

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Well well well, look who’s starting at first base in the All Star game after all. HINT: NOT JUSTIN MORNEAU.

I’m not saying that the Baseball Gods realized a grave injustice was about to visited upon the game and reached down their baseball-gloved hands to set it right again. That would be crazy-talk! I’m also not saying that I’m happy Justin Morneau is injured, even though he is a Twinkie and is beating the heck out of the Tigers this season. But his concussion DOES mean more Miguel Cabrera in the All Star game, as Miggy will be taking his starting spot (Morneau’s roster spot, and Miggy’s role as backup, has been given to Paul Konerko, making this the AL Central-y-ist position on the team). So I’m not saying the circumstances leading up to it are a good thing, but more Miggy for all of us, yes, that is good.

You know who ELSE is going to the All Star game? That would be JUSTIN VERLANDER, who replaces Captain Cheeseburger Sabathia. CC pitched on Sunday and thus will not be allowed to pitch in the ASG. Justin last pitched on Friday, so he will be only a little off his routine if he gets into the game on Tuesday. He is also more deserving than many and it was a baffling bloody shame before, when it looked like he was going to have to miss out.

Now let us hope that the cat karma holds, and nobody gets hurt during this thing. Don’t take my excitement and good feelings about you in vain, Tigers.

Cartoons to come! There are many, because you guys are crazy.

Oh, and while we’re at it: does anyone know what number Paws is wearing on his jersey this season? I am aware that in previous seasons it was the year– in 2007 the number was 07, in 2008 it was 08, etc. But he can’t be wearing 10 now… that’s Jim Leyland’s number. Right?


6 responses to “cat karma

  1. I only saw paws at one of the games I went to and I can’t remember what his number was. the photo I have of him is of his front/side. boo. sorry.

  2. You know, I never thought about it before… I guess I just assumed he was wearing 10, but now I can’t think of what he actually is wearing. I hope someone has the answer, now I’m curious.

  3. I thought he was wearing 10 just like Mr. Leyland! A Jersey for Greatness!

    I sure do hope Justin Morneu gets better soon, but if he could be hurt just a Little bit for all Tigers/Twins games that would be OK too!

  4. from jason beck today:

    Only question asked of #Tigers Miguel Cabrera at #hrderby conference was on game plan: “My game plan is to go deep. LF, RF, CF, everywhere.”

    a) SEXY
    b) need I go on?

  5. Okay, nobody wanted to see Morneau get hurt — because, even though he’s an evil Twinkie, I realize he’s a pretty good ballplayer and a decent human being. But, since it happened, I’m sure excited that Miggy gets to start. And J.V. going is also as it should be. (If only Paws could have found a way to make Brennan Boesch an All-Star too.)

    Now, if Miggy can excel in the Home Run Derby tonight, it will be wonderful!

  6. I believe Paws is wearing 10 with a small apostrophe to the left of the number, small enough to not be noticed unless you are on top of him and looking for it

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