Tigers got nothin’.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Well, the Tigers just got no-hit by Matt Garza.

So…. that was awful.

And you know what? This just makes me feel even worse for poor Armando Galarraga. I don’t really care that his non-reaction to that mess turned into a touching Learning Experience for thousands of Little Leaguers. Seeing the Rays in that huge happy pileup just pounded home the awfulness of what the Tigers, and especially Armando, were denied.

It turned out to not be very relevant, given the ultimate outcome of the game, but while we’re on the subject of umpires ruining things for the Tigers… Jim Leyland was thrown out of this game early because of a Rays ‘steal’ that was very, VERY clearly an out at second. The ump was on the other side of the play and I guess he didn’t get a very good look at it, because it was not even borderline, but the guy was called safe. I am really starting to wonder what the Tigers did to get all these umpires so hell-bent on destroying them at every opportunity.

Sigh. Also: ugh.

Not to take anything away from Matt Garza, but the Tigers lineup tonight included Will Rhymes (yet to achieve his first big league hit), Ryan Raburn (batting .204), Don Kelly (.206), Gerald Laird (.182), and Danny Worth (.250 in limited action). Three or arguably four of those guys (depending on how you feel about Rhino) are really minor leaguers, and Brennan Boesch is a rookie in a major slump at the moment. So… whatever.

Let us also take a moment to reflect on poor Max Scherzer, who was throwing a no-hitter right alongside Garza until the 6th inning, when he walked two, one dude reached on catcher’s interference (Crawford may have nicked Laird’s glove on a swing), and Matt ‘Savior of Kittens’ Joyce hit a freaking grand slam. After that Bartlett singled and Scherzer was pulled from the game. How terrible do you think he feels right now? I’m going to go with “locking himself in the clubhouse toilet and silently crying his beautiful eyes out.”

I had a very busy weekend, and when I came back to Tigers baseball I was greeted with the wondrous news that everyone in the world is injured now. I reckon we need a moment to wallow separately in the horror of being no-hit for the first time in 20 years. We will get into the horror of an overloaded DL soon enough.


20 responses to “Tigers got nothin’.

  1. Is Matt Joyce still the Savior of Kittens after doing that to the Mud Hens tonight? I mean, it’s not nice to pick on minor leaguers like that.

    Do we have anyone left on this team over the age of 30? Aside from Rhianne Raybourne, who, admittedly did pretty well in the Sunday night game.

    • I was going to say that some of the pitchers are old, but… not so much. It’s basically Jim Leyland and Traitor Damon huddled in a corner muttering to themselves about these damn kids.

      • Well, Papa Grande, I suppose. But I was thinking players over the age of 30 who have been with our team for more than just this season… Um…

        • I just checked Raburn’s stats. He was born in April of 1981, which means he’s not 30 yet either.

          Samara, you don’t have anything to worry about. I’m the one who’s feeling very old right now.

  2. I hope you know I have declared you the elder state(wo)man of the Tigers blogosphere. Your crown and sabre are in the mail.

  3. ivantopumpyouup


  4. I blame Laird. Without the catcher interference, Kitten Man would never have come up. And even so, if he had gone out to the mound and reminded Max to pitch coldly with the blue eye, all would have been well.

    And also: if he had gotten a hit, we would not have been no-hit. Would we, Laird? Yes, I’m talking to you…

  5. David O. (13194013)

    That dome is silly. Ban dome baseball!

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  7. Noooo such cruel irony! After the Tigers, my favorite team is the Rays, and my favorite non-Tiger is Matt Joyce and BOTH did great things! Ugh!!! But, congrats to both Matt’s. They did do a great job. Just sorry to see it come against us.

  8. I think that catcher’s interference call was more that a little sketchy, but none of the Tigers really challenged it, so… sigh…

  9. Believe Kurt meant to send you a crown and SCEPTER –with which to bash (not slice) our enemies. Lord knows we can use any kind of hitting right now.

    Are last night’s 0-fers are connected to the revelation that CoPa food vendors have been poisoning the patrons? (Tampa’s dome got an even worse rating.) Unaccustomed to major-league meal money, the Toledo kitties have been loading up on stadium grub, and desecrating their own temples. Never knew food poisoning was contagious –but just watching them, from 1000 miles away, was puke-inducing for all of us.

  10. oh my gawd poor scherzer! he was pitching great (well the base on balls butwhatev) and then g-freakin money gets an error and scherzer and his beautiful eyes get a grand slam against. my not-quite-as beautiful eyes were in tears.

    sam is not old. like baseball itself, she is eternally youthful. <–good, right?

  11. I was there. It was sad. I was only two rows up from the Tigers dugout and you could feel the sadness.

    Sadness, sadness, sadness. It was on their little faces.

    I”d also like to say how much I detest baseball inside.

  12. So beyond terrible. Good for Garza, I guess… but it’s hard to get that excited about a no-hitter when it comes after so many this season, and against a AAA lineup (minus Our Most Holy Miguel, of course).

    And don’t worry, you’re not old… you’re younger than Max, right? ;)

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