forgetting the Rays series

That’s really all I want to do. Forget. Sweet baseball oblivion. Especially today, when FredFred did his very best and the Kindergarten Cats just could not back him up. A good chunk of this series sweep is their fault, but what can you do? They are kittens. You can’t blame them for that.

Jeff Larish is back down, Jeff Frazier (an outfielder) is up. Scott Sizemore was sent down to make room for Jhonny. Wilkin Ramirez was designated for assignment. Who cares? It’s all more of the same.

Let us ignore this series. It is the healthiest approach for us all. Instead you can look at this ridiculous drawing if you want. I call it “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Chatte”. Click to view larger.

I kind of apologize to Mr. Seurat, but he is dead so I don’t expect he cares very much.

(I also feel compelled to preemptively explain that I know the home unis don’t have numbers on the front, like, seriously, I KNOW, but I was working at a scale where it was hard to render too much detail and I wanted to make the who’s-whos clearer.)

Next up THE TIGERS COME TO BOSTON. THE ROAR OF THE TIGERS SERIES. Weather permitting and barring unforeseen disasters, I will be at ALL THREE GAMES. I am wicked psyched even though I am not expecting a whole lot from the Tigs in the way of wins. If you are planning to be at any of these games, you should let me know or something. Or just scream at random Tigers fans in Fenway until you hit upon the one that is actually me, whichever works.

25 responses to “forgetting the Rays series

  1. I love that Rick and Ryan are two little dogs together in the bottom right corner.

    Enjoy the games this weekend. Or at least, try? No head exploding!

  2. Hey now that I look at the drawing bigger, who is the guy diagonal from Coke under the tree with an umbrella?
    Great job though. Excellent detail, as per usual. Keep up the good work!

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    hahahahahahahahahah omg dying. I LOVE IT. It cheered me up a little after today’s “game”.

  4. there was a ray series? ;-)
    i’ve already blocked it out.
    this drawing is amazing. i printed it out and hung it in the kitchen to show my dad.

  5. That drawing … I don’t even know what to say. The magnificence leaves me speechless!

  6. who are the two about ready to kiss?? O.o

  7. This is brilliant. No matter how well the Tigers are doing, this blog always makes me feel better.

  8. Jack is right-even when the Tigers are playing poorly, this blog makes me feel better.

  9. It’s….it’s….beautiful.

    It is quite magical. I didn’t think you’d actually do it.

    This has now replaced the opening day cartoon on my computer.

    The team might suck but gosh darn it your cartoons do not.

  10. Omg the splendor. How long must that have taken. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be gazing at it for the rest of the day, noticing new details.

  11. That image was brilliant. My favorite part is that Miggy and Inge were drawn approximately life-sized, so that Brandon appears to be a small child next to Miguel. Although we know they are both man children and we love them for it.

  12. …speechless. How long did that take??

    Perry and Porcello especially are just… wow.

  13. This is brilliant.

    It pissed me off (at myself) that before I read your apology to Mr. Seurat, I would’ve sworn this was based on a Renoir.

    Oh well, I’m already married so I no longer need to try to impress people with my knowledge of such things. (kidding)

  14. Nice picture. I see Paws is sniffing around, and Porcello and Perry are fixing to go mess with him. Have fun at the games, and make sure the Tigers behave themselves away from home, especially your favorite, Mr. Damon (just kidding :-P)

  15. TigersFan81371

    Wonderful drawing! Cabrera holding Inge’s hand was a cute moment that made me say ‘aww’!

  16. You deserve some sort of Nobel Prize, I really can’t say in what, but maybe the Nobel Prize of Awesomeness.

  17. Also, I’m sure that in whatever afterlife space he is occupying, Mr. Seurat is deeply touched.

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