The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 1, some photos

OK I lied, I managed to get a few preview photos up before the Saturday game. Behold.

TRU LOVE. They had already hugged and Jhonny was trying to go take BP, but Victor would not let go of his hand. He may be the only person on the planet who misses Cleveland this much.

Alex Avila trying to help Traitor Damon get his back right.

This one’s for Tiff.

Varitek, Pedroia, Ellsbury. THE INJUREDS.

Ryan Perry’s toolbag sunglasses.

You sir are out.

I did manage to catch the David Ortiz grand slam right off the bat. So… yeah. There it is.

I have about a million photos of Papa Grande and he is making an amazing face in practically every single one of them. It is remarkable and wonderful.


10 responses to “The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 1, some photos

  1. My brain is all, “SUNGLASSES BAHAHAHAHA!” Oh, Ryan Perry, you lovable toolbag.

  2. this is the perfect tigers blog! awesome work. toolbag sunglasses indeed!

  3. ugh, RP, those sunglasses. also: shave, please.

  4. Today’s game makes me want to punch kittens.

  5. Nice pictures. Avila lookes like he’s about to try out for the Lions in that picture up top there (Maybe we’ll see him in Training camp?). Cabrera looks very ’80s with his hair in a pseudo-Jheri Curl. Someone wake Jason Varitek up before all of us commenters at Roar of the Tigers have to do it for them!

  6. I sincerely hope you get a chance to snatch those sunglasses off Ryan Perry’s face and smash them on the ground.

  7. I love the Jhonny and VMart pic. Male bonding is so cute.

  8. I love these guys so much! Even though they are not very good at baseball (yes, except you, Miggy).

  9. oh my…. I was away…. and now I’m back… and oh BOY hot damn Miguel!

    Right…basebally things aren’t great right now, but imagine how worse they’d be without him…

  10. you’re too good to me sam :)

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