The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 2

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Just David Ortiz doing what David Ortiz does. Nothin’ you can do about that.

–Jeff Frazier got his first big league hit! For some bizarre reason as soon as I heard he would be making his debut in Boston I got all my little hopes up about seeing his first hit, so that was a definite highlight. Ryan Kalish also got his first big league hit in this one. ~A game of beautiful firsts~

–Max Scherzer was not bad at all, even though some of his pitches were looking weirdly high-effort partway through the game. He also had some odd throws to first where he would make the first move aggressively, then sort of stop himself and lob a soft floater over to Cabrera. I’m sure there was some good reason for this, but I didn’t like it.

In any event, brutal for poor Max to go 6.1, give up only one run (which was an inherited runner that he didn’t even bring home himself!), leave with a fair lead, and not get the win.

–Aside from the usual Verlanders and Cabreras and even still Grandersons (and, yes, Inges), some other Tiger jerseys I saw in Fenway Saturday: two Kirk Gibsons, a Ramon Santiago, and a Phil Coke (!!). There was also a lady in the front row right near the Tigers dugout who stood up to applaud guys almost every time they were coming back in, and she had on an Austin Jackson shirt. RotT approves.

–Why does Kevin Youkilis ALWAYS get hit when he’s batting against the Tigers? He got plunked on Saturday, he was hit on Friday… and of course there was this

Lee of Tiger Tales was there. I took a photo of him with the Spazzosaurus, which of course you will be seeing eventually.

–The Miguel Cabrera home run in the first was beyond massive. I haven’t seen the distance anywhere, but judging from how it looked in the park, I would conservatively put it at 700 feet. It prompted a lot of discussion around us (among Red Sox fans!) about how Miggy might well be the best hitter in baseball right now.

In fact, when he was intentionally walked later in the game, a little kid sitting behind us asked his dad/uncle/grandpa/older brother/male-guardian-figure why the Sox were doing that. The older guy explained that it was because Miggy had “the best swing in the Majors” and the Red Sox “just don’t want to mess around with that”.

–I saw a Red Sox fan and a Tigers fan have a long, earnest discussion of some sort in the aisle between innings. Notable only because they looked so very serious and very intense, and the Detroit fan was wearing fuzzy tiger ears.

–Did Fox show the mourning dove on the field? We were really enjoying it. I do have photos of its epic stroll around the infield.

–This is the 4th David Ortiz walkoff game I have seen in person (not Red Sox overall… just David Ortiz). I saw two in 2006 (a three-run homer vs. Texas, an RBI single in extras vs. Philly) and one in 2005 (a three-run homer vs. Baltimore). The ’05 game was the first walkoff I had ever seen in person.

–After the game, we were walking out of the park, heading towards Boylston St. This guy was walking next to us. Jeans, white tshirt, no hat. I glanced at him and thought, Hmm, that guy looks familiar. I looked again and thought, Boy, that guy has, like, no chin. I wonder if he’s related to Carlos Guillen? Then I looked again and realized it WAS Carlos Guillen. Just walkin’ out of Fenway, moving freely among thousands of Red Sox fans.

Good news: he was bookin’ it somewhere, basically going as fast as he possibly could without breaking into a run or looking psychotic. So I reckon his leg is feeling just fine by now.

–Verlander/Buchholz in a few hours! EeeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEeeEEEEeeeeeeee and other excited high-pitched dolphin noises!


9 responses to “The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 2

  1. I think the Youk plunking on Friday was payback for last year. Especially because they didn’t plunk one of our guys in return. However I just read The Baseball Codes, so I could be a wee bit obsessed with retaliation theories. It’d make sense though.

    Have fun today!

    • I agree wholeheartedly with the retaliation theory. Since FredFred can’t do it himself, the rest of the team did it for him!

    • Payback for what, though? The fight? But the fight was because Youk got hit… so they use a HBP against Youk to retaliate for… a HBP against Youk? If anything it’s the Red Sox who should have been looking to plunk someone… and that did happen Friday, but not ’til after Youk had already been hit again.

      I think he just has a weird Tiger-pitched-ball-magnet in his torso at this point.

      • Retaliation for him charging the mound! Nobody got to do anything about it in Boston last year because they knew the umps were on guard after the brawl. Like I said, it’s just a hunch, but it happens more often than you think. Another example of this is in June, Bondo plunked the leadoff guy (I think Delmon Young) because of that silly bench clearing incident in Oct ’09 that got him suspended for the beginning of 2010. Same idea. They remember this stuff and will retaliate months, even years later, but of course will never admit to it while they’re active. In this case Rick wasn’t pitching so Armando sent the message for him.

  2. should we get you a pair of fuzzy ears???

  3. First game I ever saw at Fenway, we were walking out and I saw a guy in a Tigers t-shirt moseying through the concourse. I was just staring at his shirt, cause it was nice and there weren’t a lot of Tygs fans at Fenway in 2003, and all of a sudden I looked at his face and it was JAMIE WALKER! Fenway is marvelous.

    • I dunno if I ever told this story on here, but the game after The Brawl in Boston last season, as my brother and I were walking through the incredibly crowded concourse to get out of the park, we saw a guy fighting against traffic, coming the opposite way. Just a dude in a suit. We first noticed him because he was taller than my brother, who is like 6’3.

      The guy was heading towards us, and definitely made eye contact (we were both covered in Tigers gear). It was Rick Porcello.

      We didn’t say anything because we were afraid that if we said his name out loud, or called attention to him in any way, a drunk Red Sox fan would beat him up.

      I still to this day have NO idea why he was down in the concourse with the crowd, or who on earth thought it would be a good idea to send him down there THE DAY AFTER HE GOT INTO A MASSIVE BRAWL WITH THE RED SOX. I guess they were counting on his rookieness to keep him anonymous, but it could have ended REALLY badly.

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