The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 3

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Did I… did I seriously just see two walkoffs in a row? And they just HAD to be against the Tigers? This is doubly infuriating, because not only did the Tigers manage to lose in heartbreaking fashion twice in two days, but there’s also the fact that if the Red Sox had done this against ANY OTHER TEAM IN THE WORLD, I would be beyond ecstatic, especially since I was in the ballpark for both games. But they did it against the Tigers, because the universe hates me.

I’m sorry I had to post a photo of sad!Robbie, but it’s from this latest batch of games and it is appropriate. Although sad. So very terribly sad.

–Sure am glad Justin Verlander settled down to throw four innings of no-hit ball… after he had already given up three runs and had thrown a ton of pitches. Great timing! He seemed to get stronger as the game went on, which makes no sense and is something that happens just to infuriate me, but Leyland had to pull him after the 7th because there were just TOO MANY pitches on his arm, even for Leyland. And we all know that Mr. Leyland is the foremost advocate of Justin Verlander throwing until his arm actually separates itself whole from his torso.

–I don’t understand how Ramon Santiago can lose a ball in the sun, have it almost hit him in the head as he cringes away with his arms up, and fail to get tagged with the error. That’s an error all the way in my scorecard.

–A Terrible Thing: until Don Kelly came on in the 9th, there was not one single Tigers player on the field with his socks up.

–The Tiger bats’ struggles against today’s version of Clay Buchholz are not difficult to understand. Buchholz is a really, really good pitcher, and he was ON in this one. He almost went the distance, and probably could have, if the need had arisen. He looked legitimately dominant all game long. As opposed to Justin, who looked dominant… from the 4th inning on. Too little and too late.

I WAS PROMISED A GLORIOUS PITCHING MATCH-UP. Clay held up his end of the bargain, Justin! You only KIND OF did! That’s not enough against this guy and it’s just not fair! Now I shall sulk.

–I really hate it when a guy gets a blown save and then the win. It just doesn’t seem right. Side-eye at you, Jonathan Papelbon.

–There was a brief scary moment when David Ortiz hit Alex Avila in the helmet. LUCKILY it was the backswing and not some other part of his swing, because Big Papi swings hard, and that had the potential to be quite nasty. As it was Avila was shaken up momentarily, but seemed fine almost immediately after; he stayed in the game and all that. I’m not seeing any reference to it online, so I’m assuming he was OK.

–No Traitor Damon at all in the series. It’s too bad, I was kind of looking forward to seeing whether Fenway would cheer or boo him.

–I can’t BELIEVE the Tigers came roaring all the way back in the top of the 9th, only to lose it on a walkoff. ANOTHER walkoff.

–At least all three games were close. Iin fact, all three were one-run games. Although I went and got all INVESTED again, I really wasn’t expecting too much from the Tigers. One win is what I had predicted, and the one-run games mean that they were in it a little more often than I would have thought. That’s a good thing. Right?


11 responses to “The Roar of the Tigers series: Game 3

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I heard Robbie was all emo after the game. T___________T Y U DO DIS, RED SOX.

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  3. oh, photos like that break my heart.

  4. Awww… poor kid! I saw none of this game (thankfully?), so all I saw were highlights. How did Ortiz hit Avila? I didn’t think he stood that close to the catcher…

    • It happened pretty much like this (hasty photoshop sketch is hasty). I don’t think Avila was too close, but Ortiz has a big swing and a long reach… and I think when he really goes for it, he knocks himself back a little on the backswing, which might move him a bit closer to the catcher as well.

      It didn’t LOOK like it hit him too hard (and if he was fine, it must not have), but we could hear it even from our seats, which are not THAT close to the field, and Avila reacted immediately. So it was a little bit eeeek.

  5. What do we expect from a team that has a guy named You-Kill-Us (or something like that) :(

    Sad, sad, sad.

  6. It’s just Too Bad! But thank Goodness they had a hit against Buccholz early or I would have been afraid of another No No!

  7. Sorry guys. :( But the sadness must be shared, or something.

  8. David O. (13194013)

    While I am sad the Tigers had two games slip from their eager and longing paws, I am glad the team was in each game.

    To say the Tigers are lacking in their line up is an understatement. With Boesch mired in a slump, Miguel being IBB’d most times and so many rookies running around I was glad the Bengals showed they have some fight.

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