taking the double header in two different directions

Buehrle by day, Bondo by night, or something, illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Tuesday’s afternoon game was completely horrific. FredFred looked totally lost on the mound, and the bats, by and large, looked completely lost at the plate. The Wrong Sox went up, and then they went up big. Juan Pierre hit a home run, which is so rare that even he was shocked by it. Also: embarrassing.

Thank cats Bondo and the bats got their act together for the night game, even if it was against a rookie making his big league debut or whatever. Some small measure of dignity was thus salvaged. Seriously… small. But it is better than nothing.

Oh, and Jeff Larish was claimed off of waivers by the Oakland A’s. Happy trails, Mr. Larish. May all the playing time be yours out in the west.


10 responses to “taking the double header in two different directions

  1. Is your Bonderman also a character on King of the Hill? I know I’ve seen him somewhere before…

  2. We shall miss ye greatly Jeff Larish.

  3. but…inge is coming back and he thinks he can right the ship? right?

  4. This might be the most terrifying illustration you’ve done yet.

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