Welcome back Edwin, except… not.

Oh Edwin Jackson. Remember all those good times we used to have together?

Yeah… me neither.


–Brandon Inge is back, WAY early. He was 3-for-4 in his return, so things are either feeling good, or they’re at least down to a level of pain that he can handle (and we’ve had ample evidence that Inge will play through pain basically until someone scrapes him off the field and locks him into a clubhouse bathroom or something).

Obviously I like seeing him back out there. It just makes me nervous that he came back so early. The last thing you need to do is reinjure that hand, buster. Don’t be a hero. You probably aren’t going to hit enough to make a difference that way anyhow.

–Is Danny Worth really injured, or is he just on the DL roster-move-style?

–Bobby Jenks’ beard is not OK.

–I hate losing to the Wrong Sox. HATE IT. It burns, precious, it burns us.

11 responses to “Welcome back Edwin, except… not.

  1. Poor Edwin… how is such a loving, caring, respectable man like yourself going to adjust to life on a team of such tool-bag attitudes and facial accoutrements? Alas, perhaps this beacon of hope and youth will blind the dark, soulless White Sox and unravel their malicious aspirations from within.

    Also, Bobby Jenks is super gross.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    T_______T Edwin. y u do dis?

    Inge is . . . I don’t even know. Wasn’t the initial prognosis six to eight weeks? Or was it four?

    I think Worth is actually hurt. Hasn’t been playing due to a bruised heel. Rod said he didn’t really need to go on the DL, but they put him on the DL to give him time to heal, or something.

    Bobby Jenks = cane toad

  3. Is it just me or does Edwin look like he’s breaking Justin’s neck in that one cartoon?

    The only thing more wrong than what Edwin Jackson did to our team tonight would be Curtis Granderson hitting, like, three grand slams every night when we play the Yankees in a couple of weeks.

    I’m glad to see Brandon back in the lineup. But I do wonder if he got off the DL because he’s really in playing condition, or because nobody wants to be in a dugout with him when he can’t play and has nothing better to do than drive people crazy.

  4. Well at least we have a Jackson now who I like very much (and strangely, the Yankees now have an Austin again. If we could get Edwin Encarnación, the circle would be complete.) I do miss E-Jax though, and his flying cockroaches (??) , and winning. I really miss winning.

    Heitk1le–I am going to those Yankee-Tiger games, please do NOT give them any suggestions.

  5. //(and we’ve had ample evidence that Inge will play through pain basically until someone scrapes him off the field and locks him into a clubhouse bathroom or something).//
    Oh like Brennan did that one Spring Training? :)

    Edwin NOOOOO SADFACE!!!! At some points during the game he looked very uncomfortable in his jersey. Turn away from the darkness (black Wrong Sox jersey) and come back to the light (white Tigers jersey) Edwin!

    And yes Worth is injured for real. It’s something in the heel.

  6. i miss baseball. whatever this has been since the all-star break has not been baseball.

  7. Wilcoxon Signed Rank

    We all know that the Tigers are miserable with men in scoring position. Since, for some reason I recently cannot watch baseball without wanting to commit violent acts , I decided to do a little statistical geek out. I found the batting averages for all MLB clubs w/RISP. I then got the league average, and the league standard deviation. Then things really started going downhill. I computed z-scores for every club ( A z-score tells you exactly how many standard deviations away from the mean each score happens to be). The Tigers’ z-score checked in at -1.22, or 1.22 standard deviations below the mean. Ok, so this still doesn’t mean all that much, we still know the Tigers are terrible with ducks on the pond. Let’s parallel this knowledge with something we are more familiar with, say, IQ scores? Your good ‘ol Stanford-Binet IQ test has a normalized mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, so I applied this formula to every club’s RISP batting average z-score. The results are in.

    Tigers RISP IQ = 81.72 (not quite eligible for the short bus, but probably has a few playmates that ride)

    Twins RISP IQ = 130.47 (or the best in MLB. The head of the class when scoring opportunities present themselves)

    White Sox RISP IQ = 118.28

    It’s VERY ugly, but there is something about the coldness of the numbers that is a soothing balm to the rage I feel when watching the Tigers during the past 3+ weeks.

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