the Tigers have not been behaving themselves

“How could you?”, photo by Samara Pearlstein

Hello Tigers! I’m back after my little vacation, paying attention to you again! So how did you do while I was gone? Let me take a look. La di da. I see that you…

…oh. Oh, I see.

So that’s a good solid chunk of losing, isn’t it? I suppose it was nice to get a win… salvage one for FredFred and all that… but shouldn’t there have been, oh, I don’t know… more?

(answer: yes, there should have been)

On top of that, I see that the Tigers have sent Will Rhymes down to make room for Carlos Guillen. This saddens me. There were so many reasons to like Will Rhymes and to want him on the team!

–He is tiny.
–He was a biology major at a good school.
–His name is RHYMES.
–He had the first three-hit game of his career right before he was sent packing.

Do I think he’s the second coming of Placido Polanco? No, of course not. Do I think he was a kid on a warm streak that we needed to ride for however long it lasted? Sure. Do I think that the Tigers are doing so poorly at the plate right now that a mild warm streak is something they absolutely need to hold onto? Yes. Do I think that Carlos Guillen will almost certainly injure himself again before the season ends? Yes, yes, and yes again.

I guess Rhymes will be back up come September, barring disaster in Toledo, so, well, whatever. Jim Leyland never listens to me anyways. His use of Justin Verlander is enough to unambiguously prove THAT.


10 responses to “the Tigers have not been behaving themselves

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Guillén will probably put himself back on the disabled list in a week. Sadly.

  2. WILL RHYMES. Wouldn’t it be great if he did all his post-game interviews in iambic tetrameter or something? I’ll miss him, but he’ll be back by the end of the month for some reason or another, I’m predicting.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    Also I was at today’s game.

    Second time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Armando avoid pitching to contact. *drives spike through head*

  4. Woah! Nice new format you’ve got here!
    Hey I have a question: how early do you get to the game to take BP photos?

    • When the gates open! At Fenway that’s two hours before first pitch; it’s sometimes more or less depending on the park. And some parks only let season ticket holders into the infield sections early enough to see a lot of BP (thanks for nothing, Cleveland).

      In my experience, two hours or so before first pitch means that you basically only see the away team taking BP– the home team is usually in, or just finishing up, at that point. So if you wanna see Tigers BP, you have to catch them on the road.

  5. last night laird was player of the game? laird? everything is all backwards! no more vacations sam!

  6. A ‘hamster’ moment: While watching Saturday’s miserable game in the cantina with the closed captioning on the TV, Rod and Mario were talking about Santiago. The closed caption read ‘Santiy Yagoo’. It still cracks me up!

  7. Last night left me searching for something to smile about, and then I remembered John Keating on the pre-game show:
    “A Tigers line-up Sean Hannity would love – everyone’s batting from the right!”
    Thanks, John, we needed that….

  8. It is, I am convinced, part of the vast conspiracy against short people.

    We must rise up! (stools and phone books are allowed)

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