how about no

photos by Samara Pearlstein

Um, I go away for the weekend and when I come back I find that SOMEONE has gone and put Brandon Inge on waivers?

I can’t leave you cats alone for ONE WEEKEND before you go PUTTING BRANDON INGE ON WAIVERS? I mean, who authorized this? Because it sure as Paws was not me. I never said that this was OK and I should have a say when it comes to these sorts of things, I believe we all know this. I own a Brandon Inge All Star Game jersey and I have worn it in public. That is a fact. I SHOULD BE CONSULTED.

Yes, I know this doesn’t really mean he’s out the door, I know nobody should be panicking yet, I know I know I know. THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. This sets a dangerous precedent. Playing around with the removal of Brandon Inge from the Tigers is NO JOKE. It should be not treated so cavalierly.

So… let’s just not do this, Front Office. OK? Because… um…. no.

7 responses to “how about no

  1. Samara, back away from the ledge.
    Slowly, now. I have something to explain to you.
    (C’mon, back, back, it’s okay….)
    Listen: Waivers in August mean [emphasizing HTML TAG]NOTHING![/emphasis]. The team can revoke the waivers the instant somebody picks him up. Understand? It’s a game of “Up for Grabs; Down for Keeps!” except instead of with Matt Ishbia’s fruit rollups, they play with ballplayers to gauge trade interest. By “grabbing” a team only indicates they are interested in a barter.
    (There you go, carefully now, one step at a time.)
    This means only that the Tigers want to know what the trade market is for Inge, which: we knew this.
    (Almost clear. Come now. You’re going to be fine. One more step…)

  2. I’m going to stop reading Yahoo! MLB rumors page. They had Brandon traded to the CARDINALS (!) of all teams, last week. (I was only slightly assuaged to hear the St. Louis Dispatch sportswriters drooling over him last week before they got Feliz. Covet not another team’s third baseman, guys.) And then I was reading some article on Yahoo! this morning that said Brandon had already been claimed off waivers once this season, and been pulled back. So, if he were claimed again the Tigers would HAVE to trade him. (Granted, the article was from last week too, and I haven’t heard that confirmed from another source.)

    But… I do not like this situation either. This article in the Free Press makes it sound like no big deal, but Brandon’s still talking about “protecting his family” from the news :(

    Maybe Ingey never should have bought a house in Michigan. I’m convinced that’s what killed Nate Robertson.

  3. His face in the second photo is… um… well, it’s very, um, very Brandon Inge.

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    Ohohoho. That face.

    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be back next year.

  5. I’m not going to be sane when it comes to the idea of Brandon Inge being bartered. THIS IS NOT A SITUATION WHERE I CAN KEEP MY COOL.

    Also I am still traumatized from The Worst Thing (Granderson), things are still very fragile up in here.

  6. This is exactly why I hate when RotT goes on vacay. No more vacations during the season. Please. For the love of Paws.

  7. They put AL KALINE on waivers this time of year many times in his career. It’s just something they do; it don’t mean a thing.

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