TraitorDamon may be going recursive.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Word on the street/internet here in Boston is that the Red Sox have claimed Johnny TDamon off of waivers. This may still not happen– Rotoworld says he has a clause in his contract limiting the teams he can be foisted upon, and that excludes the Sox– but it’s a Thing, so I’m throwin’ it up here.

Of course I didn’t even mention the fact that TDamon had been waiver’d alongside Inge in the previous post, but you are all familiar with my thoughts on both players by now, so that should come as no surprise.

I suppose the idea here is that the Tigers would get rid of his contract and would have one less reason to talk to Scott Boras, while the Sox would get an additional outfielder to help hide the fact that every single person on the team is injured. The problem is that (I guess?) TDamon would have to approve the trip back east to overrule the wording of his contract… which, given the way Boston has handled him (front office) and reacted to him (fans/media), he may not want to do. And the Sox really need someone who can play every day if he has to and come fresh off the bench a lot otherwise, which may not be what TDamon is at this point in his decrepit life.

And then there’s the fact that TDamon apparently just plain ol’ likes Detroit:

Johnny Damon said he wants to play for the Tigers next season, even if he is traded to a contender before the season ends.

“I like the direction this team is headed and I want to grow with it,” Damon said. “I know there are a bunch of young kids here, but I believe this team for years to come will have a chance to compete and win the Central Division. From there anything can happen when you make the playoffs. You have a chance to win the whole thing.”

“I like it here,” Damon said. “I have a bunch of friends that live in Detroit. Spring training (Lakeland, Fla.) is 45 minutes from home. There are a lot of benefits for me and hopefully I get to stay with this club. I love it so far. It is as simple as that.”
Terry Foster/Detroit News

Paws knows he’s had enough experience and Boras-coaching to know how to say The Right Thing to the media, but I also think he’s too stupid to make up elaborate lies on the spot by himself, so he might genuinely enjoy his situation in Detroit. It is a lot less pressure than Boston or New York, but it’s not as likely to mean long-term baseball death as Kansas City is. He might like that and he might not be too keen to give it up.

Whatever ends up happening here, the team probably wants him to stay. Who else is going to buy next year’s batch of clubhouse bathrobes?

ETA: I hate to quote Twitter, but Ed Price just said,

Damon can block and told me he’s not inclined to go back to Boston
Ed Price’s Twitter

So, whatever.

ETA2: I don’t think I mentioned this, but The Only Casper in Major League Baseball is back. Enrique Gonzalez was sent down. While I was gone, apparently Robbie Weinhardt was designated and Alfredo Figaro is back. Not that any of that matters, but just in case someone cares, there it is.


8 responses to “TraitorDamon may be going recursive.

  1. I came here as soon as I heard. It sounds like you won’t be free of TD no matter what this year. Maybe some NL team will offer him $9 million next year and become his new favorite place.

    Or maybe he’ll take Illitch out drinking one night and get a three year deal . . . [Cue horror movie theme with lots of screes and bass]

  2. I wonder what Johnny Damon’s reception Would be if he did end up Back in Boston??

  3. I was wondering how you were taking this news…

  4. It seems to me that the economics of Mr. Damon’s professional services on the open market are directly and irrevocably intertwined with his hair. If, by some tragic misfortune, his hair were to be burnt or cut from his head and face, I believe that his financial prospects would also take a downward tumble. If anyone out there considers him or herself a supporter of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team, he or she simply must act swiftly and immediately in the best interest of the club and make this so, thereby lessening the financial burden of the munificent Mr. Illitch and consequently rendering the future of the team all the more bright. =]


    probably too much.

  6. Eh. I think he’s staying.

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