some little cats make big contributions

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I enjoy it when the Tigers beat up on the teams they are supposed to be able to beat. It’s like things are temporarily Right in this little corner of the world. Jeremy Bonderman is a legitimate pitcher: ah yes, that is the proper state of things. The Royals bullpen is bad: yes, yes, all is as it should be! And so on.

There was SOME weirdness, though, because the Tigers’ big offensive producers were some rather small cats tonight. Partly this is because nobody in their right mind would pitch to Miguel Cabrera anymore (1-for-3 with 2 runs scored in this one [he was walked twice, intentionally both times]). But that is not all.

–Ryan Raburn is having a wicked awesome month. He is batting .286/.333/.571 in the month of August so far. He has an OPS of .905. That’s, like… crazy. In a postgame interview tonight, he was asked what he had been eating to make his bat so freakishly hot of late. His response:

“I think it’s just my wife came into town, she’s got quite a few hits in her.”

Oh dear.

–Will Rhymes With Pretty Good Little Ballplayer. I mean, he is smart and tiny and he has almost-Magglio hair and he’s been hot since he’s been up, he can hit some and he can field the ball pretty well, he is not generally overwhelmed by the big league experience just yet… can we keep him? Please, Mr. Leyland? Can we, can we, pleeeaaaaaaase?

–Brandon Inge is a catdamend hero. He just is, and the sooner you accept that fact into your heart and your life, the happier you will be.

Those are the important facts.

Now, what else? Traitor Damon went 2-for-4 after hearing that he had been claimed on waivers by the Red Sox. The Only Casper in MLB was 0-for-2. Jeremy Bonderman gave up a run in the first, but buckled down after and managed to get through six. He didn’t walk anyone, although whether this is due to his control or some Royalist penchant for swinging away, I cannot say for sure. I’ll take it as a positive.


6 responses to “some little cats make big contributions

  1. ivantopumpyouup


  2. When I hear someone say “Will Rhymes,” my first response is still “… with what???” But I like the guy. If he plays like that, how could I not?

  3. Unless he falls off the face of the earth next month, Rhymin’ Will is my 2B next year. He looks like everything Sizemore was supposed to be but wasn’t. You’ll have to write about him in couplets, though.

    Sawx claim T.Damon –& look, Manny’s on waivers, too! Reunion time for the Beaneaters?, all is forgiven, it’s really quite touching. Maybe they can coax the Bucks (Billy & BF Dent) out of retirement too… At least when OUR team is Katrina’d by injuries we have the decency to accept it & turn things over to the kittens.

  4. YES! I aprove of the awesomeness that is Ryan Raburn!

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